Interpretation Of Mechanical Beauty And Appreciation Of Audemars Piguet Mille Series Hollow Watch

The beauty of mechanical watches depends on the original intention of their design. They can often be classified into different categories. Some brands like the creation of picturesque moods. Some brands are good at simplicity and pragmatism, and some brands are Advocating the mysterious power of mechanical origin. A fine watchmaking factory in the Jura Valley, Switzerland, for the past 140 years, by virtue of skilled craftsmanship and ingenious mechanical structure design, has left us a valuable heritage of watchmaking art. In 2016, this fine watchmaker brought brand new timepieces in a hollowed out way to showcase the scientific concepts and art of craftsmanship contained in machinery. Audemars Piguet series skeleton watch, model 15352OR.OO.D093CR.01.

    We like to be unique and different, so we are impressed by the rare oval watch. Perhaps this is one of the first successes of the Audemars Piguet series. However, it is not for the public’s favor. This series became an important member of the hall of fine watchmaking. This year, Audemars Piguet made a breakthrough in this regard, and shifted its focus to the other side of complex technology-hollowing out. Hollowing is not difficult. The hard part is how to make it delicate, beautiful, safe and reliable. Most of us have probably seen skeletonized watches, but few can really be pleasing.

Audemars Piguet Skeleton Watch

    Compared to Audemars Piguet’s most famous series of Royal Oak, although the millennium is also representative of the brand, it is more traditional, which is often easy to accept, but also easy to sink. Audemars Piguet has a lot of traditional watches, so the millennial needs to be a little different, so Audemars Piguet placed the balance wheel on the dial side, no one thought that because of such a feature, the millennial series has been popular until now. This new watch, based on the original watch movement, is deeply hollowed out and hand-decorated, which actually weakens the functional properties of the time indicator and highlights the ingenuity and three-dimensionality of the watch’s mechanical structure.

18K Red Gold Case

    Of course, the clear reading of the time is still the primary functional element of the watch. For this reason, Audemars Piguet uses red gold to manufacture the hour hand and hour scale, and the surface is polished. At different angles, the visual impact of the staggered shadows not only allows the time to be displayed correctly, but also forms two completely different visual interface effects, which attracts you to appreciate every detail of the watch from multiple angles.

Brushed and polished case surface

    The design of the Millennium series is unique, but what is impressive is often its layout of the movement and dial, and the traditional case shape is not as rigid and concise as its movement. The case is still traditional, including the upper bezel, middle case and bottom cover. The line elements are relatively full, showing a kind of weight and stability.

Alligator leather strap

    Due to its clear positioning, the Millennium series often uses leather or other soft straps. This watch uses a black alligator strap and a red gold folding buckle. Alligator leather is characterized by its softness, and its special texture is very suitable for the expression of style.

13 mm case thickness

    In view of the outstanding 3D design movement, although the watch does not have extraordinary complex functions, it still takes up a lot of space, making the watch’s overall thickness reach 13 mm.

Delicate and delicate dial front

    Unlike the millennial watch introduced in previous years, this new work has a high degree of skeletonization, which enables a more intuitive examination of each part of the purely mechanical structure, which will be very attractive for mechanical enthusiasts, I would like to respond to this, as well as the requirements of the decorative aesthetics of the structure, to make the charm of the watch even higher.

Escapement system

    One of the most attractive points of the Millennium series must be the extra prominent balance spring structure. This has become the iconic design of the series, but also more perfect than those who like to open the window display. At the same time, high-precision weight fine-tuning balance wheel, diamond polished plywood chamfering and cardless hairspring structure symbolizing Haute Horlogerie make people fully appreciate Airbnb’s respect for details.

Transparent bottom cover

    I have been emphasizing its three-dimensional structure and mechanical structure before. However, through the dial side, only a small part can be appreciated. For the true charm, you need to flip over the watch and look at every detail on the back of the movement. Many movements often do not have sufficient thickness to carry the three-dimensional effect, even if hollowed out, this Cal.4105 movement uses a two-way automatic winding structure. The watch factory has hollowed out each of these plywoods, and at the same time the edges Use more curves to make the overall structure look like a gallery waist. Some people say that it has a strong architectural aesthetic. I think this is not without reason.

Pin buckle

    For watches, according to the current level of processing, the difference between buckles is not so great, but the different styles used, the feeling of wearing will be different. The pin buckle has always been said to be the best style. I think it should be like this for a formal watch. This watch uses a folding buckle. The pin-type method of adjusting the effective length of the strap is also good. select.

Summary: Hollow has already become a complicated craft in early timepieces. It requires not only the scope and position of hollow, but also more decoration to make the hollow movement look exquisite. Audemars Piguet has used hollow-out technology in pocket watches since the first half of the last century, and it has gradually been applied to watches. Today, Audemars Piguet uses hollow-out technology in many important series to show pure mechanical skinny beauty.