Movado Watch Elegant Continuation Element Taste Fresh

Movado CERENA · Serena watch: The new model is made of smooth black ceramic and black PVD-coated pure stainless steel, with a round date display at 6 o’clock.

 Movado 800 series: By rotating the bezel, you can position the desired city to 12 o’clock to track the time in the time zone. The appearance is more tough and mechanical than other Movado models.

 Movado TC new series: ultra-thin, comfortable case and slim bezel design create a large dial visual effect, white mother-of-pearl dial adds a touch of warm color to the cool modern look of women’s watches.

Movado’s iconic museum dial and extremely modern design are impressive. At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2013, this legendary dial has a new interpretation: TC new series watches In addition to the classic design, it is more avant-garde and modern. Cerena, a new series launched last year, has an all-black model this year. Movado has also introduced new materials into the popular watch series. Another change is that some series previously sold only abroad will enter China this year, and the behavior of ‘tentative’ is enough to show Movado’s confidence in the Chinese market.

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先 Build a brand image in China first

Beijing News: What are the trends in the design of women’s watches this year?

MOVADO: The trend of women’s watches this year is more elegant, more feminine and more retro. Because many markets still need to be more feminine, there is a demand for small dials. To meet this demand, our Concerto Concerto series has pushed the watch with a small dial of 26.5mm. Women’s elegance is also reflected in MOVADO DOT, this retro style is more intense, reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s, just like clothing, there will always be a trend back to the past.

Beijing News: How to determine the main push in each region?

MOVADO: People are more and more interested in international concepts and more internationalized designs. The main pushwatch is based on the needs of consumers, not necessarily designed specifically for a certain country. Even in China, different cities have different preferences for watches. For example, Beijing prefers large and thin designs, Chengdu prefers more fashionable ones, and other places may prefer original classic watches. Therefore, Movado’s direction and focus for different cities are different, which are based on the understanding of customers.

Beijing News: The special 800 series launched in the Chinese market this year was actually designed and produced many years ago. Why did it enter China this year?

MOVADO: This year is the fourth year of Movado’s direct operation in the Chinese market. Before that, we hoped that the brand image would be established in the minds of consumers and strengthened. The visual impact of the museum dials is very strong. The museum dials are very impressive, and slowly they have a high degree of acceptance of this brand. When a second and third Movado watch is needed, more choices are given.

Beijing News: Compared with the United States, how different is China’s acceptance of Movado’s new models?

MOVADO: Movado’s US market is very mature, and new models are needed to promote purchase desire. In contrast to China, people are more inclined to choose classic museum dials, saying ‘this is Movado.’ Distributors will also choose watches with distinctive brand features that are relatively popular. So almost everybody you saw in China five years ago was a museum dial. With the acceptance of the entire market and the increase in brand awareness, more and more elements have been added. In recent years, the dial of the Movado Museum is no longer the most traditional. In addition to always retaining the sun dot design at 12 noon, there will be some improvements and new elements added.