Oriental Double Lion Four Leaf Series Hollow-out Automatic Mechanical Watch

Oriental Double Lion Watch is an old Japanese brand watch that entered the Chinese market very early. Because its trademark LOGO is two lions, it was commonly known as ‘Double Lion’ in China. It was the mainstream watch in China in the 1980s Brand. The double lion mark is an integral part of the ORIENT trademark. The two left and right sides of the trademark share two lions. Due to the fact that the early Chinese consumers mostly recognized the Shuangshi trademark or failed to read the ORIENT pronunciation, the Shuangshi logo has long been popular.

 Oriental Double Lion Four Leaf Series Hollow-out automatic mechanical watch. Model: SDB07001Z0, Color: White gold, Table mirror: Sapphire glass, Strap: All-steel strap, Case: All-steel, Function: Water-resistant to 50 meters, Buckle: Double press folding buckle, Size: 3.0 cm Case 3.5 cm, thickness 1.2 cm