Children Are Not Over-aged Citizen Takes You Back To The Youthful Mindset Of ‘inverse Growth’

‘Who stipulates that Children’s Day cannot be passed on by adults? Mature adults are more suitable for ‘June 1st.”
   According to a survey by psychological institutions, 96.6% of white-collar workers between the ages of 20 and 40 stated that they have a lot of pressure to work and hope to find some ways to maintain a young mindset. Psychologists say: ‘Adults’ Day is a way to relieve stress.’ Everyone used to hide behind children and quietly release themselves by spending the day with Children. But now, more adults say, ‘Children’s Day, children have to pass, adults have to pass too.’ Adults in stressful society need to keep innocence.
   On this Children’s Day, Citizen will work with you to find the true heart of your childhood. You seem to have grown up, but you never went far in your childhood. Maybe you are an urban white-collar worker, maybe you are a fashion pioneer, or a freshman who is about to graduate, but no matter who you are, in We should all give ourselves a chance to be a ‘big child’ on this holiday. Because, the more mature the person, the more aware of relaxation, the more important it is to understand the importance of time.

Citizen publishes ‘Older Children’s Illustrated’
Walking towards the light, innocence is not over age
   Innocence is not over-aged, and in mature age, you can still maintain an inexhaustible curiosity and positive energy like a child. Just as Tian Tian, ​​the brand ambassador of the world-renowned watch brand Citizen Greater China, fades the light of the women’s sky group, the energy is not diminishing: cute scissors, selling cute head shots; they will smile when they receive a cute red envelope in the new year, and Socialize with fans like a girl on social networks; work overnight to prepare for a concert, and also use yoga and reading to please yourself in your spare time.
   This over-aged child who can turn each song into a ‘Tian’s Love Song’, tells us in actual action that the innocence of mature age is not nostalgia looking backwards, not talking about entertainment and selling, but a kind of more A testable, stable young mindset. Although life has accumulated trivial things, it is still like a child who cares for the warmth and beauty of the vast areas of life and walks towards the light.
The heart of the child, not forgetting the true
   Time brings growth, from naive to mature, from panic to calm, from cramped to calm. However, growth is not to replace some with others, but to teach us that seemingly conflicting things can coexist, such as stability and activity, such as maturity and innocence, such as the heart of a child who has remained in the years of growth.
   ‘Because of our faith, we are constantly pursuing technology and beauty, and we have always maintained a leading position in the industry. Citizen’s leadership is not only our watchmaking technology, but also the enthusiasm and belief we have poured into watches.’ The 40th anniversary of the birth of Citizen Eco-Drive Technology has always held the heart of a child, and has pursued purely and firmly the pursuit of more advanced technology, more sophisticated craftsmanship and more beautiful design. With more than 80 years of development and innovation, Citizen has created a lot of ‘world firsts’ and ‘world firsts’, but Citizen has not stopped moving forward because of this. In the future, there will still be a vast territory waiting for Citizen, an ‘overage child’ ‘Go open.
   On this Children’s Day, Citizen released the ‘Older Children’s Illustrated’, which awakens the innocence of over-aged children in a serious and funny way. While the older children mature and calmly measure their distance from their dreams, they remain innocent and passionate. At the same time, Citizen also initiated the topic of # 超 岁 儿童 dig 机 # on social networks, and netizens relayed the funny stories of the children around them. Citizen tells us that even if life is ordinary and boring, we must always keep innocence. Because of maturity, in the world of adults, time is changing and time is unchanged, but innocence is always ‘not over’. Because it is more mature, it is more childlike. Because of Better Starts Now, you are not over-aged.