A Grand Atmosphere Tasting The Classic Luxury Watches Of Emilion

As a member of the Swiss Watch Association in Geneva, Emilon Watch is headquartered in Geneva, the capital of watches and clocks. In recent years, Amy Long watch adhering to the Swiss watch industry’s exquisite watchmaking technology and meticulous, excellence watchmaking spirit, relying on the company’s deep history and culture for more than 300 years, combined with modern advanced processing technology, continue to introduce new ideas. Amyron’s ‘Contemporary Luxury’ series models are grand and magnificent. The barrel-shaped appearance highlights the noble temperament, retaining Amyron’s unique streamlined wing design, like an eagle soaring with wings, open and domineering! The opening of the connection of the shell belt breaks the dull style of the traditional barrel-shaped watch, and is full of dynamic vitality. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of a classic Emilon contemporary luxury series watch. The official model of the watch is: 08.1138.G.

   The delicate texture of the dial and the barrel-shaped design perfectly blend together, showing the charm of a classical European palace, where the Renaissance civilization and the aristocracy’s grace and luxury meet here, and luxury condenses here. The entire watch exudes the luxury of Geneva’s first-class timepieces, which is stable but not dull, and fashionable but not frivolous. Centennial classics condense here, and contemporary luxury is here!

   This Emilion contemporary luxury 08.1138.G. watch adopts a classic barrel-type watch design with a diameter of 39.4 * 37.2 mm. The watch case and bracelet are all made of stainless steel. The outer ring of the case is designed with a tungsten steel ring, which is not easy to be scratched, and can maintain a beautiful appearance moderately.

   This contemporary luxury series watch, the crown is also made of stainless steel, zigzag design, ensuring that the watch is easy to adjust and save effort. The crown of the watch is engraved with Emilon’s classic time wings logo in Shanghai, which enhances the watch’s recognition.

   The watch bracelet is made of stainless steel, with a classic three-bead chain design. The middle is drawn with a brushed finish, which is beautiful and stylish, and not easy to scratch. The two sides are polished and polished, smooth and bright.

   The watch face uses a classic white radial design with blue steel pointer design to ensure that the watch is simple and clear when reading. The watch features the Emilion Classic Time Wing LOGO and the Emilon name logo at 12 o’clock. The date display window at 3 o’clock is simple and practical.

   The earrings of the Emilon watch are the most representative design of the watch. The curved design of the watch’s lugs and strap connecting parts is slightly curved, like a flying eagle flying in the sky, soaring in the sky, giving Man embodies elegance and vitality.

 The watch is equipped with a fully automatic movement, which is accurate and durable.

In summary: Amy Long’s trademark is a “intertwined” wings of time and wings that symbolize the royal family. All of its lugs are designed with time wings, which is also a very unique and iconic design of Amy Long. The price of this Emilon contemporary luxury series watch introduced today is 11600 yuan.