Chopard Happy Sport Xl Fresh Color Series

Over the past 20 years, Happy Sport has always required bold and innovative design styles and fashion trends. As the new generation in this series, Happy Sport XL is more stylish and innovative. However, the essence of the Happy Sport collection is also retained: the chic and elegant look shines with the prestigious streamlined diamonds.
   With an impressive 44 mm diameter, this trendy and colorful monochrome watch is inspired by the colors of seawater and aquatic life: coral red, lake blue or light gray green. The summer breeze gently blows through the colorful Happy Sport XL, presenting a carefree holiday mood.
   Watching the dial at a close distance will indulge in a world of oceans. Because of its extreme reality, it will show amazing underwater visual effects, making people feel as if they are holding their breath in the depths of the waves and staring at the glittering sun on the sea.
   In order to enhance the clear and refreshing visual effect, the smallest details of this watch are all designed in monochrome: the steel bezel, pearl-coated dial, rhodium wire hands and rubber straps are all the same color.
   Like dazzling sunlight, the rotatable diamond highlights the leisurely appeal of these vibrant Happy Sport with its bright and charming charm, which makes the classic device more brilliant, flawless, and also injects into daily life. Bright and gorgeous, fun and interesting style.