Earl Counts Together With Gong Li For The Perfect Curtain Call Shanghai International Film Festival

At the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival awards ceremony, Gong Li, Piaget’s ambassador and chairman of the jury, awarded the Golden Jazz Trophy to the Greek director Pandres Foggries who directed ‘Little England’.
 Shanghai, June 22, 2014-The nine-day 17th Shanghai International Film Festival came to an end. Gong Li, the first female jury chairman of the ‘Golden Jubilee Award’ and the Piaget brand ambassador Piaget, led the film festival jury and awarded 8 awards to the award-winning films and filmmakers respectively. In the end, the Greek film Little England won three awards for best film, best director and best actress. Gong Li personally awarded the Golden Jazz Trophy to director Pandelis Fergulies. Count Piaget accompanied Gong Li throughout the entire journey and passed through this arduous but fulfilling time.

 That night, accompanied by Gong Li on the red carpet at the closing ceremony were Piaget’s bright Huashang series of high-quality jewelry and watches, and Piaget Rose series of rings. Dazzling diamonds shine in the night sky, where the light shines like flowing light and shadow. Gong Li, who wore a dark golden dress, was dazzled by Piaget’s high jewelry and watches. The Piaget jewellery giants are constantly pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship, creating beautiful works, so that the brilliance of this outstanding film superstar, set a dazzling and beautiful eternal memory.

 Before the closing ceremony, Gong Li carefully selected the jewellery and watches to be worn on the day of her attendance, and her expression of focus was no less than that of selected film scripts-it was this spirit of concentration that allowed her to perfectly position and express her role and interpretation Create a sensual, vivid screen image.
 As one of the most influential Chinese female actors in the world, Gong Li has won numerous crowns. She is the most moving silhouette of every movie event: At the beginning of the year, Gong Li was invited to attend the American Independent Spirit Awards as the guest of honor; she recently brought her new work ‘Return’ to the Cannes International Film Festival and won rave reviews; and this As the chairman of the jury, she is in charge of the ‘Golden Medal Award’, which is her important task and the highest honor. Gong Li said at the festival’s closing ceremony: ‘Yesterday we spent 5 hours discussing the ownership of the awards. It was an unforgettable journey for all of our judges. During the festival, many people asked our judges as a film People, what does a film festival mean to you? To me, a successful film festival does not use money to measure the value of a movie. We have no confusion at the box office and no influence from public opinion. I I fully felt the respect and equality of the filmmakers. ‘More than a week of intensive meetings, viewings, discussions and the final determination of the awards were the final interpretation of Gong Li’s artistic attitude of perfection and rigorous persistence. ‘Always do better than required’ brand spirit complements each other.
 The film has too many common memories and testimonies to Piaget. A group of highly skilled and experienced watch and jewelry masters in the Piaget workshop of Piaget combine traditional skills and bold design to craft these unique masterpieces. The creative process is like brewing an unforgettable film, highlighting the artist The ultimate pursuit of ideals. Count Piaget, who has always adhered to the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’, has been praising the world’s major movie events for many years, from the American Film Independent Spirit Award, the Hong Kong Film Awards to the Taiwan Film Golden Horse. Awards have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of contemporary film art.