Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Series 867 Modern Interpretation Of Art Deco

RalphLauren 867 watch series is named in honor of the historic New York flagship store at 867 Madison Avenue, which represents the unique design of the charming ‘Art Deco’ A modern interpretation.

In 2014, the Ralph Lauren 867 diamond watch took on a new look with a luxurious diamond strap. This watch is set with more than 400 diamonds. Its exquisite ornate structure combined with the luxurious sense formed by high-end jewelry exudes a bright light, proclaiming to the world that it is a work of art. 18K white gold case, RL430 manual winding mechanism by Piaget for Ralph Lauren, two Breguet hands circulating on the white lacquered dial, with Roman numerals and Arabic numerals on the dial, forming a unique marvel geometric. The 18K white gold strap and buckle are fully sculpted to create a sculpture-like masterpiece. The movement is adorned with Geneva wave patterns and fish scales. Every detail is left out, creating the perfect beauty of the watch.

Swiss Mido Winter Sports Watch Recommendation

Life lies in endless movement and does not stop because of the change of the four seasons. Incorporating the thirst for and pursuit of extreme speed into the wrist, Swiss Mido launched the MULTIFORT helmsman series automatic mechanical movement multifunctional sports chronograph watch, born for sports, equipped with Caliber 60 fully automatic mechanical movement Style combined with Swiss watchmaking excellence. Inspired by the world-famous building-Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is like a Changhong across the harbour, attracting countless people to come to admire and climb, giving the MULTIFORT helmsman series classic design and modern sporty style, let the wearer gallop, dynamic and passionate .

The Mido MULTIFORT Helmsman series watch was born in 1934 and has been continuously produced since its inception. With the footsteps of history, the baptism of time, the precipitation of time, it has been moving forward steadily along the way, accumulating the energy of movement. More than 80 years of wind and rain, the MULTIFORT helmsman series watches have always maintained high-end quality and reputation. Just like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, its inexhaustible energy is like the waves flowing under the bridge. Break through your challenger.
The new MULTIFORT helmsman series watches combine movement and beauty. They are sporty and highly personalized. They are equipped with exquisite designs, creating another masterpiece of the MULTIFORT helmsman series. It is tailor-made for sports enthusiasts, especially motor sports hobby. By. The edge of the watch is equipped with an aluminum brake speed measuring ring, and the Caliber 60 fully automatic mechanical movement is inside. The favor of experienced sports enthusiasts.
Mido MULTIFORT helmsman series automatic mechanical movement multi-function sports chronograph watch with a 44mm diameter PVD black case, highlighting the same magnificent momentum as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as if you can run freely in the cold winter and enjoy yourself Hearty. The bituminous gray dial gives precise readability, while it is decorated with classic vertical Geneva ripples, which reproduces the majestic vertical columns of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, giving endless motion. The watch features a central chronograph second hand, a snail-shaped 30-minute chronograph dial at 3 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. The gray anthracite dial beats red hands and red and white graduations to create modern movement. The style is super-LumiNova®, which makes the readings more clear and convenient at the same time, and adds joy and emotion, as if it is a leaping energy in dull winter. The edge is equipped with aluminum brake speed measurement ring, allowing the wearer to run At the same time, the speed is easily measured. The Caliber 60 fully automatic mechanical movement is provided inside, which provides long-term kinetic energy storage, and is tailored for fast sports enthusiasts. On the side of the case, a quick corrector at 10 o’clock makes it easy to adjust the date. This watch is water resistant to 100 meters. The strap is matte black leather with red stitching and is equipped with a new folding buckle. Two pushers need to be opened to open the buckle, which enhances security. This watch gives the connotation of MULTIFORT helmsman series and modern sports style, making the sports experience unprecedented. There are two other styles to choose from, allowing you to feel free and unrestrained in winter.

Catatrava Travel Time Watch

The Calatrava Time Traveler was born in 2015. At that time, a men’s watch with a white gold case and a blue dial was launched. This ref.7234R-001 watch is for the series. The female interpretation of the watch, with a rose gold case and a brown dial, presents a delicate gradient effect to the outer edge of the dial. With its second time zone and local time and date, she is the first self-winding travel time watch in the Patek Philippe women’s collection.

Patek Philippe ref. 7234R-001 Calatrava Time Traveler

Patek Philippe launches Calatrava travel time watch
 The clear and easy-to-read dial reflects Patek Philippe’s tradition in the field of pilot watches. The dial features three-dimensionally sculpted rose-gold blocks with white fluorescent coating and striking rod-shaped fluorescent hands. The pointer-type date display at 6 o’clock, the orange ‘1’ watch is the first day of each month, which has become a prominent feature of this watch.

 Caliber 324S C FUS self-winding movement provides easy adjustment of the second time zone display. Just press the two buttons on the outer edge of the left case. The clock is the local time. The clock will rotate clockwise by one hour (press the 8 o’clock position pin) or counterclockwise (press Press the pin at 10 o’clock) without affecting the accuracy of the watch. The hollowed-out hour hand indicates the original residence time. Dual time zone display with day / night display window at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. If the wearer is in their place of origin, they can overlap the two hour hands. The dual time zone button is also equipped with a patented safety lock to prevent accidental misadjustment of local time.

 The new ref.7234R-001 Calatrava Time Traveler comes with a vintage brown calfskin strap and a rose gold parallel pin buckle. This pin buckle style is derived from the pilot’s belt buckle used to secure the carry-on survival kit. This style also has men’s ref.5524R-001 to choose from.

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