Best Choice For Time Traveller Montblanc Summit Smart Watch

Montblanc Summit Smart Watch is a smart watch designed by Montblanc for business travellers. This watch is equipped with Android Wear ™ 2.0 operating system and supports connection with Android and Apple iOS systems. Don’t worry. It cannot connect data with your phone. This function also distinguishes it from other smart watches, and also adds convenience to your business contacts and life.

Montblanc Summit Smart Watch

Different strap designs

 The design of the Summit smart watch is inspired by the Montblanc 1858 series mechanical watches. The case is available in stainless steel and titanium alloys. At the same time, the table mirror is made of spherical sapphire glass, and the user’s touch experience during use is smoother than other smart watches. The lugs and the sides of the case are frosted and polished to make the details more elegant. Montblanc has also equipped this series with calfskin straps and rubber straps, which are available in a variety of colors. The rubber strap is more suitable for fitness and outdoor sports, this material can keep the wrist dry and comfortable. The leather strap is more suitable for business meetings or more formal occasions. Users can choose according to different scene switching.

Snapdragon ™ wear2100 processor

 In addition to its impeccable design, the new Montblanc Summit smart watch has partnered with Qualcomm to fully apply the snapdragon ™ wear2100 processor to this smart watch, enhancing the watch’s practicality from its internal configuration. The Snapdragon ™ wear2100 processor has improved the overall performance of this watch to a certain extent, while also extending the battery life of the entire watch. Montblanc Summit has a battery capacity of 350 mAh, which is enough for a day of use. No need to worry about battery drain, it is your reliable companion for business trips and trips.

 As a watch designed for the world’s travellers and business people, I have to mention the world-time display function of the Montblanc Summit watch. When you are in a strange city or country, just lift your wrist and take a look. Knowing the exact time in different places is also the most practical feature for world travelers and business people who often travel to and from airports, abroad.

 Montblanc Summit smart watches are equipped with phone, text message, email and other schedule reminders, so you wo n’t miss important information when you go out to work or travel. The watch’s voice microphone function supports user voice commands, but does not support voice calls. At the same time support Android and Apple iOS system connection, convenient for different user groups. The watch is equipped with the function of WiFi and Bluetooth connection. No matter where the user is, he can rely on this function to connect to the Internet for work and travel. When obtaining information, the user only needs to shake the wrist upwards or downwards, and the information prompt will scroll up and down on the screen. In the case of inconvenience of touching the watch with your hand while driving, etc., the user’s hands are freed to facilitate the user to obtain information.

 Not only that, in order to give users in the Chinese market a better user experience, Montblanc has reached cooperation with China’s most commonly used business, travel, fitness, lifestyle and other popular applications. Among them are Alipay, Keep Fitness, Public Comment, Ctrip Travel, Uber, Didi Express, and other applications that use users in China to have a high coverage. As the first choice of online payment and mobile payment, Alipay has been deeply embedded in people’s lives. When you go out, you only need to reserve a car on your watch and use the Montblanc Smart Summit watch to quickly and easily complete payment. Although Montblanc has set up basic application software for users, it has 4GB of memory space, so you don’t need to worry about its storage space being insufficient.

 The protrusion on the back of the Montblanc Smart Summit is a sensor

 A thoughtful smart watch, in addition to basic call and application software functions, has also made many considerations for the user’s health. On the back of the Montblanc Smart Summit watch, you can see a small protrusion. It is a sensor set on the back of the watch. This sensor also supports heart rate detection, step and motion detection, gyroscope and compass provide watch positioning function, barometer Providing an altitude measurement function and an environmental sensor enable the watch to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment. Automatically adjusting the screen brightness according to the user’s environment not only solves the situation that the watch is too bright or too dark due to environmental changes, but also facilitates the user’s night reading.

Montblanc Smart Summit

Montblanc Smart Summit Watch Gift Box

 It is reported that the Montblanc Smart Summit watch has been sold in China, and has attracted the attention of many watch friends since its launch. For business travellers and those who need to travel for long periods of time, Montblanc Smart Summit watches can provide you with more convenient world time display functions, convenient travel applications and schedule reminders. In addition to the reliable and reliable quality, Montblanc will also provide more intimate after-sales service to save you worry.