Are You Referring To The Century-old Brand?

Watches have a long history and have experienced turbulence and change over the years. Among the thousands of watch brands that have been able to develop to this day, there are still a few, and TITONI Swiss plum watch is one of them.

   Did you know that TITONI is one of the few independent family watch companies in Switzerland today? Did you know that TITONI has always focused on the manufacturing of mechanical watches? This century-old watch brand relies on traditional watchmaking technology, modern research and development technology, and keen appreciation to focus on creating the most elegant timepieces.
   2019 is the first hundred years of TITONI Swiss plum watch. On May 9, TITONI held a grand centennial celebration in Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. At the meeting, Mr. Daniel Schluep, the president of TITONI Swiss Tortio, personally made a big announcement: TITONI first introduced the self-developed and original factory-made automatic movement T10, and presented the new 1919 watch Full line configuration in the series.

President Daniel Schluep unveils TITONI’s first homemade movement T10
   Mr. Slop said that this movement was created by the headquarters’ research and development team for 6 years, overcoming numerous difficulties and condensing countless efforts. It is a pioneering tribute to the brand’s century-old history, and it also represents the plum blossom watch to the watchmaking industry An important step.
   ‘Hundred-year-old watch brand’ and ‘Self-produced self-made movement that took six years to launch’ Are you all wondering what surprises the new products launched by TITONI will bring us?
   I. Stronger battery life

   The T10 caliber has a power reserve of up to three days, and its endurance exceeds any one of the movements previously used by Torx. The research and development team simplified the structure of the T10 as much as possible, reduced the number of parts, and used 32 gems to reduce wear and make the movement longer.
   Second, the slimmer movement

   The movement has a diameter of 29.3 mm and a thickness of 4.1 mm, which is thinner than the most commonly used movement of TITONI Swiss Plum. At the same time, the calendar part has also been increased by 10%, making the dial more diversified. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can see the gold-plated automatic engraved with the plum blossom logo and each subtle structure runs smoothly.
   Third, more atmospheric and simple design

TITONI 1919 Swiss watch
   This magnificent debut is simple and elegant in design, the dial is polished and delicate, decorated with a very shiny sunburst texture, there are three colors to choose from: silver white, carbon gray, indigo. The twelve hour markers are refined with diamond cutting technology, and the shape is simple and bright. In addition to the stainless steel strap, the silver white and carbon gray dials can be selected with brown leather straps, showing the elegant gentleman style.

   At 6 o’clock above, the series names are printed in delicate and beautiful fonts. The bright red 1919 characters are dotted on the elegant plate surface, giving people a bright visual experience. For the first time, the watch uses a ‘box’ sapphire glass, which makes the case thinner and fits the wrist.

   Thanks to the new in-house movement, there is more freedom in the design of the watch. Compared with the previous models, the 1919 series has a larger calendar display and a wider transparent cover window, so that everyone can enjoy the exquisite structure and smooth operation of the movement.
   In addition, there is a 100th anniversary model in the new product, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, confirming this important moment. The commemorative dial is carbon gray, with rose gold hands and scales, plus a rotor with 100th anniversary limited edition lettering and limited number, which is extremely collectable. In addition to the stainless steel bracelet, a brown leather strap is also included.
   Fourth, more cost-effective prices
   Among the independent watch brands in Switzerland, very few companies have the ability to develop their own movements and successfully put them into production. Watches with the same price as TITONI and slightly higher prices are rarely equipped with homemade movements. Not only that, TITONI also controls the production scale of the T10 movement, ensuring that the quality of each movement is excellent, giving the wearer the most guaranteed and precious experience.
This series of watches, the public price of steel models: 12,900 RMB; the public price of belt models: 12,800 RMB (limited edition price to be determined). Each 1919 series watch will be equipped with a gorgeous exclusive brown wooden watch box, which will be officially launched in Swiss Plum Watch stores and online authorized stores in June 2019.
   A Centennial Tribute to 1919
   In 1919, Fritz Schluep first established a small watch studio at the foot of the Jurassic Mountains. There he and three employees developed the first timer, named Felco.

Mr. Fritz Schluep
   A year later, Mr. Schluep decided to cross the Swiss border and pursue longer-term success. So the first-generation products were sold to Germany, the United States, and Japan, and successfully opened foreign sales markets.

The first models developed by Fritz Schluep
   In 1952, the company launched a new brand of ‘TITONI plum watch’. ‘Plum Blossom’ is the first of the top ten famous flowers in China. It gives people high-spirited spirits with high cleanliness, strength, and modesty. The new product is called Plum Blossom, which makes it more brand-aware among its target customers in China.
   In 1994, Plum Blossom introduced the Cosmo 3000 fully automatic series with dual time zone display. The streamlined design style is in sharp contrast to the strap, and the asymmetrical arrangement of the internal components exudes a noble and delicate atmosphere.

Torx Automatic Cosmo 3000 Watch
   This year, TITONI Swiss Torch has launched a new 1919 series watch after a century of journey.

TITONI 1919 Swiss watch
   This is not only a tribute to the spirit of ingenuity of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch for 100 years, but also the expectations and vision of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch for the next century. With the TITONI Swiss plum watch entering a new era, this series must be a classic topic in the future. If you are looking for a long-established and cost-effective Swiss watch, TITONI Swiss Plum 1919 series can be your choice.