Athens Launches ‘imperial Blue’ Big Self-sounding Watch

A flying tourbillon seems to float in space and time, and this ‘Imperial Blue’ Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Grand Singer watch witnesses the ultimate and heritage of watchmaking art.

 The world of top watchmaking is like a complicated maze, full of creative clubs, traditional workshops and innovative laboratories, run through a long corridor. Living in this world are passionate, innovative and knowledgeable people who are both masters of traditional craftsmanship and inheritors who have given vitality to this ancestral art. There is also a unique place in the world that is only known by a few selected people. It is the core of making excellent watches. This place has a unique attraction, the laws of nature seem to have been stopped, technology has become the driving force for progress, and apprenticeship is the channel for imparting secrets. ‘Imperial Blue’ was born in this eternal place. There is a suspended flying tourbillon on the transparent main plate, which is decorated with blue sapphire crystal bridge board, showing the noble and extreme of the watch. This colorful and mysterious watch contains a Westminster Dapeng bell music self-sounding device, which can tap four different tones at the hour, and you can also activate the three-question function for time, time, and time as required. It is definitely a model of a complex watch, and it is an extremely rare treasure today.

 Today, although the manufacture of grand self-timer watches is the exclusive field of a few high-end watch brands, the invention of this function can be traced back to the origin of watchmaking. Around the year, most dials and hands became available a hundred years later. At that time, it was necessary to design the first commemorative clock that sounded the time so that people could hear the clock sound at a distance or at night. With the development of time, the clock used for timekeeping is getting smaller and smaller, and can be installed in a table clock or even a pocket watch.

 The Athens watch occupies a prominent position in the history of self-sounding watches: At the Chicago World’s Fair, with its minute repeater chronograph, Athens became the only watchmaker to win a gold medal. A century later, Athens was also the first brand to revive the traditional event doll watch, first launching the ‘Imperial Blue’ three minute timepiece in the year, and then the ‘Chengsi Jihan’ three minute timepiece. Now, the Athens ‘Imperial Blue’ Grand Sonic watch once again maintains its position in the field of fine watchmaking. It is necessary to miniaturize a self-timer with a three-question function. It needs to overcome many technical challenges. Athens has not been satisfied because of this. It also adds a date display to the watch’s clock position. Using the button at the clock position can quickly Tuning.

 The most difficult part of making the ‘Imperial Blue’ Grand Sonar is undoubtedly the energy control. Both the self-timer and the questionnaire function activated on demand are driven by the same barrel. At 9 o’clock, the chronograph slider can be wound on the mainspring, or the crown can be fully wound by turning the crown counterclockwise. Turning the crown clockwise can wind another movement barrel and provide a 50-hour power reserve. In addition, the watch has an ingenious system that controls the level of energy available, thus always ensuring that the watch can complete its self-sounding.

 Therefore, the watch plays a pleasant G-tune every hour. At the 11 o’clock position of the case back cover, there is a switch button to mute the watch. This just focused on the questionnaire function of Imperial Blue, which features four different tones that can be tapped on the Dapeng Zhongle of Westminster. When the time slider is activated and released, the hammer seems to be dancing, and the gongs are singing to compose a moving symphony. At 6 o’clock, there is a suspending sapphire crystal in the space. The floating flying tourbillon is decorated. The delicate strands of space-time and minute hands can be adjusted through the crown, and a protective device is attached to avoid starting the beep when the hands cross the hour.

 With the white gold case and the blue sapphire crystal against each other, the watch seems to be bathed in color. The ‘Imperial Blue’ big self-sounding watch is an inevitable choice for watch lovers. Limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide, each one witnessing the ultimate mastery of watchmaking art.

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