Introduction Of Casio G-shock Aviation Watch

Absolute Toughness! G-SHOCK will soon launch the new SKY COCKPIT GW-4000-1A3, which is based on the aeronautical concept, and is developed with the triple triple G concept that combines shock resistance, vibration resistance and extreme gravity resistance in one package. The shape of this watch will create an unprecedented shock for this model, and also add a touch of freedom to fly and extreme toughness for this cold winter, enrich the monotonous winter, and carry TOUGH to the end.

 The GW-4000-1A3 model uses cool black as the main color, and a large dial with high resolution. The hands and time scale are based on green to form a harmonious contrast and easy to read. The three-dimensional time scale highlights the sense of space and coolness. It is set off against the geometric hands protruding from the center. It is equipped with three small dials with the design concept of aviation dials, which is very mechanical and technological. This model follows the GW-3000 series anti-centrifugal force structure, which can resist 12G centrifugal force, which is suitable for extreme sports such as parachuting and paragliding. The inside of the dial and the connection of the dial use a new anti-vibration structure and a newly developed aeronautical movement to withstand the strong rotational vibration of the helicopter. Information can be read instantly and accurately in the status.

 In addition, the watch also has 6 radio wave receiving functions, and it can display the local time in real time no matter where it is in the world. At the same time, it is equipped with a solar drive system, which can play the charging function even under the faint fluorescent light, which guarantees the operation of most functions of the watch. In addition, shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, world time (29 cities), stopwatch (accurate to 1 / 100th of a second), alarm, battery power indicator, full-automatic calendar, automatic pointer repair and other functions are all available, convenient and practical.

 In addition to the black and green color matching, the aviation watch series also has two other colors, including white and orange GW-4000-1A with three-dimensional lettering and white GW-4000D-1A with three-dimensional lettering. Among them, the GW-4000D-1A’s strap uses a different design, which looks different and individual.