Noble Leng Yan Brief Comment On Kunlun Admiral Cup Women’s Watch

The Admiral Kunlun Cup series has inherited the brand’s respect for the ocean and the enthusiasm and respect for marine sports since 1960. The newly launched Legend style of the series, while retaining the characteristics of the series, is exquisite and elegant. Today’s Watch House brings you a short review of the Admiral Kunlun Women’s Watch. The official model of the watch is: 082.101.85 / 0041PN10.

The Admiral’s Cup watch, introduced in 1960, was one of the most watched sports watches of the year with water resistance. With a diameter of 38 mm and a slim style, it is suitable for ladies to wear on the slim and delicate jade hands. Besides its chic elegance, it also retains the series’ unique 12-sided case and nautical flag pattern.


The 12-sided case of the watch has a slimmer shape and rounder lugs. It has a mother-of-pearl surface and diamonds, which is elegant and elegant, and contains high-end watchmaking skills inside.


Kunlun is passionate about adding feminine elements to the collection. The Admiral Cup Mileage 38 Fiancée watch launched this time is the unremitting achievement of Kunlun. The surface of the watch is made of mother-of-pearl from Brazil and Thailand. The hour scale is set with 9 diamonds of about 0.10ct in total, and 30 and 60 minutes are set at 6 and 12 o’clock.


The watch is paired with a black satin strap, and the buckle is made of 18K rose gold with a pin buckle, which is simple, convenient and safe to wear.


The Admiral’s Cup collection can be divided into three different unique styles, including the Seafender Warrior, Challenger, and Legend Mileage. The Warrior series is mainly a sturdy model designed to match extreme sports; the Victory series is mainly a more stylish sports watch.


The mother-of-pearl dial design of the watch is even more gorgeous under the sapphire crystal glass.


The 12-sided bezel design, the classic heritage of the nautical flag, and the brand logo of the Key of the Sky are all here to make the watch more expressive. The harmonious combination of the crown and crown shoulders is pleasing to the eye. In terms of functions, it only provides ordinary calendar functions, which is necessary for cousins ​​with strong time concepts.


The watch is designed with a sapphire crystal glass back. Through this transparent back, we can clearly see the precision movement of the movement. The watch is equipped with a self-winding CO082 movement, which can provide 42 hours of full winding. Power reserve.

Summary: The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, and the back of the watch is provided with a screw-in transparent bottom cover. The current price of this watch at Kunlun Store in Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center is 194,000 yuan. Friends who are interested can visit it for more details. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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Observe The Watch And Master The Natural Rhythm

There is no doubt that recording time is often not as simple as knowing what time it is. Recording the time accurately is part of the measurement itself. For a long time, human beings have explored nature by continuously improving the accuracy of recording time. It can be said that by grasping time, we can grasp the rhythm of nature.
Observation of celestial phenomena and dialogue with the universe
For a long time, human’s exploration of nature has never stopped, which has almost become a history of the development of human science. Most of human exploration of nature is done through observation data. People record data for a certain period of time, and summarize it, making it an important branch of science. Nowadays, the emergence of some observation watches with measurement functions is obviously a symbol of the continuous development of human civilization.
As early as thousands of years ago, ancient Greeks and Babylonians of Cuba created their own legislation based on their observations of the sun and the sky. Among them, especially the Mesopotamian civilization has achieved the highest achievements. They started observing astronomy as early as 2000 years ago and systematically recorded the data. They summarized the ‘Sharlo cycle’ based on data, that is, an eclipse occurs every 18 years. The ancient Greeks constantly chased the changing movements of the sun and the moon, and could calculate the movement trajectories of the sun, the moon, and even the planets to modify their calendars and even geometry. Everything is now incorporated into the sky watch. In IWC’s Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch, the watch designer designed the back of the watch as a pattern of starry sky, which can not only be combined with the perpetual calendar at the edge, but also display the current time of the day, the star time and the time of sunrise and sunset . If you are interested, you can even set a special geographical location according to the stars you want to observe. Hublot’s MP04 ‘Antiochila Watch’ launched in Basel this year directly miniatures the ancient Greek astronomical observation device into the watch. With this watch, while obtaining accurate time, it also shows the calendars calculated by ancient Greeks by observing celestial bodies through the running trajectories of the sun and the moon, including the calendar of the Panhellenic Games (Panhellenic Games) ( It also lists the cities where the games are held), the Egyptian calendar (12 months, 30 days a month, including the next day), the position of the sun in the zodiac constellation, and the moon phases (indicated by gorgeous pointers and windows) The moon’s position in the zodiac within the stellar month), and the year of the star. The back of the watch movement shows the Caripic cycle, Meton cycle, Salo cycle and rotation cycle. There is no doubt that the long data recorded over thousands of years based on continuous human observations has constituted our understanding of nature today.

Precise timing to explore the natural weapon
If time is an important node of measurement data, then time itself is also one of the important data that needs to be measured. Even sometimes, mastering accurate time is all that is measured. This is an example of longitude measurement in the history of human navigation. Can be seen in.
人类 In the history of European medieval sailing, human beings could grasp the latitude but could not accurately grasp the longitude. Because no timing tool can resist the bumps, wetness and wind and waves on the ocean. In fact, the timing tools that could be used while sailing were always the most cutting-edge timing technology of the time. British self-taught watchmaker John Harrison lasted 29 years and went through the difficult process of building H1, H2, H3 nautical clocks weighing tens of kilograms measuring 1 meter square. In 1759, the diameter was only 13 The H4 navigation clock, which is centimeters and weighs 1.45 kilograms, is not much larger than a pocket watch. During the 81-day stormy voyage to Jamaica, only a small error of 5 seconds (the average daily error is only 0.06 seconds, and the travel time accuracy is more accurate than modern quartz watches). The duplicate version of the K1 sailing clock has a daily error of no more than 1 second during the British ship’s expedition to Antarctica, where the natural environment is harsh.) With this accurate time measurement, the longitude error determined by the astrology is only 5 kilometers, which has achieved human history. Unparalleled unity of time and space. The precision of this chronological time, even taking into account the centrifugal force generated when the ship is turning and the recoil force variable when the artillery is firing, this has also become the beginning of chronological precise timing. Nowadays, many watch brands have improved the accuracy of their travel time to a level that can be used as a marine clock to measure longitude. At the same time, like Montblanc’s new standard analog marine chronograph this year, it not only pays tribute to the traditional large standard time pendulum clock in the design of the dial, but also joins the two places between the ports to make the old The observation tool has become a plaything on the wrist today.

Glashütte Julias Asman 1911 Watch
腕表 This watch is named after the watch, in commemoration of the watch made by watchmaker Julias Asman and the outstanding achievement of Amundsen’s arrival in Antarctica. And polar exploration has always been one of the biggest tests for watches. This watch features a 100-14 self-winding movement. The back of the case is engraved with a limited edition number (01/25), and the anti-glare sapphire crystal is engraved with the date of Amundsen’s arrival in the South Pole and its centennial anniversary. The date of the day-December 14, 1911 ~ December 14, 2011.

Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series Marine Chronograph
This is a watch specially designed for sailing. The dial adopts the standard hand arrangement like the traditional large standard time pendulum clock. Centered minute hand, independent hour dial at 12 o’clock, and separate small seconds dial. The eight functions of the movement include local time, home time, day and night display, timekeeping, 30-minute timer, small second hand, power reserve and winding reminder.

IWC Portugal Sidérale Scafusia Watch
The transparent sapphire glass case back shows the starry night sky, the apparent orbit of the sun throughout the year, and includes a perpetual calendar, actual days throughout the year, sunrise and sunset times. The star-shaped disc of the watch presents star-studded beauty. The glass disc can actually display 500 ~ 1000 stars. The carefully drawn constellation makes it easy for the wearer to recognize the position, and it is a must for navigators.

Sovereign Sextant Sextant Watch
This watch of Zunzhuang Huang directly placed the sextant on the dial, and its relationship with navigation is self-evident. In fact, the sextant used to be an indispensable tool in sailing, which can ensure that the ship is not lost in the vast sea. Zun Huang’s watch once again stimulated human passion for sailing and exploring nature. The ‘Captain Jack’ Johnny Depp in the movie has publicly worn this watch on many occasions.

Zenith Columbus Tourbillon
In order to directly indicate the design concept of this watch and its respect for navigation, this Zenith Tourbillon watch was simply named Christopher Columbus. The biggest feature of this watch is that it can travel with the same precision as a professional marine clock, which truly solves the problem of the accurate measurement of chronograph tools during navigation that continuously affects its accuracy.

Kunlun Launches A Fine Hollow Suspension And Translucent Watch

The soul of the new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is the CO100 movement, which is made in-house by COrum. The main board and bridge of the movement are made of sapphire crystal and carry a floating or flying tourbillon, as if suspended in the center of the case without weight, and can watch its beautiful operation at 360 degrees.

The design concept of the Kunlun Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is derived from the snowflakes in the winter season. The skilled watchmakers of Kunlun watch design the flawless snowflakes as the blueprint to make gears and gear trains. This beautiful view is reproduced on the wrist On the table.

   The design concept of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is derived from the snowflakes in the winter season. The skilled watchmakers of Kunlun Watch use perfect snowflakes as the blueprint to make gears and gear trains. This beautiful timepiece is reproduced in the watch. on. Like Corum’s own long hollow skeleton movement floating in a barrel-shaped case, it is equipped with a flying tourbillon, showing a magnificent picture of lightness and weightlessness. A closer look, this self-winding CO100 movement, the main board and the bridge are polished by hand sapphire crystal, can see through the structure of the movement 360 degrees, like snow-covered, snowflake-like beauty.

Like Corum’s own long hollow skeleton movement floating in a barrel-shaped case, it is equipped with a flying tourbillon, showing a magnificent picture of lightness and weightlessness.

Kunlun watch’s long mechanical movement has become the symbol of the brand and its watch series ‘Corum Bridges Kunlun Bridge Series’, but also an immortal masterpiece in the watch industry. The CO100 movement with tourbillon mechanism vibrates 21,600 (3 Hz) per hour and has a power reserve of 90 hours. The tourbillon was invented in 1801 to solve the time error caused by the gravity of the watch in different directions, and it is one of the most complicated watchmaking processes in the watch industry. The tourbillon device mounted on the heart of the watch allows the hairspring to be placed in a frame together with the lever and lever wheel, and rotates around its axis.

The new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and comes in three limited-edition options.
The tourbillon device of the new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is placed on the sapphire crystal main board. It is a flying tourbillon without an upper fixing point, and is decorated with a Kunlun key pattern. This beautiful design gives a light and balanced visual effect.

The lightweight and exquisite CO100 movement is one of the smallest time setting systems available. The gear wheel train of the movement is equipped with traditional exquisite ratchet teeth, and each component is fixed by screws on the hand-polished sapphire crystal motherboard and bridge plate, and is mounted on the unique wine of the Kunlun Bridge watch series Inside the barrel case.

The new Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and comes in three limited-edition options: a total of 10 18K red gold case models; a total of 5 18K red gold cases with baguette diamonds; and an 18K red gold case with There are 5 round diamond styles. All models are equipped with two hand-stitched alligator leather straps (one each in black and brown), and 18K red gold triple folding buckle engraved with the Kunlun logo.

Reproducing The Moon’s Face Real Shooting Omega Speedmaster Series ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Apollo 8 Watch

At the 2018 Basel International Watch & Clock Fair, in order to commemorate the successful implementation of the first human circumnavigation on the Apollo 8 mission 50 years ago, Omega launched a new Super Speed ​​series ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Watch. Unlike the “Dark Side of the Moon” watch launched by Omega before, this Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8 watch is equipped with the famous Omega Moonwatch movement, and the movement is also specially treated. Show the surface of the moon.

More than just surface

    The watch uses a 44.25mm monolithic black zirconia ceramic case with a black leather strap. The bright yellow color of the watch also adds sporty vitality to this watch, equipped with the Omega 1869 movement.

   The watch is designed with a black and yellow main strap. The black leather strap is ingeniously filled with yellow rubber. Omega also uses a milling tool to make the strap appear neat and equidistant, with yellow colors looming and very unique.

   The chronograph hands are covered with yellow lacquer, the speed scale and crown are covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating.

   In order to show the movement of the movement, the watch uses a delicate hollow dial, the color of the movement splint is changed to dark black through special treatment, and the movement splint is precisely modified by laser ablation to show the lunar surface feel. Omega ingeniously presents two distinct sides of the moon in the timepiece. The light-colored dial is like the moon that people observe from the earth, and the back shows the ‘dark side of the moon’ only astronauts can observe.

   The back shows the dark side of the moon that only astronauts can see. The movement of this watch is based on the 1861 movement running on the first lunar watch as a prototype. After special treatment and modification, it was named 1869 movement to pay tribute to the first human landing on the moon. ‘WE WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE’ with a transparent caseback (Let’s go to the other side of the moon), from Apollo 8 command cabin pilot The mouth of Jim Lovell.
Summary: Compared with the previous ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ watch, this year’s new style is undoubtedly stronger in technology, and it has a rich mechanical beauty through hollowing out and back penetration. We know that the 1861 movement is Omega’s famous and classic ‘Moon Landing’ movement. This time, Omega’s unique decoration process gives this movement a distinctive lunar surface feature, which is reminiscent of the feat of the 1968 moon landing.

Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial Series Ladies Twelve Constellation Watches

This year, major high-end watch and jewelry brands combined their expertise in the luxury industry to launch many new and magnificent ladies’ watches. Van Cleef & Arpels also launched a twelve constellation ladies watch inspired by Western constellations. These 12 watches all use decorative designs such as carving, carving, glazing and gem setting, each of which is limited to 22 pieces. Of course, each design is different. Van Cleef & Arpels uses different precious materials as Each constellation gives different characteristics to depict 12 unique and exquisite works of art. Although each watch has its own unique design, the 12 watches in general follow the classic design of Van Cleef & Arpels’ extraordinary dial series watches-white gold case, diamond-set bezel It is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement with only hours and minutes display.

Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series VCARO4 / 900 Sagittarius watch

Continuing the tradition of the extraordinary dial series, each of these twelve new watches showcases Van Cleef & Arpels’ unrivalled art deco craftsmanship. First, the watchmaker painted enamel on the dial according to the four attributes of the constellation and decorated it with the texture pattern of the corresponding theme. Next, the watchmaker added decorative patterns carefully carved with platinum, gold or mother-of-pearl to the painted background. Finally, these patterns are set with diamonds and other gems of various colors. The green leaves, white clouds, red flames, and indigo ripples in the dial background correspond to the four attributes of the constellation, namely, the earth, wind, fire, and water phases.

Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial Series VCARO4 / 500 Aquarius Watch

Although each watch has obvious differences, they also meet the basic characteristics of Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series. First of all, the 38 mm case is all made of white gold, which is suitable for women’s wrists. In addition, it is equipped with a sapphire crystal and is fixed to the case with a bezel set with 53 round diamonds. The total diamond weight is not less than 2.5 carats. The satin-finished case back is engraved with the star map of the corresponding constellation, the brand logo and other watch information. In addition, all watches use the same pointer, and the watch has only basic The purpose of the hour and minute hands is to show the fine dial as much as possible; finally, all watches are equipped with a crocodile leather strap and a platinum pin buckle with the same basic color as the dial.

Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial Series VCARO4 / 400 Cancer Watch

We can divide these 12 watches into four groups:

Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series VCARO4 / 100 Aries watch

The first group is the fire sign constellation watch, you can refer to VCARO4 / 100 namely Aries watch. The red lacquered dial is decorated with hand-carved gold, white gold, and mother-of-pearl. On the graphic surface made of gold and white gold, it is set with white or yellow diamonds, with a red strap that is the same as the red dial. With similar designs and colors, there is also the Leo-themed VCARO4 / 500 watch and the Sagittarius-themed VCARO4 / 900 watch.

Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series VCARO4 / 200 Taurus watch

The second group is the earth constellation watches, all of which use green enamel dials, and the leaves are painted on the dial. Each watch uses different material elements for decoration. The Taurus VCARO4 / 200 watch uses lapis lazuli as a decorative element, while the Capricorn VCARO4 / A00 watch and the Virgo VCARO4 / 600 watch use yellow diamond and mother-of-pearl decorative elements, respectively.

Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial Collection VCARO4 / 300 Gemini Watch

The wind direction constellation is the third group. The cloud-like decoration on the dial is carved from mother-of-pearl, and the light blue sealing enamel dial is decorated with white accessories. The Gemini VCARO4 / 300 watch has a white gold star-shaped decoration set with round diamonds. The Aquarius VCARO4 / 500 watch adds a lazuli decoration to the Gemini. The Libra VCARO4 / 700 watch is a star carved in rose gold with diamonds cut in different ways.

Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series VCARO4 / 700 Scorpio watch

The last set of watches with a dark blue enamel dial with a moiré pattern is obviously a water constellation watch. The Pisces VCARO4 / C00 watch is decorated with a rose gold star decoration and set with white and yellow diamonds. . In addition to diamonds, the Scorpio VCARO4 / 700 watch is embedded with an opal stone. The last Cancer VCARO4 / 400 watch features a pink corundum carved into the shape of a crab. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)