Defend The Honor Oris Pay Tribute To Carl Brashear

Oris Carl Brashear limited edition watch, based on the brand’s 65-year replica diving watch as the prototype, the first use of bronze forged case, to the first navy history in the US Navy Carl Brashear’s inspirational life tribute.

   Brashear joined the US Navy at the age of 17 in 1948. He overcomes the serious racial discrimination at the time and graduated from the Naval Dive Search and Rescue School in 1954. In 1966, Brashear unfortunately lost his left leg while salvaging a hydrogen bomb that had crashed into the sea due to an aviation accident. But after rehabilitative training unimaginable by ordinary people, he returned to the diving position in 1968 and became the first amputee diver in the United States. In 1970 he was promoted to be the first African-American navy diver.
   Brashear served in the US Navy for more than 30 years and was retired in 1979. He died in 2006 at the age of 75. His legendary story was brought to the screen in 2000-starring Cuban star Gooding, ‘Men of Honour’.

   Oris used bronze for the first time to make the case, inspired by the copper deep diving helmet of the 1950s. At the same time, as a non-ferrous metal, copper is a symbol of Brashear’s victory over racial discrimination. The design prototype of the new watch is a 65-year replica version of the diving watch released in 2015, with a diameter of 42mm. The copper case is initially shiny and bright. Over time, copper will chemically react with carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air, gradually oxidizing and discoloring. The degree of change varies from person to person, that is, each watch becomes unique with its wearer.

   The unidirectional rotating bezel is also made of bronze with a raised minute scale to record the diving time. The stainless steel back cover is engraved with Brashear’s diving helmet pattern and his life motto: “It’s not a sin to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down”. The watch is driven by Oris automatic mechanical movement and is water resistant to 100 meters.
   The Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition pays tribute to the great fighters who defeated discrimination and physical obstacles, allowing time to breed personality and freedom on the wrist. Part of the watch sales profits will be donated to the Carl Brashear Foundation to support the diving search and rescue business.
product features

Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition
Product number: 733 7720 3185, table diameter: 42.00mm
Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide
Oris733 self-winding mechanical movement with 6 o’clock calendar display
· Bronze case and crown, 100 meters waterproof
· Unidirectional rotating diving bezel with 60-minute scale and 0-point scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
· Double-sided arched sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside
· Stainless steel back cover, engraved with deep diving helmet pattern, Brashear quote and limited number
Dark blue arched dial with rose gold-plated indexes, hands and indexes coated with Super-LumiNova®
· Dark brown leather belt with bronze pin buckle
· Recommended retail price, about RMB 17,800

Tag Heuer Helps China’s Lunar Exploration Project

On January 7, 2019, TAGHeuer launched ‘Exploration · Back of the Moon’ in the dome theater on the first floor of the China Science and Technology Museum to witness the milestone moment in the history of human aerospace that belongs to China. Academician Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of Chinese Lunar Exploration, Academician Long Lehao, deputy chief designer of the country’s first lunar exploration project, and Yin Hao, director of the China Science and Technology Museum, were present at the scene. Come and explore the mystery of Moonback with us.

   TAG Heuer has a deep relationship with the space industry. In 2016, Tag Heuer and China Aerospace reached a cooperation to contribute to China Aerospace. In 2017, TAG Heuer became a strategic partner of China’s lunar exploration project and the official timekeeper of choice. Since then, TAG Heuer has continued to pay attention to human spaceflight, and has witnessed the continuous writing history of China’s spaceflight on the road of space exploration.

Speech by Mr. Yin Hao, Director of China Science and Technology Museum

Tag Heuer Brand Ambassador and famous actor Yang Ying

Tag Heuer Brand Ambassador and famous actor Li Yifeng

   The Tag Heuer brand ambassadors Yang Ying and Li Yifeng shared with the scene the interesting experience that occurred during the shooting of the short film ‘Exploration’, which is a collaboration between China Lunar Exploration Project and Tag Heuer, and their desire for exploring outer space.

Chang’e-4 mission probe takes off

   At 10:26 a.m. on January 3, 2019, the Chang’e-4 probe successfully landed on the back of the moon and returned the first close-up image of the back of the moon, which revealed the mysterious veil of the moon to us. Academician Long, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, shared with us how rocket experts overcome all kinds of difficulties and pressures. Academician Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of Chinese Lunar Exploration, uses humorous language as the secret to the back of our popular science moon.

On the left is Academician Long Lehao, deputy chief designer of the country’s first lunar exploration project, and on the right is Academician Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of China’s lunar exploration.

   Academician Ouyang patiently answered our doubts. He said: ‘The dark side of the moon completely misunderstands the moon, which is actually a conceptual error. The moon rotates counterclockwise, and its rotation speed is equivalent to 28 days and nights of the earth. The ancient clouds, One day in the sky, one year on the earth. Then the moon rotates one week, which is about one month on earth. ‘

   But why is the back of the moon so mysterious that we can only see the front of the moon?

   Academician Ouyang continued to explain: ‘In addition to the rotation of the moon, it orbits the earth at the same time. The time of one revolution of the moon and the time of orbiting the earth are exactly equal, which causes the moon to always face the earth with one side.’

    Regarding the secrets on the back of the moon, Mr. Li Yifeng, the Tag Heuer brand ambassador, expressed great interest. He asked, ‘Have other civilizations ever been to the moon?’

   Academician Ouyang Ziyuan replied: ‘I can tell you very realistically, so far, there is absolutely no sign of alien activity on the back of the moon, and there is no information about the activity of life on the moon. The moon’s environment is too bad, The high temperature of 130 to 40 degrees during the day, and the low temperature of minus 180 degrees at night, the temperature difference between day and night exceeds three hundred degrees. In addition, there is no air on the moon’s surface. This is so bad Life, life cannot reproduce at all. ‘

   After a detailed and interesting explanation by Academician Ouyang Ziyuan, we have a comprehensive and correct understanding of the back of the moon.

   In 2018, Tag Heuer launched two special watches for Chinese moon exploration, demonstrating its precise cooperation with the Chinese moon exploration project, and also a tribute to the spirit of human exploration.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer01 Chinese Lunar Special Watch

TAG Heuer Calibre5 Chinese Lunar Exploration Special Watch

   At the event, we were fortunate to admire these two limited edition watches for lunar exploration. The Tag Heuer Submarine Calibre5 Chinese Lunar Special Watch and the Calera Heuer01 Chinese Lunar Special Watch incorporate the elements of space and the moon. The lunar rover is engraved on the back to pay tribute to human exploration of the moon.

   Adhering to the pioneering spirit of # DontCrackUnderPressure # (without fear of stress), Tag Heuer and the scene witnessed the exciting moments of exploring the back of the moon. I believe that in the future, China’s lunar exploration project and Tag Heuer will bring more surprises to the moon! (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)