Courtesy Of Chopard Happy Diamonds Classic

Since 1976, Happy Diamonds full of joy has adorned the Chopard series of the same name. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this dance of joy, Chopard has launched a jewellery watch with a new claw setting inlaid with the famous smart diamonds and a delicate white pearl strap.

 Happy Diamonds is a unique design concept in the jewelry and watch industry. With its rich and varied shapes, it shines in all ages and creates a veritable legend.
 Chopard launches a new watch to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Happy Diamonds concept. Smart Diamonds are larger and more numerous than their predecessors, and use different cut shapes. Thanks to the claw setting method adopted for the first time in the series, the new model presents an exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, highlighting the diamond’s charming luster and dazzling fire.
 The collection adds a new masterpiece in soft tones: the 18K rose gold Happy Diamonds jewellery watch with a soft pearl strap with delicate mesh.

Swiss Mido X Red Bull Cliff Diving Global Series-beirut

From July 13th to 14th, 24 outstanding cliff diving players (14 male and 10 female) gathered in Beirut to kick off the fifth stop of the 2019 RedBullCliffDiving Cliff Diving Global Series. . Coming to a brand new stop for this event, cliff divers will be standing on steep cliffs to compete.

   After this event, Jonathan Parede, a cliff diver from Mexico, climbed to fourth place.

   Gary Hunt was the winner of the schedule and was given a 600-meter diving watch from the Swiss Mido Pilot Series. The waterproof depth can reach 600 meters, and at the same time it has excellent impact resistance. The unique luminous coating enables clear reading under water. The Pilot Series 600 meters diving watch is a diving watch that can really dive.

   The competition has ended, and cliff diving player Jonathan Parede (Mexico) ranked second. Mido is proud of this excellent brand friend, and wishes him to continue to challenge and achieve better results in the next competition.