Challenge The Deep Sea With Carlos Coste Oris Renews Contract With Carlos Coste, World Record Holder

In 2006, Swiss century-old watch brand Oris and free diving record holder Carlos Coste shared their passion for diving. Since the signing of the contract, Oris and Carlos have jointly released powerful diving watches, and now they have taken it a step further and introduced innovative timepieces that appeal to watch players and diving enthusiasts.

Carlos Coste wears an Oris diving watch with a water resistance of 50 times the atmospheric pressure, and challenges the diving record at the Dos Ojos cave in Yucatan, Mexico
   Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1976, Carlos Coste became the first free diver to dive 100 meters deep in 2003, setting 11 world records for free diving. In 2005, he won the world championship with a constant weight of 105 meters.

    In 2006, he dived with floating weights, setting a free diving record of 140 meters in Sharm El Sheikh. Carlos was injured when he challenged unlimited diving in 2006. After receiving one year of special training, Carlos once again set the latest free diving gold world record in 2010. Without carrying any breathing aids, he wandered in the Dos Ojos cave in the sea of ​​31 kilometers in Yucatan, southern Mexico, and dived in air for 150 meters.

   In recognition of Coste’s brilliant achievements in 2010, Oris launched the exquisite Carlos Coste limited watch-Cenote series. Continuing the design concepts of the 2007 Carlos Coste limited chronograph and the 2006 Carlos Coste limited watch, Oris also collaborated with Carlos to test and test the true performance of diving watches.

   Oris President Ulrich W. Herzog said: 「We are very proud to cooperate with Carlos Coste. We share the same philosophy and values, adhere to a high level of professionalism, and are committed to the diving field. Fully in line with the spirit of ORIS brand: real people ‘」

   Carlos Coste said: 「I am very excited to continue to cooperate with Oris in the future. The brand’s leading watchmaking technology ensures that diving watches meet the high-level functional needs of diving enthusiasts. Emphasis on fine craftsmanship and real performance, not because of appearance Compromise. I am very much looking forward to creating another peak with the brand in the next 10 years .

This Is Definitely The Rank Of Admiral Breguet Marine Équation Marchante 5887

Under Breguet’s Breguet, the Marine and Type XX series belong to the more sporty areas such as navigation and aviation. Therefore, the styles of these two series are less than other series. The emphasis is on function Sex is the main factor; but then again, the Marine series is not only to emphasize the marine-related waterproof performance is so simple. In its relatively limited work lineup, there are still some functions that appear only in formal watches, such as alarms, tourbillons Wait, it is not difficult to find that the brand has an open attitude towards the functional development of this series.

Feature one: the first impression is very strong
At the 2017 BASEL exhibition, Breguet injected new blood into Marine. It was a little unexpected that this new work Marine Équation Marchante 5887 not only combined multiple complex functions to set a new height in the series, it is rare to match the leather strap. , Also makes this watch’s formal taste stronger. The platinum (also rose gold) material used in the 5887 case has been separated from ordinary sports watches, and the faceplate design is beyond the established frame of the Marine series in the past, and is full of new ideas, such as outside the faceplate There are blue and black stripes with a geometric three-dimensional edge, and the inner circle of the face plate has wavy machine-engraved lines. The overall tone of dark blue and silver makes people know the marine style of the series at a glance.

The 5887 face plate is different from the previous Marine series. The most obvious change is that the inner circle of the face plate is changed to a wave-shaped machine engraved pattern. The blue tone (platinum model) shows a high correlation with maritime origin.

Feature 2: Complicated functions are good and full
The three major complications of 5887-the tourbillon is located at 5 o’clock on the faceplate, the perpetual calendar is composed of an anchor-shaped retrograde date pointer, and the day of the week and month windows. As for the last complication-the equation of time and Uncommonly, Breguet puts the hands that indicate the true solar time on the same axis as the minute hand. The wearer can easily calculate the difference between the average solar time represented by the hour hand and the hour hand with a hollow round pointer. It is worth mentioning that the brand installed a kidney cam that simulates the true solar time trajectory in the tourbillon device, allowing people to better see the dynamics of its rotation one week a year.

The function of time equation mainly relies on a kidney cam to simulate the actual trajectory of the sun position. This cam can be clearly seen through the tourbillon window of the watch

Feature three: The table-back scenery that is full of eyes
Turning to the back of the case, Breguet uses a ring-shaped automatic disk to expose a wide range of movement baseplates, which directly reflects the nautical compass pattern including the wind rose on the barrel (the storage space is slightly higher than three days) Chain) and the outline of the classic French warship engraved on the floor, again highlighting the line’s pedigree. In addition to creating a new high point for the Marine watch in terms of functions, the 5887 can also see the brand’s intensive innovation. The high maturity in all aspects is like the masterpiece of the series, and it is undoubtedly the focus of Breguet in 2017.

The movement can be seen with the wind direction rose navigation compass pattern engraved on the barrel, and at the same time, the bottom of the French Royal Navy’s first class battleship ‘Royal Louise’

Marine Équation Marchante 5887

950 platinum material / 581DPE self-winding movement / hour, minute, retrograde date, day of the week, month display / tourbillon device / perpetual calendar function / time equation function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 Meter / Diameter 43.9mm / Reference Price: 1,629,600 RMB

Chopard Introduces New Classic Racing Double Chasing Stopwatch

The new Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second condenses the characteristics of a contemporary legendary car race. Let’s start with the famous Dunlop Racing tire strap. The pattern of the natural rubber strap is inspired by the tyre pattern used in racing cars of the same name in the late 1960s, with a folding buckle. The dial design is reminiscent of the dashboard of a classic racing car, with retro digital minute indexes resembling the Arabic numerals on an antique car tachometer and speed dial. Chopard’s new model echoes almost all the details of a classic racing car: screw-in black diamond carbon DLC-coated steel crown inlaid with injection-molded rubber, like a small racing steering wheel; grooves in the flange It is also similar to a car’s heat sink, and the screws that fix the bezel are reminiscent of a car’s rims, as if time goes backwards, returning to the legendary racing world of the year! In addition, the Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second chronograph also has extraordinary functions, equipped with a superior movement. The 45mm black diamond carbon DLC-coated steel case Halma is a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official observatory COSC. The Chopard movement has a central hour and minute display and a small second at 9 o’clock. At 3 o’clock, there is a circular date dial, which is an increasingly rare but beautiful way to display the date. This Chopard watch is equipped with the chronograph chronograph hand, which is the most sophisticated, the most complex, the most challenging cutting-edge technology, interesting and interesting. The double tracking needle is used to measure time in stages, or to measure two times that occur simultaneously but have different durations. Press the button at 2 o’clock to start the timer. The red second hand and white chase hand completely overlap and start counting. If you need to measure the time in stages, you can stop the chase by pressing the red injection molded rubber button (new design) at 8 o’clock. Press the button again, and the chase will immediately “catch up” with the second hand to continue timing. When measuring at two different times, just press the stop hand and then press the button at 2 o’clock to stop the second hand. In addition, the minutes and hours can be clearly read at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the dial, and the time can be reset to zero by pressing the button at 5 o’clock.
     Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second is engraved with the ‘Superfast Split Second’ logo on the back, as if signed by a master. Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.
Technical details of the Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second:
Case: Stainless steel black diamond carbon DLC coating
Diameter: 45.00 mm
Thickness: 15.38 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Movement: chronograph mechanical movement
Kinetic energy: about 42 hours
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Dial: black dial
Functions: Central hours and minutes display, small seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph stopwatch, chase hands
Strap: black rubber strap, black polished stainless steel folding clasp