Excellent Jacques Dro Reinterprets The Moon Phase Series Watch

Jaquet Droz reinterprets The Éclipse series with an outstanding aesthetic technique, perfectly combining simple and pure neat style with noble and elegant watchmaking technology. Whether it is a blue aventurine or a silver opal, this complication watch embodies the mysteries of astral movement and time.

  When the moon’s orbit and the sun’s orbit merge into one, this is a rare and precious time, and it is also a magical moment when everything can happen. Lunar eclipse is not only a spectacle of chanting and singing by artists, but also a phenomenon that fascinates astronomers. The astronomical feast presented by the Planetarium shows the passage of time and the measurement of space, leading viewers to relive the birth of watchmaking and to trace the origin of geography.

  Jacques Drogh was born in the Encyclopedia’s prevalent era of enlightenment. However, since the advent of Jacques Dro, the double star has always faithfully followed the poetic design of the 17th century, witnessed by the watchmaking craftsmanship and unique elegance that is unique Different ideas. La Chaux-de-Fonds’ Jacques de Déaux watchmaking workshop launched the Éclipse series in 2010. This outstanding series will be re-launched this year, presenting two new wristwatches with simple and clean appearance Table: 39 mm inlaid aventurine model and 43 mm silver opal model.

  The two new works interpret the brand philosophy in two ways, and achieve a perfect balance between the lines with subversive aesthetics: vivid and delicate pointed hands and serpentine hands, a harmonious display of Roman numerals, and the seven surrounding the moon. Stars. The eight shining planets, including the moon, shine on the dial, and ‘eight’ is Jacques Dro’s signature number. The watch uses the charming smiley face to represent the moon that symbolizes the night, which appears and disappears on the dial as the look changes.

  The two new moon phase watches are simple and pure in appearance, but inside contain extremely sophisticated functions. In addition to the moon phase display function, it also has the function of displaying the day, month and date. The timepiece is equipped with a silicon balance spring. From the case back, you can admire the new skeleton rotor and Geneva stripes. The flat bridge is rhodium-plated and all the movement components are engraved. The two moon phase watches are beautifully poetic and show a grand and extraordinary temperament. The 39 mm model is equipped with a stainless steel case and the bezel is set with 176 brilliant-cut diamonds. The new work perfectly combines the darkness of the night with the light of the day with a unique ingenuity. It sets an example of watchmaking craftsmanship in an ingenious way, displaying the day and night time with accurate travel time within minutes.

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