If You Have To Be An Uncle, Let Me Be Kimura Takuya

When it comes to Kimura Takuya, I think many people must have heard his name even if they don’t know him. He was named ‘Japan’s Most Popular Artist’, and the current influence of traffic stars is less than half of his. He led the Japanese fashion trend. When he had long hair, men all over Japan had long hair. When he had short hair, every barber shop on the street would be full. He chose to get married and have children when the acting scene was the hottest. Ten years later, his second daughter debuted in the entertainment industry, and his name was mentioned again. What kind of charm does he have, after so many years of fire can still bring so much topicality?

Kimura Takuya
 Kimura Takuya was recently hotly debated about a certain fashion advertisement that he collaborated with Chinese singer Dou Jingtong. This seemingly ‘cross-dimensional’ partner is not inconsistent. He looks like a man in his forties in a subway scene.

 Behind the scenes of advertising shooting

Prior to this, Kimura also collaborated with Dou Jingtong’s mother, Faye Wong

 He debuted early and joined the group SMAP as a teenager. Every time this song is released, the song ranks first, and the life of the song is still long, from 1988 to 2016. When I decided to write about him, I would also make up for the TV series starring him and listen to the songs of his group. ‘The only flower in the world’, this song was said to be ‘the second national anthem of Japan’ by the comment section, it can be said that almost all Japanese sang. It can be seen how powerful they are. This song has a lyrics that I particularly like ‘No matter whether the flowers are large or small, as different individuals, there is no repetition, it doesn’t matter if you don’t be the first, it is unique.’

Kimura Takuya when young (short hair style)

Kimura Takuya in his youth (long hair style)

 In the TV series starring him, my favorite currently is a ‘Long Holiday’ which aired in 1996 with Tomoko Yamaguchi. When I watched this TV show, I was in the middle of a deer. How could anyone be so green and handsome? He and Tomoko Yamaguchi in the play you come and go, from unfamiliar to secret love to brave pursuit of love, in fact, all love stories are bound to fall into the cliche.

TV series ‘Long Holiday’ poster

 But the extremely natural interpretation between the male and female starring made the audience believe that Kimura is the less mature and somewhat inferior conservatory graduate Lai Minxiujun. The TV series achieved a good score of 36.7% at the finale. It even caused the upsurge of young Japanese to learn piano.

In the TV series ‘Long Holiday’, Kimura Takuya’s performance is still slightly green

Co-starring with Matsu Takako in the TV series ‘Love Century’

In the TV series ‘Love Century’, Takuya Kimura wore a Rolex Explorer series 114270-78690 watch

In another photo we saw the trace of this explorer

 He was the first male star in Japanese history to film a female lipstick advertisement. His lipstick advertisement was sold out as soon as it was launched. The Rolex Explorer watch he wore in a TV series became the most popular watch in Japan. One; each of his advertisements, endorsements and even personal belongings will set off a new trend in Japan.

Kimura Takuya wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506-78596 ice blue dial brown chronograph bezel watch

Kimura Takuya participated in the lipstick advertisement

 Later, he starred in many movies and TV series, and also participated in many Japanese variety shows. What makes people startled and surprised is that he is willing to greatly change his traditional handsome style in variety shows. As long as the cross-talk and hilarity can make the audience feel really happy when watching, he has made many attempts. Some people say that he is probably the most repetitive of Japanese male celebrities. This is almost impossible for a ‘high above’ celebrity.

Kimura and Uncle Yu (left: Akashi’s saury wears a Richard Mill watch)

 He does this because of his sense of responsibility to the audience and fans. He said that in fact, we must recognize that there are people better than ourselves, and we must soberly accept and recognize this in order to stimulate our progress. Even though he is 46 years old this year, he continues to try new things.

Kimura wears a Casio Edifice watch

 For example, when Weibo was launched in China, there must be opportunities in the beginning of Weibo. Attend the Shanghai event as the brand spokesperson for Casio, and greeted the Chinese friends who registered on Weibo at the time. On the first day, more than 100,000 viewers followed him. At this time, the voice of opposition came to mind again-‘come to China to make money’, ‘we must open Weibo just to make money, this is the routine’ …

Kimura Takuya participated in the Casio watch advertisement

 What I didn’t expect was that we Kimura Takuya did not hesitate to voice these doubts, and began to concentrate on becoming a ‘Japanese blogger.’ Almost every day, he would share his daily life on Weibo. He would send out facial treatments, went to the gym, my sunglasses are so beautiful, etc.

Kimura Takuya’s latest share (really a diligent Japanese blogger)

 He did not put himself on a sacred and inviolable level. He knew that his profession was an entertainer, but he would also be happy, troubled, and happy, and he would never hide it. Speaking of which, many people have to say again, does he not have a black spot? Perhaps the most controversial issue in his acting career was the announcement that he married two-year-old Japanese singer Shizuka at a concert in 2000.

He announced at the concert that he was getting married.

 This is almost impossible now, when he was an idol in Japan at the time, and his acting career was going uphill. At this juncture, the marriage was announced, and she was still a female singer who was not popular with Japanese girls. The consequences can be imagined. Consider that Andy Lau only announced her partner’s existence after many years of hidden marriage, so he said that his behavior at that time was ‘do not cherish fans, hurt’ fans.

 Later, his two daughters were born one after the other. His second daughter, Kimura Kimi, has also made his debut as a model. Once he debuted, he won the cooperation of luxury brands such as Chanel and Bulgari. Someone once interviewed Kimura. He did n’t support the second daughter’s debut. He said “I do n’t want to, but let her go if she has the will”.

Kimura Kimi appears in Chanel commercials

Kimura Kimi

 How do you comment on him? He has been in his debut for almost thirty years. After passing through the stage of standing and not being confused, he has become more and more transparent. From boy to man, from national boyfriend to a family husband and father, he will Every identity on the body is well done. I see a lot of fans who have chased him since he was young. They comment on him like this—beginning with value and loyalty. He doesn’t have ‘people’, but stands in the hearts of every fan.

Kimura Takuya: ‘Do what you can do’

‘I like that he won’t change because he went to marry a female star who is not popular with Japanese girls, anyway, he will never be mine.’ -Chen Qizhen, ‘I like Kimura Takuya’

 I think even if he has become an uncle, even if he can’t be as handsome as before, he will still be in our minds, the quietness of playing a happy birthday song in front of the piano for you juvenile.