Citizen Air Eagle-black Eagle Jy0005-50e Open Box

A few days ago, a big watch and clock B2C mall in the United States had a big promotion. It was originally just a casual turn, but accidentally watched the black hawk in this Citizen’s air eagle. The reason for buying it is very simple. The first is that Breitling, which I originally planned to turn around, really couldn’t afford it, just to take a look. The second is the high discount. The original price of 699 yuan table promotion only sells 320 yuan. The third is that the color and appearance are really coquettish.

PS: The lessons of blood educate everyone, do n’t worry about what you save money, it’s worth buying, it’s worth buying thousands of dollars a month.

 I placed the order on August 5th. The US express took two weeks to deliver. This is to say that any X pass in China can kill the US express for several streets. Then the most clever thing happened. My friend happened to be back on August 24, so I did n’t start the watch within a month through any purchasing or transshipment.

 All things, a particularly thick manual, warranty card (one year international warranty in China), a CD (no optical drive at home, I don’t know what it is).

 After opening the box, the watch was right in front of me, which fully met my expectations and was very satisfied. Because I like black, and black is only stainless steel, so I ca n’t choose. For those who like silver, I recommend the titanium strap.

 I did n’t go to the studio to take a photo, it’s still very beautiful. Since this is a US version of the watch, it is not listed in the country, so there are very few high-definition real pictures on the Internet. Hope that can help you.

 In the other direction, because the watch is an aviation watch, the dial is very complicated, but I’m still young and I think it’s fine. Of course, the design of this dial is also the main reason I bought this watch.

 The dial with a macro shot. This is the small dial of Greenwich standard time. The left side is the battery level display. This is a parallel import. It is a three-station radio wave that can receive radio waves from Japan, Europe, and the United States. Not found. However, I live in Beijing and can easily receive Japanese radio waves, so it has no effect on my normal use.

24-hour dial.

The main display can display a set of time, select local time or Greenwich time, or display calendar timing and other functions.

 Function selection dial, in fact, the function of this watch is still commonly used after all, common alarm clocks, timers are available, very convenient to use in everyday cities. It is also very useful for business trips because it can display the time of the two places at the same time.

BJS is the meaning of Beijing time, the watch is 200 meters waterproof.

 The American version of the watch has an aviation dial, which is used to calculate flight time and remaining fuel. This dial is not on the National Bank’s watch.
As an aviation watch, if I do n’t have this, it’s no different from a Casio, so I firmly resist the National Bank.

 Finally, come to a close-up of the strap. I wear the steel strap quite comfortably, but if you don’t like black, I strongly recommend you to choose a titanium silver strap.

 This is the end of a simple preliminary unboxing. If you want to buy after reading this article, then I think I won. Finally, I said that this watch has gone up to 50 US dollars. Good luck everyone!

PS: There are purchasing agents on Taobao, but it is said that the strap will be replaced with a fake one. Please be careful.