Luxury Luxury Watch With Red Gold Movement

French independent watchmaker Juna has fully used red gold for most parts of the movement-‘I found that red gold is a very ideal material for the movement,’ He said, ‘Its indicators are very good in all aspects, and it is beautiful. The manufacturing cost is not important to me.’ At present, the mainstream movement material is brass, but it must be chrome-plated or rhodium-plated, otherwise Can cause color degradation due to oxidation. It is conceivable that brass is an alloy of copper and tin (pure copper cannot be used because of insufficient hardness), while red gold is an alloy of gold, copper, and silver, which has higher nobility and physical properties than brass. Needless to say.
Girard-Perregaux 1966 series
Girard Perregaux’s own calibre movement, classic white watch dial, tachymeter scale, two small chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, blue steel seconds hand, red gold hour scale nails, 4 mm, alligator leather watch band.
Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS and GMT second time zone watch
手工 A hand-applied large oblique calendar window at 12 o’clock and an RS rotation system showing the second time zone at 6 o’clock. The diameter of the dial is 42.5 mm. The watch is available with black, silver or brown dials.
Baume & Mercier
打造 Made of gold or red gold: medium (39 mm) round case, mechanical movement, inlaid with Roman numerals, and black alligator leather strap. The slightly spherical case fits perfectly on the wrist. The dial is decorated with a guilloché line, and the traditionally decorated movement can be perfectly displayed through the transparent case back.
Montblanc Villeret 1858 series engraved chronograph
The dial is made with big enamel technology like other Montblanc Villeret 1858 series models. The classic MBM Calibre 16.29 movement is hidden under the dial. 18K rose gold case with white enamel dial and brown alligator strap, limited to 58 pieces.

Langer-exquisite Watches And Clocks From Saxony’ Chinese Version Conference Was Held In Beijing

On May 22, 2014, the Chinese version of ‘Lange-Exquisite Watches and Clocks from Saxony’ was held in Beijing Wempe Watch Shop. A translation of the book ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’, written by Reinhard Meis, a famous German watchmaker and expert in antique watch research, will be available soon. This book has illustrated the history of the ups and downs of the watchmaking industry in the town of Glashütte, Saxony, and is a good teacher and friend of the majority of watch enthusiasts.

   As soon as we entered the Wempe watch shop, I immediately felt the strong historical atmosphere of Lange. Max wrote this highly regarded book, introducing A. Lange & Söhne, Germany’s most famous watch brand, and then revising it for up to eight years. In this book, he vividly and comprehensively introduced to readers how the Lange watch, born in 1845, has gradually grown into the representative of today’s top German watch brands.
 Lange is not only exquisite, but refreshments prepared for the media are also exquisite.
    The general manager of the Wempe watch shop in China wore a 19th-century gown and read to us a statement by Ferdinando Adolf Lange.

   As the publisher of the Chinese version of ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’, Mr. Chen Mang, Chairman of Caesars Travel Agency, and the fourth generation of the Wempe family unveiled the new book.
   The original German version of the book went on sale in December 2011, followed by the English and Italian versions in 2012. In order to make it easy for the majority of Chinese readers to read this timepiece historical and cultural masterpiece, Caesars Culture, Art and Media Co., Ltd., in conjunction with A. Lange & Söhne, facilitated the publication and distribution of the Chinese version of the book at Wuzhou Communication Publishing House. Mr. Chen Mang, Chairman of Caesars Culture, Art and Media, is an enthusiastic watch enthusiast and collector himself. He is dedicated to spreading European watch history and culture to China.

  The book ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’ is divided into two volumes. The first volume ‘100 Years of the Glashütte Watch Industry’ introduces the history of the development of the watch industry in the town of Glashütte, as well as small watch manufacturers and numerous accessories suppliers. The second volume, Lange: A Watchmaking Dynasty in Dresden, shows the 100-year history of A. Lange & Söhne over three generations from 1845 to 1945.

   The forthcoming Chinese translation of this book has more than 900 pages, enumerating more than 2,700 pictures and drawings, showing almost all the patents and sample collections of A. Lange & Söhne over a century, and finally introducing A. Lange & Söhne’s The latest watches cover all the products traditionally made in Glashütte since the company was re-established in 1990.
The guests took a photo with the new book.
   At the scene, Mr. Chen Mang will share with you every bit of his relationship with Germany, Lange and watches, and we will also release an exclusive interview with Mr. Chen Mang, so stay tuned.

   Later, Lange arranged a lively Lange, European, and German history lesson for media colleagues, telling from the formation of the ‘German First Empire’ or ‘Holy Roman Empire’ to ‘World War I’, ‘World War II’, and then from The entire historical process from the unification of Germany to Lange’s release of the first batch of watch works in October 1994 made us appreciate the tenacity and persistence of the Lange family from a macro perspective. We will tell you about this legendary history in a later column.

Part of European history is explained by Dr. Pan Dan, a doctor of history.

   The history of Lange was explained by Mr. Li Na of the Lange brand. The two people’s vivid explanation seemed to bring us to that turbulent era, let us deeply feel that Lange’s glory today is really hard to come by.

   On December 7, 1845, with 15 young apprentices recruited from the local and nearby impoverished areas, Adolf Lange started his business in Glashütte.

   The 40 years after the birth of the Second Empire was a time of rapid economic development in Germany. The demand for luxury goods at home and abroad pushed Lange to the most successful and glorious period in history. During William II’s 50th anniversary in 1895, the grand joyous celebrations also marked Lange’s most glorious era.

   Before the start of World War I, with the establishment of a new watch factory in Glashütte, mass production, mechanization and the introduction of cheap Swiss movements challenged Lange’s operations. At this moment, Lange’s pocket watches are divided into two types: the ALS quality standard that meets the highest quality requirements, and the DUF standard labeled ‘Made in Germany Watches’ on the dial. The gold case, without the gold sleeve and the engraved splint of the balance wheel, has a different quality from the ALS with five orientation correction, and the DUF has only three orientation correction.

   The demand for special pocket watches for air and water navigation in the early 1940s greatly increased Lange’s production. During this period, Lange’s pocket watches for the Navy and big pilot watches for the Air Force also became current collections. According to records, by the end of the war in 1945, there were approximately 13,500 precision clocks for armament production, and these orders helped Lange weather the war.

   On the last day of World War II, on May 8, 1945, Soviet fighter jets threw bombs at Glashütte to stop German troops retreating to the Czech Republic. The bomb hit Lange’s production plant and destroyed most of the instruments and device. After the war, under the supervision of the Soviet Union, Lange would use documents such as splint watches, pilot watches, navigation precision timepieces, and marine precision ship clocks to make documents and drawings so that the Soviet Union could build production workshops locally.

   During the split between Germany and Germany, Walter Lange settled in Forzheim and continued his career as a watchmaker there. During this period he made some attempts to restore the Lange table. For example, he used to work with his wife and brothers to assemble watches with the “Lange, vorm. Glashütte” logo in his kitchen, and also worked with IWC to make pocket watches with IWC movements, but none of these attempts were successful. The reason is very simple. It is not the real Lange watch if it is separated from its native land.

  Lange finally released the first watches in October 1994, including Lange 1, Saxonia, Arcade and Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’ watches. This marked Lange’s return to the peak of world watchmaking before World War II.

   Knowing the entire history, there will be an indescribable feeling when you look at Lange’s works. These pocket watches are so beautiful. Friends who like Lange must not miss this good book. I will publish the book information below: Wuzhou Communication Publishing House, priced at 1999 yuan (Euro price: 249 Euro), ISBN: 978-7-5085-2609-6.

Vacheron Constantin And Buhler School Of Design Reinterpret The Beauty Of ‘legendary Decoration’

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, Vacheron Constantin officially announced the establishment of a unique partnership with the Boulle Design Institute in Paris. The news came just right, and it was recalled that the first such agreement in the history of the brand was actually possible. Dating back to the 19th century in cooperation with the Geneva Watch School. The brand name Constantin (literally Vacheron Constantin) is quite similar to constancy (constant), and constancy is also regarded as the brand’s middle name (the middle name contains prominent features), Vacheron Constantin need not worry about being accused of deviation Tradition.

   Brand CEO Juan-Carlos Torres said, ‘Establishing such a partnership is not an option to judge, but a respect for the brand’s history and a commitment to supporting the development of arts and crafts. Vacheron Constantin has a proud tradition in this field. In 1755, founder Jean-Marc Vacheron began to try to transform the design model of the time to make it more beautiful and charming. ‘

   In fact, Vacheron Constantin has already proven its excellence in the field of arts and crafts, and it is difficult to take control of this highland and other brands. However, persisting in learning new things, self-improvement can lead the pace of the times and move forward. Vacheron Constantin also actively welcomes the inspiration of external factors, which is the focus behind the collaboration with the Paris Boulle Design Institute.

   In specific practice, Vacheron Constantin has already assigned dozens of first-year students of applied art and architectural decoration (Diplôme des Métiers d’Art). They will be responsible for the Fabuleux Ornements series of watch dials launched in 2014. Innovate. Art and craftsmanship show women’s elegant beauty, rich ornamental value and eccentric pointer design are the three distinctive features of this series of watches. On the basis of respecting the three inherent characteristics of retention, the focus of innovation work is how to better handle the margins outside the design of eccentric pointers. As with any academic project, students will begin their design work within a strict and standardized framework: the finished dial must not exceed 10,000 euros; the first creative design proposal must be submitted by mid-December.

   The smooth progress of this cooperation requires the cooperation of the Vacheron Constantin Think Tank Research Institute and the brand’s crafts development and management departments. The new project is run by Samira Marquis, director of the Vacheron Constantin Institute. ‘In the process of cooperation with the Buhler School of Design, we will implement the inherent mission of promoting education and inheriting watchmaking,’ she said. ‘Every year, we Will train approximately 30 watchmakers and 10 apprentices in the arts and crafts (chamfering, piercing and gem setting). ‘

   Does this mean that we will soon have the ‘Vacheron Constantin-Büller’ joint signed work? ‘It’s still too early,’ CEO Juan-Carlos Torres said cautiously. ‘The first design proposals will be submitted in a few weeks, and we will decide on the way forward in February 2015 based on the expected goals.’

   At the same time, Vacheron Constantin also commissioned some students to design and manufacture watch display boxes. The four lucky students selected were mainly engaged in BTS product design courses, not arts and crafts. They can submit two to four designs by June 2015. The final winner will be displayed in the window of Vacheron Constantin Paris boutique.

Citizen Eco-drive Women’s Watch Create Women’s Glamour Time

A clean and simple white alligator leather strap, combined with pure and artistic Arabic numerals, makes women raise their hands to cast their charm and flow, showing the vitality in the beauty. Citizen’s recently launched ES5030-03A solar-powered radio wave female watch combines the unique temperament of women to create their own charm time.

Citizen ES5030-03A Women’s Watch with Solar Energy Radio Wave Price: 7000 RMB
 The ES5030-03A uses Citizen’s light and kinetic energy wave technology. It uses any visible light source, including sunlight, light, snow, candlelight, etc. to convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch’s operation, eliminating the trouble of regularly replacing the battery and eliminating the need to manually adjust the time and date. The near-perfect automatic management allows the wearer to feel at ease and create a wonderful life easily.

Mr. Montblanc Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman And The Stars Wear Montblanc Watches At The 2017 Met Ball

(May 1, 2017, New York, USA) The 2017 Met Ball (also known as Met Gala) charity gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York was held recently. As the most anticipated fashion event of the year, this year’s Met Ball is still star-studded. The guests dressed in a unique and charming way, and Montblanc watches and cufflinks frequently dotted around the wrists of the guests added bright colors and added taste to this fashion night.

The famous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is very popular for his classic images such as ‘Wolverine’, and is affectionately called ‘Uncle Wolf’ by fans. With the release of ‘Logan’, Jackman completed the closing work of the ‘Wolverine’ series, and the image of ‘Uncle Wolf’ will always remain in the hearts of movie fans. That night, Jackman, who is the Montblanc brand ambassador, and his wife Deborra-Lee Furnes made a sweet appearance on the Met Ball red carpet. Jackman was dressed in a well-dressed black dress, and the Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph worn on the wrist became the finishing touch. The Montblanc 4810 series combines outstanding performance with superb craftsmanship, demonstrating Jackman’s elegant and calm gentleman temperament and extraordinary fashion taste.

Hugh Jackman unveils Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph at 2017 Met Ball

Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph

Barry Jenkins, a young American director, recently won the Oscar for best film and best screenplay award for his film ‘Moonlight Boy’, and his outstanding talent has been praised by industry insiders and audiences. On the red carpet, Jenkins, who was full of limelight, appeared in Met Ball with a black formal glamour. He wore a Montblanc star classic series automatic watch on his wrist. The exquisite black dial complemented the dress. The Montblanc Star Classic watch series has a simplified design style, which highlights in this simplicity the talented director’s decent yet stylish fashion skills.

Barry Jenkins unveils Montblanc Star Classic self-winding watch at 2017 Met Ball

Montblanc Star Classic Automatic

British actor Riz Ahmed is well known in the audience for his role in Star Wars: The Rogue One. On the Met Ball red carpet that night, Ahmed wore a black suit with a black shirt, and wore a Montblanc 4810 series automatic calendar watch, showing his distinctive personality and taste. This watch is decorated with Montblanc’s classic hexagonal white star pattern and decorated with a black dial and silver-white Roman numerals, which is particularly eye-catching, showing the masculine charm.

Leeds Ahmed unveiled Montblanc 4810 automatic calendar watch at 2017 Met Ball

Montblanc 4810 automatic calendar watch

The famous American comedian Aziz Ansari also appeared on the red carpet scene of Met Ball. He has won the 73rd Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in TV Music Comedy and the 68th Emmy Best Screenwriter Awards. Ansari, who has both performance talent and screenwriting talent, wears a double-breasted black classic suit, with Montblanc heritage cufflinks, stainless steel with mother-of-pearl inserts, and uses precious jewels with infinite possibilities to highlight elegance and uniqueness personality.

Az Ansari unveils Montblanc Heritage Cufflinks at 2017 Met Ball

Montblanc Heritage Cufflinks