G-shock Summer Bright White Vs Splashing Ink New Colors To Accompany You To Play A Cool Summer

G-SHOCK launched a new design of refreshing bright white and cool splashing ink this summer. It adopts the popular large-diameter GA-110 / GA-201 / GW-8900 and classic 5600 series models to easily create summer vitality. Cool street style!
G-SHOCK summer bright white series image photo

G-SHOCK SLASH Ink Splash Series Image Photo

Summer bright white series
   G-SHOCK newly launched the 2015 summer bright white series, using the super popular pointer digital dual display GA-110, multi-level GA-201, large table diameter GW-8900 and classic 5600 series models, with a refreshing white series with eye-catching blue x Red jump color design on the dial and hands, creating a new idea for bright summer! The entire series has many functions such as impact-resistant structure, 200 meters water resistance, chronograph, countdown, etc. Among them, GW-8900 and GW-M5610 have powerful radio wave receiving functions, providing cool street fashion and new functions.




SLASH splash ink series
   The super-popular large-diameter GA-110 and classic 5600 series models are used. With detailed and comprehensive printing technology, the sharp ink-splattered lines are perfectly presented on the strap and the case, showing the cool street charm! Equipped with shock-resistant structure, 200 meters water resistance, chronograph, countdown and other functions.