20th Anniversary ‘gold Core’ Special Edition Of Parmigiani Tonda Dual Chasing Chronograph

To celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, Parmigiani launches a new integrated chronograph movement. In the current watchmaking industry, there are very few watchmakers that can achieve this peak. Parmigiani pays tribute to the chronograph tradition with the first anniversary model equipped with a ‘gold movement’.

  ‘Since I entered the watchmaking industry, my mind has been haunting the dream of creating an integrated chronograph. When the brand was founded 20 years ago, the dream of integrated chronograph has become a reality, which is no coincidence. , But a portrayal of the development history of a watchmaking factory. To successfully build an integrated chronograph, you must first master the assembly of its components, which is an amazing and meticulous process: not only to master the machine The manufacture of the core also needs to master its core operations and functions; whether it is its limits or its potential, it must be clear. Because of this, only experienced watchmakers can create integrated chronographs. Tonda The double-tracing chronograph is a masterpiece of Parmigiani’s 20 years of watchmaking experience. ‘
Michelle Parmigiani
Everest conquering the watchmaking industry


    For any watchmaker, an integrated chronograph can be called the ‘holy grail’, because it is one of the most complex devices with the highest technical skills in terms of industrial scale. The power of the chronograph comes from a series of consecutive actions, each of which determines and triggers the next action, and each sequence must be accurately synchronized and adjusted. Even the slightest blemishes have a ripple effect, like dominoes, throwing the entire movement into chaos.
    This new chronograph has high technical requirements and demonstrates the unlimited development potential of Parmigiani. This achievement is a symbol of professional watchmaking technology. It goes back to the past and reminds us that the watchmaking process that we have accumulated through many years of experience is truly unparalleled. It is a masterpiece of the collaboration of watchmakers, technicians and artisans.
Build an integrated chronograph
    The basic principle of the integrated chronograph is: without additional modules, each component must be integrated into a main plate in the movement. The masters started from ‘white paper’, and after careful and meticulous research and development, drafted and optimized, Parmigiani’s first integrated chronograph movement was born. This hand-wound movement incorporates chronograph, dual tracking functions and a large calendar display all integrated on the same main splint.

    This PF361 movement includes many cutting-edge designs, and its reliability has been further improved, showing the pinnacle of watchmaking.
-5 Hz movement-36,000 vibrations / hour
    The higher the vibration frequency, the more accurate the chronograph. A frequency of 5 Hz is rare for this type of movement, which means that the chronograph second hand can jump ten times per second (ten steps forward), thus achieving 1/10 second accuracy. Different from the performance of the chronograph movement with lower frequency, the speed of the PF361 movement is less affected by external factors such as gravity or impact force, and the hands move more smoothly and smoothly.
-Use guide wheel instead of cam


    The movement is distributed around a central guide wheel, which is the nerve center of the chronograph and synchronizes all parts. Compared to ordinary cams, the manufacture of the column wheel is more difficult and rare. It gives the movement an elegance, an elegance consistent with this level of skill. The smoother feature of the column wheel during operation is obvious, which is called the trigger engineering of the chronograph.
    This movement has two column wheels, one for controlling the basic chronograph function and the other for driving the double-tracking function, making it run in perfect synchronization with the chronograph function.
-Use vertical clutch instead of horizontal clutch


    The manufacture of a vertical clutch is very difficult, but from a technical point of view, it is more accurate than its counterpart, the horizontal clutch. The vertical clutch device makes the chronograph exceptionally fast at startup without slight initial chatter.
-Fixed at both ends-‘plug’ fixed balance wheel splint instead of traditional single point fixing
    The splint is fixed by two connection points on the left and right ends, which can correct the balance of the movement, making it more stable and firm, and the impact resistance during operation is greatly improved. As a sport function, timing resistance should be considered first.
    On the other hand, the height of this fixing method can be adjusted, so that it can accurately adapt to other parts of the movement, which fully guarantees the accuracy of assembly.
Dual tracking function


   This complication improves the performance of the chronograph’s simultaneous segmentation, and is perfectly integrated in the PF361 movement. Its operating principle is to record the two in sections by the simultaneous movement of the central chronograph hand and the second hand and the second hand The time of the above moving body movement. A second chronograph second hand is superimposed on the central chronograph second hand on the dial, overlapping the central chronograph hand. The two pointers are always coincident when starting, stopping, and resetting to zero. When the timing button is pressed, the two hands start to run at the same time, and keep overlapping operation as if one hand is running. When the first moving body reaches the target point, press the chase button, the chase second hand will stop running. At this time, the central chronograph hand is still running. At this time, the consumption of the first moving body can be recorded according to the time indicated by the chase hand. time. Then press the chase button on the crown, the chase second hand and the central chronograph hand recombined again to continue running. This operation can be repeated as many times as needed.
    The double chasing hand is driven by the second column wheel of the movement through a mechanical device. The function of the mechanical device is to connect the double-second chasing hand with the central second hand of the chronograph, and perform the split timing by clutching. This complex structure attaches a second motion chain to the function of the chronograph, which is a huge challenge in tuning.
Big calendar


   The large calendar function included in this movement is integrated with the movement instead of adding additional functional modules. The purpose of this development and design is to make the movement as thin as possible and maintain the reliability of the technology.
    When adding a large date to a movement with an integrated timing function, it is necessary to take into account the limitations of space, which is a challenge for the layout of the components in the movement. The creator of the watch therefore maximized the available surface area, creating the perfect space for a 13 mm dial. The large date display is located at 12 o’clock, behind the double-layered chronograph dial in gold.
Special commemorative gold movement


    The launch of the first integrated chronograph coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Parmigiani brand. In order to highlight the prestige of its commemorative edition, the first release of the series is equipped with a gold movement. In the watchmaking process, every job involving gold is very complicated. Gold will adhere to the tool and, although ductile, will deform easily; all machines must be recalibrated and the cutting parameters also need to be changed. The successful creation of such a precise movement with gold material fully demonstrates the technical achievements of the Parmigiani brand.
    Its decoration technology is no less inferior to the technical complexity: the entire movement requires more than 50 hours of fine carving; the movement’s plywood layout is arranged radially with the balance wheel as the center, and the balance wheel is framed like a mural in the middle . The bridge uses a hollow design, revealing the mechanical device in the running state and two symmetrical column wheels parallel to the crown shaft. This component is processed by frosting and sandblasting. The inner angle of the bridge is clever use of light, which is more eye-catching against the golden background.


    The Tonda dual chronograph watch with gold movement is available in white or rose gold. To commemorate this special occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Parmigiani brand, each material is limited to 25 There are 50 pieces in total.
    The dial is decorated with ‘big fire’ enamel, two different shades of dial color and different cases. One is white. It is a kind of white unique to the Parmigiani brand. The flawless texture of the glow is an effect that only enamel can control. The other is dark blue. Depending on the angle, a mysterious dark purple will appear in some light. This color is called ‘Bleu Roi’ (Royal Blue). It is a new color in Parmigiani’s rich color scheme. It was specially developed for the Tonda dual chronograph watch.

    Another special design of this model-pin buckle, with Parmigiani’s iconic lug shape (droplet), to add glory to this anniversary model, this innovative design will also be gradually applied to Many other watches in the future.
    Finally, as the biggest difference of this anniversary model, the signature of Mr. Michelle Parmigiani is designed on the clockwork drum, surrounded by many lugs. Sexual profile). This signature and its surrounding elements are not engraved, but the entire surface around it is reduced by laser technology, so that the signature design is prominent. When the barrel rotates slowly around the axis, through the hollow-out gold movement, this iconic design is gradually exposed and pleasing to the eye.

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