From This Moment On, You Are The Star In Your Universe

Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Uppercase’, also specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. If everyone is a universe, of course, we must become the star of our universe. Buying a watch is very strange. Many people may clearly like a certain watch of a certain brand, but sometimes it is difficult to tell, or they want to seek the approval of all parties before they can confidently identify with themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. The price of mechanical watches ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Everyone is within the range of their financial ability, and most of them have spent a lot of budget on the matter of buying a watch. Be careful. It’s good. Under the premise of caution, most of the time I suggest that you can start the journey of buying your watch, not necessarily follow the recommendations of other mainstream views: the first is definitely see the brand , as long as the brand is in There are certain quality requirements in craftsmanship, and it is an internationally reputable brand. At this point, I still have to talk about where the Montblanc brand is underrated. Montblanc opened the way to watchmaking in 1997. At this time, Montblanc is already a well-known high-end writing instrument brand, a brand with the image of successful business people, it is impossible to miss the creation of watch works, wrist The launch of the watch series is an inevitable, and Montblanc’s original most representative are two series, one is the classic star series for business wear, and the other is the time walker for more relaxed fashion wear. Montblanc has a complete production process and production team on writing instruments, and it is not sloppy in the production of watches. The Montblanc Star Collection is classic and suitable for business people. Montblanc Star Automatic Chronograph with Montblanc MB 25.02 chronograph movement. In addition to brand reputation, the second point is to do some homework . To understand the brand’s watch design, production, and factory scale, it is not necessary to know every detail, just watch Several parts: the degree of factory ownership, the classification and source of the movement, and the connotation of the design. Of course, these are not all information that can be grasped in a day or two, so it is a good start to look at and ask for more professional information. And at this point, Montblanc is also a brand that is rarely valued: it has its own two watch factories, from the beginning of the Le Locle workshop to the acquisition of the well-known 100-year-old factory of Menela, and now it is integrated. Watch resources have their own movements and stopwatch movements, but also external movements to enrich the integrity of the product at different price bands. This is actually similar to the scale of most professional brands in the field of watchmaking. And more prominent is that not all so-called professional watch brands have their own calibre movements, but Montblanc has mass production of its own calibre movements and a small number of high-end manual calibre-made movements. The Minerva watch factory acquired by Montblanc has more than 100 years of technical strength in professionally manufacturing stopwatches. Of course, having both self-made and foreign aid movement sources, isn’t the foreign aid movement really bad? The most famous factories of basic movements produced in Switzerland actually provide more than 70% of foreign aid movements used by watch brands. They can be trusted in history and market experience because these foreign aid movements Allow consumers to enjoy lower prices, but at the same time have their own preferred brand design features. Speaking of which, I have to mention the reason that Montblanc’s watch works can be more competitive in its pricing strategy. At the same time, it has its own and foreign aid movements. Montblanc can be more flexible according to different product lines and market positioning of works. Adjustment. This is why Montblanc watches have gradually become more popular in the market over the past few years. The Montblanc Star Series has a rich product line, from basic functions to full calendars and chronographs, and the pricing is quite reasonable. I always think that Montblanc is a good choice for business people of all levels, and the star series is more suitable for managers. Why is it a male manager? The male manager inherits the pressure and ability to lead the team, and also the pressure and ability to explain the team’s business performance. This character is in a position that requires the coordination and coordination of all layers. The first thing he needs is a design that is not flamboyant, but It is not an obscure brand watch, it does not invade and does not show off. The star series has a round case line and a dial with classical Arabic numerals on the upper plate. It is very paired with formal clothes. The price of the moon phase calendar can be bought for about 30,000 yuan, and it is worth considering from all aspects. . The star series moon phase watch is priced at RMB 32,200. (Photo: Vivian Tsai) When we talked about the characteristics of Montblanc’s chronograph, we have to talk about the chronograph of the star series. This is also to say that in the 19th century, chronographs had to be operated by writing records. The world’s first timer was a box-shaped chronograph clock designed by Nicolas Rieussec in 1821. He was commissioned by the French Bourbon dynasty to develop the first device to measure the passage of time. This device was designed to be a clock. At the end of the measurement time, ink will drip on the faceplate. The literature shows that Rieussec’s invention was completed at the end of 1821 or 1822. This design is used for horse racing timekeeping. In Nicolas Rieussec’s original timing device design, when the timing function is activated, the timer drips ink on the rotating dial to ‘write’ the flowing time. Montblanc based on this concept of ‘writing time’, began secretly creating projects at its Lelloc watch factory in 2005, and later officially launched the Nicolas Rieussec chronograph in the star series in 2008, inspired by the writing code. The concept is stunning with two eye-catching chronograph dials, which has created one of Montblanc’s own classic stopwatch styles. Early horse racing timers inspired the Montblanc Star Collection chronograph. Star series Nicholas Case chronograph, RMB 60,800. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) Behind the achievement of the classic, a matching movement is needed. Montblanc chose a self-made chronograph movement. In 2008, the birth of the MB R100 manual winding chronograph laid the foundation for Montblanc’s professional watchmaking. It is no longer a popular ticket in the impression of the public. It is a brand that can seriously start building its own movement. Even professional watch brands with large output and high reputation now do not necessarily have a self-made watch movement. On the way to complete their watchmaking achievements, Montblanc is not what the outside world says, it just bought a high-end watch factory. Just skyrocketed. Watchmaking is a very long way. This is for any brand. Many of the new styles we see this year may have been designed two or three years ago. The introduction of a homemade movement is necessary. Five years or so. The star series Nicholas Case chronograph is equipped with Montblanc’s MB R200 chronograph movement. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) I just mentioned a few key points for selecting a table. The final key is of course the pleasing eye value. The most classic design of the star series may be its non-aggressive design, just like everyone around It needs a natural friend like a reliable friend. The proper written Arabic numerals are not like the Arabic numerals in the official military watch form preferred by other brands, nor the classical flower body that emphasizes the classic style, but it is slightly bold. The design has a smooth writing style, with track scales and willow-shaped blue steel hands, which are everyone’s favorite watch elements. In addition, a small concentric circle in the center of the upper plate uses delicate lines to make layers. The straight and slightly curved lugs and the round and vigorous case are complete in every design element ideal requirements for people who love classic watches. Montblanc Star Collection Small Seconds Ladies Watch, 36 mm in stainless steel, equipped with an MB24.16 self-winding movement, a power reserve of about 38 hours, a water resistance of 30 meters, and a price of RMB 40,800. (Photo: Vivian Tsai) I have received many readers’ inquiries about how Montblanc watches are? In fact, most of them come from likes but are afraid that others will say that it is not good. At first glance, observe the brand’s craftsmanship at the second glance, understand the core value of the brand at the third glance, and then find out that they like it for a reason because they like It’s like loving yourself. Now I also want to ask one more question: So what do you think of Montblanc watches? If we fully understand the value of the watch we like and are interested in when we ask others’ opinions, then we know that there is only one answer: from this moment, your choice is the choice of the center of the universe, and you Is the star in his universe. Montblanc Star Collection Small Seconds Ladies Watch, 36 mm in diameter, is equipped with an MB24.16 self-winding movement, has a power reserve of about 38 hours, is waterproof to 30 meters and is priced at RMB 61,200. 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