Citizen Super Eagle Deluxe Edition Shakes The World Debut

In the early autumn of 2010, Citizen launched a new high-end watch & mdash; & mdash; Super Air Eagle Deluxe Edition BY0029-54E. As a new member of the Citizen Super Air Eagle series, this watch is also specially designed for high-end people who often travel internationally. The precise time of movement will freeze the art of luxury on the wrist, and the noble temperament will be permeated with your hands.
BY0029-54E has a deep and tough pure black strap and dial, which exudes an elegant and elegant king style in a restrained and low-key manner, highlighting the capable nature; the rose gold bezel and hands, which shine brightly against the dial and case, inadvertently It reveals pleasing and luxurious fashion, and the occasional glory, the brilliance hidden in the cuffs makes the wearer show noble taste. The case and strap are made of ultra-lightweight aerospace material titanium alloy, which adds a dynamic breath to the watch, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of metal allergies, greatly increasing the comfort of wearing; the surface is covered with DLC anti-wear carbon film Make it more wear-resistant, less prone to scratches, ensure that the watch’s luster is long-lasting, beautiful, and time-honored, giving the watch a permanent appeal
The Citizen Super Sky Eagle Luxury Edition watch BY0029-54E uses a light kinetic energy radio wave movement. As long as there is light, there is energy. As long as it can receive the radio wave signal, there will be no error. Demonstrated a sense of grandeur and confidence. This watch can receive standard time radio signals from China, the United States, Europe, and Japan and automatically correct the time. At the same time, it has 26 world cities and UTC time display. The wearer only needs to rotate the city name dial to select the city, and the hands will instantly switch Local time to the selected city. In addition, BY0029-54E also has multiple humanized functions such as a perpetual calendar, anti-magnetic shockproof, pointer correction, and light kinetic energy saving. The ubiquitous dignity and joy make every wearer feel the extraordinary experience brought by BY0029-54E luxury watch anytime, anywhere.