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Come and enjoy the best watches in the history of IWC Schaffhausen! The new Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch, with its complicated and charming craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty, is the birth of this watch that has made IWC a world-class watch manufacturer. In the 140-year rich history of IWC, I have never seen a watch that covered so many complicated astronomical astrology display functions and many advanced watchmaking technologies. This watch is designed for advanced customization. IWC claims to have more than 200 customized solutions. What are you waiting for?

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A masterpiece as delicate and complex as a Sidrale Scafusia watch takes time not only to learn slowly, but also to pay attention to every detail of it. Let’s start at 9 o’clock on this tourbillon with a charming look.

Now, maybe you would think, ‘Tourbillon, is really great. Nowadays, every rigorous and dedicated watch manufacturer will add at least one or two models to their product series, right? ‘Yes, but what makes this tourbillon different is that it uses a constant force device. This new device guarantees the accuracy of the watch and can last at least 48 hours. In the constant force module, the second hand jumps once every second, after which the transmission switches to normal mode, which means it will advance at a rate of 1/5 second.

The tourbillon casing and upper part are hand-made from titanium, while the rhodium-plated escape wheel and nickel-silver stationary wheel plywood are painstakingly cut by hand. Obviously, IWC expects you (and perhaps your friends who envy you) to spend your time willingly watching this delightful and constantly rotating ‘vortex’ and other finely crafted, second-to-none surface details.
However, the constant tourbillon is just one of the many interesting elements on the clear, fine Portuguese watch dial. For example, the unusual sub-dial at 12 o’clock shows ‘Stellar Time’. So what is ‘stellar time’? It is a 24-hour timekeeping system used by astronomers. ‘Stellar day’ is the time it takes for a star to cross the same meridian twice, and according to IWC, the star time displayed on their watch is only 11.5 seconds per year from the actual star time. Maybe you won’t use this feature, but it is indeed a good selling point, and it fits perfectly with the theme of astronomy.

Finally, there are power reserve indicators at the 4 and 5 o’clock positions on the dial. When the winding is complete, the power reserve is an amazing 90+ hours (96 hours, to be exact). Of course, it is necessary to mention that the dial shows ‘Sun Time’, which is fair to say that this is probably the most important function on the front dial.
Our space adventure has not ended. Easily flip the Sidrale Scafusia watch to the reverse and you will find a surprise. The back of the watch is as interesting as the front, and perhaps even better.

The first place to grab your eye is the beautifully designed horoscope, as if standing at a specific place on earth, it shows us the stars in the night sky. What’s even more pleasing is that this astrological chart will be calculated and displayed according to customer requirements, which shows that two identical watches may not appear exactly. The information displayed on the astrology chart is extraordinary, including solar time, stellar time, sunrise and sunset, you may wish to visit IWC’s webpage to explore each function.

万 A perpetual calendar that surrounds the astrological chart. It displays the number of days in each year as a two-digit disk, including the leap year display. In addition to its display position (perhaps less legible), its practical value is also limited, and some people think that this is a slightly more complicated way to display the date.
As mentioned earlier, such a high-level timepiece with complicated technology takes time to understand slowly, but also needs to pay more attention to every detail of it. Not only must we understand how to appreciate its mysterious complexity, but we must also carefully study the numerous Display function.
Customize your personal exclusive
As part of a special service, IWC offers you many different options to customize this Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch. Including the choice of case materials, the five colors of the dial, the color and material of the strap, there are more than 200 different design options. According to IWC, they are very pleased and proud to be able to provide such exclusive services.

The case is made of precious metals such as titanium, 18K white gold or 18K red gold, while the strap is made of high-quality crocodile or horse leather.

葡萄牙 This Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch will be presented to its new owner in a top-level gift box, which includes a removable small box wrapped in crocodile leather for safe storage of the watch. There is also an automatic winder specially made by IWC engineers for this watch, which puts the watch in the case. It automatically rolls the watch into the case once a day through the crown. The huge astrological chart inside the gift box lid is unique and consistent with the astrological chart on the watch.

About IWC
IWC Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch is a wonderful work of luxury watches, and it is undeniable that it has created a masterpiece for watch collectors and lovers. For many, it brings a breath of fresh air to the IWC watch brand that has been silent for many years (probably they have been developing and developing this timepiece for the past few decades), and it is also reminiscent of this century-old The extraordinary talent and creativity that the brand still retains.