Inspirational Masterpiece Stunning Dedication The Public Voting Of The First Professional Watchmaker’s Watch Design Competition Of Swiss Mido Entered The Countdown Phase

Buildings are both space and time coordinates. Since ancient times, buildings have converged in space and time. The Mido watch transforms the space dimension of the building, falls on the wrist, explains the philosophical value of time, and proves eternity with inspiration. Swiss Mido World’s first professional watchmaker’s watch design competition was officially launched in March 2015. On July 30 this year, the three design works presented by the three professional watchmakers finally unveiled the mystery and spread the world, and the voting activity was also launched on the official website of Mido. The channel for public voting on September 30th officially ended, and the winning works will not only be put into mass production, but also officially appear at the Basel 2016. Ultimately, which piece will stand out is up to each watch enthusiast.
   Three professional watchmakers Eric Giroud, Sébastien Perret, and Lorenzo Vallone have devoted themselves to research and conception for nearly half a year. I presented the final work of this competition, paying the highest tribute to Mido and the classic architectural Big Ben.
Entries for Eric Giroud
   Eric Grioud, a well-known Swiss watch designer and architectural designer, as a music lover, contemporary art collector and architect, his multiple identities have made him integrate art and culture. This competition broke through the ideological barrier and brought an extreme Stunning work with architectural visual effects.

   Eric Giroud divided the game into three stages. In the first stage, I visited Big Ben in the field, devoted myself to the theme of the real scene, and experienced the magnificent building at a close range. In the second stage, by analyzing the visual elements graphically, you can understand the essence, inspiration and roots of Big Ben and its history, and draw elements and symbols applied to watch design from it. In the third stage, entering the design stage, with years of architectural experience, Eric Grioud cleverly uses light and shadow to choose the strongest visual characteristics to create the most shocking effect with the least lines. The case of the work is square and breaks the traditional style of Mido watches. Based on the bronze material used in the watch section of Big Ben, the horizontal and vertical lines echo the columns of the building’s facade. The rose window on the back of the case draws the center of the building. The gorgeous appearance of the rose window reinterprets the building in a different way.

Entries for Sébastien Perret
   The work of Sébastien Perret, the founder of the Etude de Style design agency and the master of jewellery inlay in Neuchatel, Switzerland, is a wonderful thing in the ingenious fusion of square and circle. He put the building in different dimensions, and deliberately explored the layer-by-layer design of the building, from the inside to the outside, to appreciate, from the complex and exquisite details of the building, to the elaboration of the geometric structure and decorative materials, using this as a starting point to explore different elements. , Seize the silhouette and outline of the building, penetrate into small details, and build and create the ‘Big Ben’ watch.

   Sébastien Perret does not superficially cleverly replicate geometric buildings, blending different architectural elements with each other. The watch balances the minimalistic appearance with rich details, which is in line with the beautiful design style. The cutout design on the side of the case is taken from the Gothic flower window on the top of the building. A round perspective window is set in the rectangular case on the back, and the square and the circle blend with each other. The dial scale numbers are uniquely presented in three dimensions, and the vertical pattern of the strap echoes the architectural texture, accurately interpreting the architectural style of Big Ben.

For the contest Lorenzo Vallone
   Italian designer Lorenzo Vallone, an art director and a university professor, also keenly captured Big Ben’s clever use of circles and squares, but with a unique design concept, he gave two forms of strong contrast to another form of presentation . In this design competition, he started with the visual characteristics of neo-Gothic architecture and analyzed all the details of Big Ben, including the structure of the building and the decoration of the interior and exterior of the building, to get inspiration. The most inspiring part is the interlacing between the circular clock face and the vertical straight square structure of the tower building. From this, draw a lot of drawings, try to combine the square and the circle organically, drop the invisible into the tangible, and finally design the cylinder The structure of the body, and its dimensions and details are made by making 3D solid models.

   Lorenzo Vallone incorporates a round dial into a square design, just like the rectangular bezel outside the Big Ben dial, with typical neo-Gothic decorative patterns and carved textures on the crown and bottom of the case, incorporating architectural elements into the design. The linear design of the strap is inspired by the vertical center column of Big Ben. The special structure also enhances the practicality of the watch. The height of the Big Ben is 96 meters, so the thickness of the watch is also set to 9.6 mm. The work seeks a balance between the majestic clock body that pierces the sky and the graceful arc face of the Big Ben, and fuses these two characteristics to create harmony in the opposition of straight lines and curves, which contains the original flavor The style of Big Ben seems to span time and space and pay tribute to history.

   The same classic building inspired different inspirations for the designer, which led to the creation of three outstanding works with different styles. At present, the voting activity has officially entered the countdown stage. In the end, which works can fall on the wrist, the right lies in the hands of everyone who loves watches. Mido kindly invites watch lovers to participate in the voting, and will log on Mido’s official website to select their ‘Big Ben’ watch before September 30. Voters participating in this selection contest will have the opportunity to get two people to experience London’s Big Ben, the source of design inspiration, or one of the first designer watches.
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