Commemorative Swiss Patrol Iwc Launches Commemorative Watch Iw377805

According to the Home of Watches, the famous watch brand IWC from Switzerland has launched a watch with special significance-IW377805 to pay tribute to the Swiss patrol flying team.

 IWC is inextricably linked to flight. In the early days of human flight, wristwatches designed for flight were very rare, so most pilots had to fly with pocket watches. Since then the brand has never stopped soaring in the blue sky.

 The introduction of a special watch this time to pay tribute to the Swiss patrol flying team also fully reflects the brand’s strong support for the aviation cause. The ‘French Patrol’ flight team was formally established in 1931 as an aerobatic flight show, a symbol of human imagination and creation of the blue sky. Most advanced countries in the world have one or more aerobatic flight demonstration teams, driving their high-performance fighters, and engaging in difficult and thrilling flight shows to show their strengths. Aerobatic flight demonstration teams are special flying units. They are generally not responsible for combat tasks, but are equipped with the most advanced aircraft and are piloted by the best pilots. Year, is one of the world’s top five aerobatic demonstration teams.

 The limited edition of the Swiss Patrol Commemorative Chronograph launched by IWC is limited to 250 pieces. Linus Fuchs, CEO of IWC, said that our pilots and the Swiss Patrol Flying Team represent the purest Swiss-made products. We share common values. The great passion for flying prompted us to design such a special watch for our best pilots.

 IW377805 uses a special case material to resist the influence of magnetic fields on the watch, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass also makes it comfortable to read at home. The diameter of the watch is 46 mm, continuing the bold style of IWC. The overall waterproof depth is 60 meters, equipped with a 79230 automatic winding movement, and a power reserve of 44 hours.

 In design, the watch uses many elements of the flight cockpit, the layout of the dial is very clear, and the numbers are also enlarged accordingly. The hands and scales are covered with fluorescent materials. The date display window borrows from the shape of the altimeter. The second hand, small second dial hand and the triangular array of tips next to the date window are painted red, which is simple and eye-catching. The ten o’clock position is a push-button double-second push-button.

 The most special feature is that the Northrop F-5E Tiger II aircraft is engraved on the back of the IW377805, and the words TRIBUTE TO PATROUILLE SUISSE are also attached, in order to pay tribute to the Swiss patrols. The watches were first sold in Swiss boutiques in May and will be arriving elsewhere.