Men’s Choice For Pursuing Precision Patek Philippe Ref. 5370 Double Seconds Chronograph

The two-second chronograph can measure the lap time (that is, the one-way time of a reciprocating movement) without affecting the precise time of the timepiece. Therefore, it has been the most popular for Patek Philippe for decades. One of the most admired and beloved watches. When Patek Philippe introduced the first astronomical watch in the 1920s, it added the double-second tracking function, which was very popular at the time. Therefore, collectors and watch enthusiasts who are keen on exquisite chronograph tools look forward to the launch of the new Ref. 5370 two-second chronograph watch. In addition, the exquisite movement structure hidden under the pure black enamel dial is also exciting.

   In 2009, Patek Philippe released the CH 29-535 PS movement, which was an exclusive chronograph movement representing the highest standards at that time and using classic design principles (manual winding, star wheel, horizontal clutch), which also foreshadows that A CHR-type movement will be launched on the basis of this, where CH naturally stands for chronograph function, and R stands for Rattrapante in French, which is a two-second chase hand function. This movement finally debuted in 2012. Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5204 two-second chronograph was also equipped with a perpetual calendar function, which delighted many Patek Philippe collectors. Today, Ref. 5370 removes the previously added perpetual calendar function and becomes Patek Philippe’s first two-second chronograph with a CHR 29-535 PS movement. As a watch focused on measuring time, Ref. 5370 shows an unparalleled masculinity. It is the best choice for men who value time and value trust, tradition, function, precision, low-key style and classic temperament. .
   Ref. 5370 is also a new member of Patek Philippe’s two-button two-second chasing chronograph. Two chronograph function buttons can control the start, stop and reset functions of the chronograph. There is another button at the crown to control the two-second chase Start and stop of the needle function. This is in stark contrast to Ref. 5959 ultra-thin two-second chronograph chronograph, which uses a single button that can be continuously pressed to control the start, stop and reset functions (3-phase column wheel control), while the two-second chronograph The function is controlled separately by another button.
Excellent dial craftsmanship

   The dial design perfectly interprets the functional beauty that Geneva watchmakers are pursuing: a simple style with no unnecessary decoration, ensuring that users can obtain time information quickly and accurately. The long leaf-shaped hands with fluorescent coating and platinum Breguet blocks make time very legible. The slender chronograph seconds hand, rhodium-plated stainless steel double-second chase hands and the 30-minute cumulative chronograph white gold chronograph minute hand, plus the white scale contrasting with the black background of the dial, ensure that the chronograph function is clear and legible. The color of the dial is not ordinary black, but ink black only available in pure enamel. Respecting the traditional design concept, this chronograph not only inherits the characteristics of Patek Philippe’s early pocket watches, but also reflects the original origin of the Stern brothers when they acquired Patek Philippe in 1932. At that time, the Stern brothers made their famous dial factory Exquisite dials are highly respected in the watchmaking world.
   Enamel dials were the ultimate test of dial maker craftsmanship, both then and now. First, the black enamel powder was applied to the white gold dial of the Ref. 5370 two-second chronograph chronograph. Then, it is baked in a 850 ° C kiln to melt the enamel, and it is gradually cooled and solidified into a glass-like coating by controlled cooling technology. The enamel processed in this way will show a deep inky black color, just like the ancient enamel handicrafts unearthed in Greece today, which can be passed down from generation to generation. At this time, the craftsman must carefully drill holes in the hard and brittle enamel surface in order to embed the platinum Breguet block. The black enamel is in sharp contrast to the white transfer scale, which includes a 1,000 meters-based tachymeter. This not only highlights the extraordinary mechanical characteristics of this two-second chronograph chronograph, but also significantly enhances the male charm of the watch.
The power to conquer the future

   Patek Philippe’s self-designed and manufactured CHR 29-535 PS movement has previously only launched models with perpetual calendar functions. Now, Patek Philippe, dedicated to the fusion of tradition and innovation, launches a pure two-second chronograph without a perpetual calendar function, which will surely delight collectors pursuing simplicity and purity. In the eyes of many enthusiasts, the manual winding movement with star wheel control and horizontal clutch is still the symbol of mechanical timepieces. In order to maintain this fine tradition in the 21st century, Patek Philippe has upgraded it in all directions, adding a number of exclusive patented innovative technologies, making this movement the most advanced classic in the field of double-second chronograph.
• The patented tooth profile of the clutch wheel not only improves power transmission efficiency, but also reduces wear.
• The engagement depth of the clutch wheel is not adjusted by the eccentric wheel of the clutch fork disc, but by the eccentric star wheel dome cover located on the outer end of the fork lever, which is accurate and convenient.
• Self-adjusting hammers in jewel bearings make operation easier.
• The brake fork and clutch fork for stopping the timing wheel are synchronized.
• Notched minute-counter chronograph cams ensure that the chronograph second and double-second follow-up hands stop slowly rather than abruptly. In addition to these new features, this mechanical chronograph also adds innovative technology unique to the two-second follow-up function:
• When the lap time is stopped, the newly designed isolator can separate the two-second chase hand gear and the chronograph wheel, reducing unnecessary friction and preventing the balance amplitude from being reduced due to the stoppage of the two-second chase hand.
• The double-second chase hand fork places a ruby ​​roller between two heart-shaped flat cams, ensuring that the chronograph second hand and the double-second chase hand fully overlap.
   These mechanical devices are not only well-designed, but also their hand-made craftsmanship. Most stainless steel parts are chamfered and have a straight grain on the surface; the double-second follow-up clamp is polished. With the sapphire crystal transparent cover, the shiny lusters everywhere complement each other. In the background of gold tones and ruby ​​bearings, it is full of beautiful brilliance and fully demonstrates Patek Philippe’s extraordinary watchmaking technology. These finishing processes are also subject to the strict supervision of the Patek Philippe mark. It is the highest guarantee of excellence and reflects the most stringent standards of the watchmaking industry. For example, for the ultra-high accuracy of travel time, the daily travel time error must not exceed -3 / + 2 second.
Platinum case, classic choice
   CHR 29-535 PS movement with platinum case, highlighting the noble temperament. Just like this movement, Patek Philippe’s case is also manufactured by the original factory. From the initial design and blueprint, to 60 tons of cold stamping, and then the time-consuming and laborious surface smoothing, grinding and polishing, etc.饰 处理。 Decoration processing. Finally, like all Patek Philippe platinum models, a top Wesselton diamond is set at 6 o’clock between the case and the lower ears. As the only remaining Geneva-based watchmaker in the family, Patek Philippe’s creative department is always managed by the family. Patek Philippe’s president, Terry Stein’s wife, Sandrine Stein, leads the creative department. The birth of Ref. 5370 shows her design talent, because the watch has all the elements to become a classic timepiece: soft and three-dimensional curves and contours echo each other and are naturally natural. The concave bezel integrates the soft curvature of the sapphire crystal and the case. The oval chronograph function buttons on both sides of the turban-type crown and the double-second push-buttons integrated into the crown reflect the symmetrical balance design concept. The sides of the lugs have been redesigned, blending perfectly with the case with the help of soft curves, and treated with horizontal satin to give it a delicate and feminine feel. In addition, the lugs do not simply protrude to fix the strap bolt, but use a convex curved platinum structure with a soft arc at the end. Although it is often said that perfection cannot be achieved, Patek Philippe Ref. 5370 once again shows the perfection of watchmaking. For the very few customers who have the opportunity to wear the watch, this latest timepiece masterpiece from the Geneva watchmaking workshop can definitely bring an extraordinary experience.
Technical specifications
Two-second chronograph ref. 5370
Caliber CHR 29-535 PS
Manually wound mechanical movement, two-second chronograph, with two star wheels, horizontal clutch, instantaneous
Jump 30-minute cumulative chronograph, center chronograph second hand, chase, small second hand.
Movement diameter: 29.6 mm
Movement thickness: 7.1 mm
Number of parts: 312
Number of jewels: 34
Power reserve: at least 55 hours-up to 65 hours.
Balance: Gyromax®
Frequency: 28,800 pendulums per hour (4 Hz)
Balance hairspring: Breguet hairspring
Hairspring outer bolt: adjustable
Crown function: Two-position crown
– Home position: Can be wound
– Pull out: Set time
Display: Center hour and minute hands
Center chronograph seconds hand and double-seconds tracking hand
30-minute counter at 3 o’clock
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Button: Button at 2 o’clock for start and stop timing
Button at 4 o’clock for resetting the timepiece function
Button at 3 o’clock for starting and stopping the two-second chase
Tagged: Patek Philippe Mark
Case: 950 platinum, sapphire crystal case back and interchangeable platinum case back,
Crown, oval at 2 o’clock (start / stop timing function) and oval at 4 o’clock (reset timing function)
Shaped timer function button
A top Wesselton diamond at 6 o’clock between the lugs

Water resistance up to 30 meters (3 atmospheres)
Case size: Diameter: 41 mm
Case length (diagonal length of lugs): 49.92 mm
Width: 45.62 mm
Thickness (mirror to case back) 13.56 mm
Dial: White gold dial with pure black enamel
Embossed 18K white gold Breguet blocks
White transfer scale (track-type minute scale, 1,000 meters-based tachymeter, 9 o’clock position
Small seconds dial and 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock.
Hours and minutes: 18K white gold leaf-shaped hands with Superluminova fluorescent coating
Small seconds: 18K white gold leaf-shaped hands
Chronograph seconds and second seconds hand: sandblasted steel, rhodium-plated
30-minute cumulative timer: 18K white gold leaf-shaped hands
Strap: Large square scale crocodile leather, hand-stitched, bright black, with 950 platinum folding clasp
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