Old Serie A Woman Visits Hublot Watchmaking Factory On The Eve Of The Champions League Final

Juventus Football Club, located in Turin, Piedmont, was founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest clubs in Italy. Juventus not only has a large number of loyal fans, but also the most successful club in Italy. Since its establishment, it has won 33 Serie A trophies. Has won the League Cup double crown), the impressive record also makes it one of the most famous football clubs in the world.

   Italian fans affectionately refer to Juventus as ‘Vecchia Signora’. For many years, Hublot, a well-known Swiss luxury watch brand, has been supporting the Zebra Legion behind the scenes, competing for the top championships.

   Thursday, May 21, two weeks before the final of the Berlin Olympic Stadium on June 6. Domestic champions Barzari, Bonucci, Chiellini, Evra, Lorent and Poba visited the Hublot watchmaking factory under the leadership of the club’s chairman, Mr. Andre Agnelli.

   Brand CEO Ricardo Guadalupe welcomed the reception in person. Juventus stars kicked off the youth football game held in front of the factory, and then they went into the factory to explore the watchmaking process, especially the Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph specially designed for football. Experience the fun of watchmaking yourself under the guidance of a teacher. It was an unforgettable journey.

   Since becoming the first luxury brand to enter the football field in 2006, Hublot has left its own unique mark in the professional football world. Hublot actively sponsors FIFA and European Cup events, serves as the official timekeeper and official watch, and has established with clubs such as Serie A Juventus, Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain, Bundesliga Bayern Munich and Dutch Ajax Close cooperation.