Only Rolex Will Rise? No, Iwc Portugal Also Rose …

It is not too late to get to the topic. Brothers who are familiar with the watch market may have discovered that the prices of Portugal’s Portuguese counters started to rise a while ago. Some watches, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, have risen, and the brothers are not used to it, it is common. Except for Lau and PP, other mainstream brands of watches are generally stable, with few obvious fluctuations, especially the models of volume. IWC Portugal started a while ago, and the market has obviously risen. I think it is a bit magical.

Portuguese meter has always been a popular model of IWC.
Why did Portugal move higher?

   In addition to Law, Europe, IWC should be the most bought watches by brothers. There are two types of comparison tables for international countries. One is a watch with an outsourced universal movement, and the other is a watch with a self-produced movement by IWC. Watches with outsourced general-purpose movements, such as Mark, Portofino Red 60, Portuguese meter, flying meter, etc .; watches with IWC-produced movements, such as Dafei, Portugal 7, Portofino 8th Chain and so on. Therefore, we can see that the entry-level IWC uses an outsourced general-purpose movement, and the higher-end models use the IWC-produced movement.
   So when brothers usually buy watches, a situation is easy to appear. The watches with the 7th and 8th chain movements produced by IWC are relatively high in price, making it slightly more difficult to buy. In addition, the dimensions of the IWC 7th and 8th chain movements are very large, so the calibers of Dafei and Portugal 7 are relatively large, and the watch is relatively thick. Not all brothers can accept it, and the big watch is easier to slap. IWC watches with outsourced general-purpose movements have low public prices and are easy to get started, but three-hand watches like the Mark and Bai Taohong 60, some brothers will find the dial simpler and less complicated. The Portuguese meter is exactly in the middle position, it is not difficult to start, and the size is suitable, the face value is very high, and the sense of high level is strong.

IWC Dafei (above) and IWC Portofino Red 60 (bottom), the price of Dafei is high and the size is large; the board of Botao Red 60 is relatively simple.
   The public price of the IWC Portuguese chronograph with a steel case is more than 50,000 and 56,800, which is exactly in the middle of the high-end self-produced movement IWC (steel watch) and the entry-level universal movement IWC. Although the Portuguese meter has so far used the 79350 chronograph movement, which is an improved general-purpose chronograph movement purchased by IWC (ETA7750 / SW500), the value of the Portuguese meter is very high. There are several types of dials: gold, gold, blue and silver, silver and silver. The three-dimensional time scales have a high sense of high-level. With the 12-minute 30-minute counter and the small 6-minute second dial, the dial is not only very balanced ( No calendar breaks balance), and there is a certain amount of complexity. Plus the size of the Portuguese meter is 40.9 millimeters, let’s say 41 millimeters. It is a small size, and it is very easy to wear. (The other thing I want to say is that IWC is good at adjusting the movement of the universal movement. The little prince my wife usually wears is accurate when leaving.)

IWC Mark 18 flying meter, flying meter and Portuguese meter are similar watches, the flying meter has a strong sense of tool, and the Portuguese meter has a strong sense of luxury.
   Compared with Portuguese meter, it is actually a flying meter. But the flying meter, because it is a flight watch, is relatively large in size, it is 43 mm. Then, because of the sense of tool and movement of the flight watch, the time-marked hands are painted. Of course, the flying meter’s public price is also lower, which is 39500. The sense of luxury and luxury of Portuguese meters is stronger. So there are more people chasing Portuguese schemes.

Portuguese market is getting longer?

   I find that after entering April, the Portuguese meter has started to rise significantly, and it has increased by 2000. All brothers said, ‘Portuguese has gone crazy recently.’ At first I thought it was very abnormal. The Portuguese meter should be the most stable market. Why did it rise? The brothers who often buy watches know that the price of the watch, the public price is ‘dead’, and the actual price is ‘live’. The changes in the actual transaction market are affected by many factors.

IWC is very popular.
   First of all, IWC started to adjust prices a while ago. Brothers who are familiar with IWC should find out that the prices of many watches of IWC have increased. For example, the Portuguese 7 has increased by several thousand dollars, and the public price of Dafei has exceeded 100,000. In addition, I heard that IWC has also increased its prices in foreign countries. I do n’t know if this news is true, but the change in IWC’s public price will definitely affect the actual market prices. Although I can’t say that changes in public prices will affect the secondary market and even the actual transactions in the secondary market 100%, the impact is somewhat.

Steel shell black plate Portuguese meter

   In addition, the Portuguese meter can be said to be the hottest among IWC watches. The demand of the people is very large, and there are many chasing people, more wolves and less meat. IWC watches like Da Fei, but very stable. Because to be honest, the price of Dafei is high, the size is large, and the personality is strong, the market is definitely relatively small, and relatively few people buy it. On the contrary, Da Fei tends to go lower often and leaks. In this fluctuation of the international market, in addition to the Portuguese meter, the other driving force is the Portuguese 7, so the people’s aesthetics and preferences for watches can be seen.
Portugal meter is getting closer to the movement change?
   Raising public prices, tightening discounts, exchange rates, and reducing supply can all cause changes in actual market conditions. This change in the Portuguese meter market also made me think that Portuguese meter should be getting closer and closer to the movement change. From a technical point of view, we can see some changes in the movement of IWC in the recent period. IWC has recently used more and more 69000 series movements.

The new 69000 series movement used in the 150th Anniversary Edition of Portugal has a thorough bottom. Please note that the 150th Anniversary Edition Portuguese dial has lacquered numbers, which is different from the regular three-dimensional characters.
   The 69000 series movement is a new chronograph movement produced by IWC and is used to replace the ETA7750 / SW500 chronograph movement. The advantages of the 69000 series movements produced by IWC compared with the universal movements are the use of column wheels, 46 hours of power, and the winding of IWC woodpeckers. The configuration and luxury are improved (some foreign players believe that the 69000 series movement is 7750 deep) Improved). Someone pointed out that the production capacity of the 69000 series movements is limited, but in recent times, IWC has started to use more and more 69000 movements in the special models of the new engineer’s chronograph (the engineer used 69380). And the brothers all know that the 150th anniversary edition of the Portuguese version of the Portuguese meter launched at the beginning of this year has used the new 69000 movement (specifically 69355) and made a thorough bottom. Although it is a limited edition, the number has reached 4000. And in these two days (April 16th) IWC also launched the 150th anniversary edition of the Portuguese gold meter, also using the new 69355 movement, limited to 250 (the 150th anniversary edition of the Portuguese meter is not three-dimensional, (Different from the regular version, please pay attention to distinguishing brothers). So we can all see that IWC started to change the movement from the limited edition and special edition. The output of the new 69000 series movement is increasing, and it should be used in the regular mass production version soon.

IWC 150th Anniversary Edition Gold Shell Portuguese Meter.
   IWC mainstream models of watches, a major feature is the high value. To be honest, IWC’s face value is so high that I don’t care much about what movement he uses. It doesn’t matter if it is produced or not. In the secondary market, the prices of IWC have always been low, in other words, the value has shrunk. Now, the market price of Portuguese meter has reached the highest point in history. Many brothers still look for Portuguese meter. I think this has a lot to do with the high value of IWC.
   P.S. Finally add a little prince of my wife.