Marine Environmental Protection Roots “Plant” People’s Hearts Oris Opens “Green Weekend” And Focuses On China’s Blueprint For Water Resources Protection

On August 25, 2018, the century-old Swiss independent watch brand Oris and partners, brand friends and media guests spent a ‘green weekend’ on the quiet and beautiful Chongming Island. The sky is clear and the wind is blowing. Oris and the guests gathered at the resort with clear waters to discuss the development trend of today’s diving watches. Together with, they explored more possibilities for China’s water resources protection in the future. .

Oris, partners, brand friends and media guests settled in the resort on Chongming Island for a ‘green weekend’

   As everyone knows, Oris has been involved in the professional diving watch field since the early 1960s. For decades, Oris diving watches have gained the trust and favor of many professional divers and amateurs for their practical functions and reliable quality. Today, diving watches are no longer just a reliable instrument outside a diving suit, they have also become exquisite accessories under the sleeve of a shirt, ensuring the professionalism of the timepiece and paying more attention to its fashion. In view of the development trend of diving watches, guests also expressed their opinions after appreciating a variety of diving watches on the scene.

Guests expressed their opinions on the development trend of diving watches

   Today, Oris designers are constantly thinking and offering new ideas when facing these already successful diving watches. They have launched the Aquis calendar watch with a small diameter of 39.5 mm and the Aquis calendar watch with a 43.5 mm color dial. It can also be equipped with a leather strap, making every Oris diving watch a perfect combination of innovative thinking and excellent quality, successfully entering the era of diving watches 2.0.

   The early 1960s was the golden age of the development of diving, and Oris also had an inextricable bond with the oceans at that time. And an excellent diving watch brand must not only be able to produce excellent underwater timepieces, but also have a heart of awe and protection for the ocean. This has also become the original intention of Oris for many years in the cause of marine environmental protection.

Oris Source of Life Limited Edition inspired by the Rhine

   Coincidentally, Chongming Island, known as the ‘gateway to the Yangtze River and Weizhou in the East China Sea,’ borders the East China Sea. It is China’s third largest island, with fertile land and lush forests. It has always regarded ecological protection as the theme of its planning. Its easternmost Dongtan wetland was listed in the ‘International Important Wetlands List’ earlier in 2002, and it is a natural capital with both scientific, ecological and aesthetic values. This is the deep intention of the site selection of this Oris event. It is intended to spread the profound meaning of marine environmental protection to the guests while enjoying a leisurely weekend.

   Over the years, Oris has achieved great results in the marine environmental protection field at home and abroad, including funding for the marine scientific research and protection of El Hierro, cooperating with the International Coral Remediation Foundation for coral protection, and adopting sand tiger sharks in the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium , Also launched a number of limited edition watches, such as Clipperton Island, which are inextricably linked to water conservation themes, in order to deepen people’s understanding of water conservation. In addition, Oris has actively participated in World Ocean Day, World Clean Day, etc. globally
   Environmental theme festival activities. At this event, Mr. David Weber, President of Oris Greater China, also officially announced that it will exclusively sell limited edition watches inspired by the Rhine’s source of life on the platform of JD Oris Watch flagship store from now on. Salute the water with a watch. In the future, we will work with to focus on China’s water resources protection projects and make cross-border voices through their respective channels, so that the public can pay close attention to and protect water resources.

Guests planted saplings with family members to embed water conservation concepts in their hearts

   Water resources and vegetation are closely related. Vegetation construction can conserve water resources and protect water and soil. The guests then planted saplings with family members. Through the hands-on practice of all members, the concept of water conservation was rooted in the heart, instead of being limited to a virtual slogan, and more people participated and worked hard to achieve the purpose of ChangefortheBetter. The next day, the guests once again embraced nature and passed an ecological tour of Dongtan Wetland Park to experience the physical and mental pleasure brought by the vast and beautiful natural landscape. Completed the period.

   This ‘Green Weekend’ event is just a good start. In the future, Oris will launch more interactive activities on the theme of water resources protection, and plan to release a watch with a Chinese element on water environmental protection. Rivers and oceans are the earth’s unparalleled ecological wealth, and the precarious state of water resources deserves everyone’s attention. Oris’ investment in water resources protection aims to arouse more people’s enthusiasm for water resources environmental protection and translate them into long-term practical actions. This is a testament to its commitment to nature and the protection of the marine ecology.

product features

Oris Source of Life Limited Edition Watch
Product number: 73377304125, table diameter: 43.50mm
Limited worldwide 2,343
Oris733 self-winding mechanical movement with analog date display
Stainless steel case, stainless steel screw-in crown and shoulder guard, water-resistant to 300 meters
Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, tungsten steel graduated ring with 60-minute graduation, 0-point coated with Super-LumiNova®
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
Screw-down stainless steel caseback with Rhine pattern and limited number
Grey-blue dial, hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova®
Grey rubber strap, Oris original safety anchor design, with sliding watch for quick adjustment of strap length
Buckle; or stainless steel strap

Special watch case with Rhine badge
Suggested retail price: RMB 16,200 for steel belt and RMB 14,800 for adhesive tape
Grey-blue dial design, inspired by the water color of the Rhine source