Review Of Yongrong Huagui Women’s Rolex Diary Gold Watch

Rolex watches have always been closely related to prominent figures leading the world. Many visionaries and outstanding people with outstanding achievements are enthusiastic about Rolex watches. True, when it comes to Rolex, most people first think of Rolex’s noble and domineering male watches. However, with the development of society, more and more outstanding women have also come to the stage and become the tide of the times. Among them, there is naturally no lack of Rolex enthusiasts. Today, the Watch House brings to you a Rolex Women’s Diary Gold Diamond Watch. The official model of the watch is: 179138.

Women’s log watches are available in 904L stainless steel, 18ct gold or platinum diamonds. The straps and surfaces are also rich in color and material, so that women of different styles can choose watches that match their personality.

This watch condenses Rolex’s strong brand quality and endless brand charm in the classic combination of diamond and gold in the 26mm case, which is a bit elegant and luxurious.

The watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass. The bezel and diamonds on the dial complement each other, like a flower wet by dew in the sun, bright and moving.

The crown is made of 18ct yellow gold. The top of the crown is printed with the classic Rolex crown logo. The simple triangular pit design makes the winding feel comfortable. The screw-in crown design enhances the water resistance of this watch.

The semi-circular three-piece link bracelet of this watch is made of 18ct yellow gold. This strap was launched by Rolex in 1956 and is specially equipped with a luxury model. It is named as the headband.

The case made of 18ct yellow gold is round and smooth, with a moderate thickness, and feels full and comfortable in the hand.

The inner side of the lugs slightly draws an elegant arc to fit the wrist. Viewed from the front, the lugs are round and full, and the luxurious luster of precious metals shines.

This watch is equipped with a beautiful hidden crown folding clasp. Press the crown logo on the strap to open the buckle. A laser engraved exquisite Rolex logo is displayed in front of you, detailing the strength.

On the mellow champagne dial, 10 sparkling diamonds form the timepiece of this watch. The simple 18ct gold hands slowly move, so the passage of time is even more intoxicating.

The 12 o’clock position of the dial is inlaid with a three-dimensional 18ct gold Rolex crown logo as the 12 o’clock hour mark. The modest inner bezel is also printed with the name and logo of Rolex, demonstrating the distinguished brand identity.

At 3 o’clock, the dial is equipped with a date display window. The date is displayed more clearly through the blister on the sapphire crystal glass.

This watch uses Rolex’s iconic Oyster case, the middle case is cast from a solid piece of precious metal, and the triangular pit bottom case is fully sealed by screwing, and the water depth is 100 meters.

The watch is equipped with a Rolex 2235 self-winding mechanical perpetual movement certified by the Swiss Precision Chronometer Testing Center. It is accurate and reliable, with instant jump calendar and stop-second time adjustment.

Summary: For Rolex, time and precision are the keys to achieving extraordinary beauty. In addition to unparalleled reliability and precious precious metal materials, Rolex only uses the highest quality gemstones to decorate watches. These gemstones are selected with extremely strict criteria, and each of them is closely inspected by the Rolex Gemstone Appraisal Department to meet the brand’s gemstone quality. And strict requirements for reliability. The current reference price for this watch is 258,700 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)