Moment Of Glory ── Piaget X Golden Horse Awards

In addition to launching outstanding timepieces, Piaget has sponsored the American Independent Spirit Film Awards since 2008 and has been the theme sponsor of the Hong Kong Film Awards for five consecutive years. The Golden Horse Award is the oldest film award in the Chinese film industry. The count who has been involved in the arts and film industry for many years has served as the chief praise of the Golden Horse Award three times this year. He has cooperated with the Golden Horse Executive Committee to implement the ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ shooting plan. Each year, the director and protagonist of the Golden Horse Awards leave a timeless picture to record the exciting moments of the Chinese film industry.
   Under the theme of this year’s ‘film studio’, Piaget and the Golden Horse Executive Committee gathered star guides from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan to return to the most familiar ‘film studio’, with bright jewellery and watch works as a backdrop, showing the filmmakers’ views on the film Love and dedication to work. , And by sharing the real laughter and sweat behind the film, it also allows the audience to see the story outside the lens of the Chinese movie.
   The famous stylist Luo Zhiyuan designed the image for the finalists, and the famous photographer CK, a well-known Secret 9 production company in Hong Kong, led his team to take charge of the shooting. Local shooting plan. Luo Zhiyuan has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion styling industry, and has served as a styling consultant for many large-scale ceremonies. His delicate methods have created countless celebrities’ natural eye-catching images. Secret 9 has worked with dozens of top fashion brands, and the subtle changes between light and shadow, limbs and expressions bloom the tension of the picture under its lens. As the chief horseman of the Golden Horse Awards, Piaget embellished the stars with watches and jewellery to set off the filmmaker’s hand-to-hand charm.
   The best director finalists Hou Xiaoxian, Xu Ke, Wan Ma Caidan, Jia Zhangke, the best actor finalists Feng Xiaogang, Deng Chao, Dong Zijian, Li Hongqi, and the best actress finalists who participated in this ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ shooting plan. Lin Jiaxin, Zhao Tao, Song Yunhua, etc.
   Hou Xiaoxian, an internationally acclaimed director, has been selected as the best director of the Golden Horse Awards this year with ‘Assassin Nie Yinniang’. He talked about the origin of the film, showing his profound historical accomplishments and literary accomplishments. Hou Xiaoxian chose to use video as a medium to convey his view of the world, and his sense of the mission of the film is evident in his works.

   Hou Xiaoxian wears the Piaget Altiplano G0A29113 ultra-thin watch. 18K white gold case, 38 mm diameter, homemade 430P ultra-thin hand-wound movement, hours and minutes display, alligator leather strap.
   Director and novelist Wan Ma Caidan, known as the founder of Tibetan-language films, competed for the Golden Horse Award for Best Director with ‘Talo’. Wan Ma Cai Dan is very concerned about the changes and challenges of Tibetan culture. With his talents, he can bring the current situation of Tibetan life to the audience in the world through the film.
   Wanma was wearing the Piaget Altiplano G0A35118 ultra-thin watch. 18K white gold case, 40mm diameter, set with 72 round diamonds (approximately 1.0 carat), homemade 838P ultra-thin hand-wound movement, hour, minute and small seconds, alligator leather strap.
   Jia Zhangke directed the movie ‘Old People in Mountains and Rivers’, which delicately portrayed the fragility of human nature and the changes of social culture, witnessed the journey from love to bitterness, and was selected as the best director of the Golden Horse Awards. He said: ‘I have a free heart is a topic that fascinates me. Only in the film world can I approach my freedom infinitely.’
   Jia Zhangke wears Piaget Altiplano 900P G0A39111 watch. 18K white gold case with 38mm diameter, homemade 900P manual winding movement, hour and minute display, alligator leather strap.
   A series of video works of the ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ shooting plan will not only be assembled into a ceremony field magazine, but also be made into postcards for fans to collect. The 52nd Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on November 21st at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, noting the moving moments of the filmmakers and Piaget.