Blancpain Received Double Recognition For Its Continued Outstanding Performance

The Chinese market is getting bigger and bigger, and it is becoming more and more complicated. It has become a very effective representative of the rise and fall of the watchmaking industry. Signals are also particularly valuable.
Blancpain is also honored to be the winner of two newly launched awards, which further emphasizes his high reputation in the luxury watchmaking industry.
First, in a secret investigation from March to April 2009, the Blancpain store became the only certified service store among many global luxury brand stores located on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. This survey covered Specialty and retail outlets among all the shops on this famous commercial street.

Another equally fortunate award was that Mr. Jack Liao, Blancpain’s Chinese brand manager, won the ‘Best Sales Professional’ award at the 10th Annual Golden Wheel Awards announced in March this year. This enviable title is regarded as the ‘Oscar Award’ and ‘Nobel Prize’ for China’s luxury goods industry. Mr. Alan Chung, a well-established expert in the wine and food industry, presided over the selection.
Source: Blancpain