Are You Referring To The Century-old Brand?

Watches have a long history and have experienced turbulence and change over the years. Among the thousands of watch brands that have been able to develop to this day, there are still a few, and TITONI Swiss plum watch is one of them.

   Did you know that TITONI is one of the few independent family watch companies in Switzerland today? Did you know that TITONI has always focused on the manufacturing of mechanical watches? This century-old watch brand relies on traditional watchmaking technology, modern research and development technology, and keen appreciation to focus on creating the most elegant timepieces.
   2019 is the first hundred years of TITONI Swiss plum watch. On May 9, TITONI held a grand centennial celebration in Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. At the meeting, Mr. Daniel Schluep, the president of TITONI Swiss Tortio, personally made a big announcement: TITONI first introduced the self-developed and original factory-made automatic movement T10, and presented the new 1919 watch Full line configuration in the series.

President Daniel Schluep unveils TITONI’s first homemade movement T10
   Mr. Slop said that this movement was created by the headquarters’ research and development team for 6 years, overcoming numerous difficulties and condensing countless efforts. It is a pioneering tribute to the brand’s century-old history, and it also represents the plum blossom watch to the watchmaking industry An important step.
   ‘Hundred-year-old watch brand’ and ‘Self-produced self-made movement that took six years to launch’ Are you all wondering what surprises the new products launched by TITONI will bring us?
   I. Stronger battery life

   The T10 caliber has a power reserve of up to three days, and its endurance exceeds any one of the movements previously used by Torx. The research and development team simplified the structure of the T10 as much as possible, reduced the number of parts, and used 32 gems to reduce wear and make the movement longer.
   Second, the slimmer movement

   The movement has a diameter of 29.3 mm and a thickness of 4.1 mm, which is thinner than the most commonly used movement of TITONI Swiss Plum. At the same time, the calendar part has also been increased by 10%, making the dial more diversified. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can see the gold-plated automatic engraved with the plum blossom logo and each subtle structure runs smoothly.
   Third, more atmospheric and simple design

TITONI 1919 Swiss watch
   This magnificent debut is simple and elegant in design, the dial is polished and delicate, decorated with a very shiny sunburst texture, there are three colors to choose from: silver white, carbon gray, indigo. The twelve hour markers are refined with diamond cutting technology, and the shape is simple and bright. In addition to the stainless steel strap, the silver white and carbon gray dials can be selected with brown leather straps, showing the elegant gentleman style.

   At 6 o’clock above, the series names are printed in delicate and beautiful fonts. The bright red 1919 characters are dotted on the elegant plate surface, giving people a bright visual experience. For the first time, the watch uses a ‘box’ sapphire glass, which makes the case thinner and fits the wrist.

   Thanks to the new in-house movement, there is more freedom in the design of the watch. Compared with the previous models, the 1919 series has a larger calendar display and a wider transparent cover window, so that everyone can enjoy the exquisite structure and smooth operation of the movement.
   In addition, there is a 100th anniversary model in the new product, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, confirming this important moment. The commemorative dial is carbon gray, with rose gold hands and scales, plus a rotor with 100th anniversary limited edition lettering and limited number, which is extremely collectable. In addition to the stainless steel bracelet, a brown leather strap is also included.
   Fourth, more cost-effective prices
   Among the independent watch brands in Switzerland, very few companies have the ability to develop their own movements and successfully put them into production. Watches with the same price as TITONI and slightly higher prices are rarely equipped with homemade movements. Not only that, TITONI also controls the production scale of the T10 movement, ensuring that the quality of each movement is excellent, giving the wearer the most guaranteed and precious experience.
This series of watches, the public price of steel models: 12,900 RMB; the public price of belt models: 12,800 RMB (limited edition price to be determined). Each 1919 series watch will be equipped with a gorgeous exclusive brown wooden watch box, which will be officially launched in Swiss Plum Watch stores and online authorized stores in June 2019.
   A Centennial Tribute to 1919
   In 1919, Fritz Schluep first established a small watch studio at the foot of the Jurassic Mountains. There he and three employees developed the first timer, named Felco.

Mr. Fritz Schluep
   A year later, Mr. Schluep decided to cross the Swiss border and pursue longer-term success. So the first-generation products were sold to Germany, the United States, and Japan, and successfully opened foreign sales markets.

The first models developed by Fritz Schluep
   In 1952, the company launched a new brand of ‘TITONI plum watch’. ‘Plum Blossom’ is the first of the top ten famous flowers in China. It gives people high-spirited spirits with high cleanliness, strength, and modesty. The new product is called Plum Blossom, which makes it more brand-aware among its target customers in China.
   In 1994, Plum Blossom introduced the Cosmo 3000 fully automatic series with dual time zone display. The streamlined design style is in sharp contrast to the strap, and the asymmetrical arrangement of the internal components exudes a noble and delicate atmosphere.

Torx Automatic Cosmo 3000 Watch
   This year, TITONI Swiss Torch has launched a new 1919 series watch after a century of journey.

TITONI 1919 Swiss watch
   This is not only a tribute to the spirit of ingenuity of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch for 100 years, but also the expectations and vision of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch for the next century. With the TITONI Swiss plum watch entering a new era, this series must be a classic topic in the future. If you are looking for a long-established and cost-effective Swiss watch, TITONI Swiss Plum 1919 series can be your choice.

Iwc New Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia Watch Share

Come and enjoy the best watches in the history of IWC Schaffhausen! The new Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch, with its complicated and charming craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty, is the birth of this watch that has made IWC a world-class watch manufacturer. In the 140-year rich history of IWC, I have never seen a watch that covered so many complicated astronomical astrology display functions and many advanced watchmaking technologies. This watch is designed for advanced customization. IWC claims to have more than 200 customized solutions. What are you waiting for?

Explore Masterpieces
A masterpiece as delicate and complex as a Sidrale Scafusia watch takes time not only to learn slowly, but also to pay attention to every detail of it. Let’s start at 9 o’clock on this tourbillon with a charming look.

Now, maybe you would think, ‘Tourbillon, is really great. Nowadays, every rigorous and dedicated watch manufacturer will add at least one or two models to their product series, right? ‘Yes, but what makes this tourbillon different is that it uses a constant force device. This new device guarantees the accuracy of the watch and can last at least 48 hours. In the constant force module, the second hand jumps once every second, after which the transmission switches to normal mode, which means it will advance at a rate of 1/5 second.

The tourbillon casing and upper part are hand-made from titanium, while the rhodium-plated escape wheel and nickel-silver stationary wheel plywood are painstakingly cut by hand. Obviously, IWC expects you (and perhaps your friends who envy you) to spend your time willingly watching this delightful and constantly rotating ‘vortex’ and other finely crafted, second-to-none surface details.
However, the constant tourbillon is just one of the many interesting elements on the clear, fine Portuguese watch dial. For example, the unusual sub-dial at 12 o’clock shows ‘Stellar Time’. So what is ‘stellar time’? It is a 24-hour timekeeping system used by astronomers. ‘Stellar day’ is the time it takes for a star to cross the same meridian twice, and according to IWC, the star time displayed on their watch is only 11.5 seconds per year from the actual star time. Maybe you won’t use this feature, but it is indeed a good selling point, and it fits perfectly with the theme of astronomy.

Finally, there are power reserve indicators at the 4 and 5 o’clock positions on the dial. When the winding is complete, the power reserve is an amazing 90+ hours (96 hours, to be exact). Of course, it is necessary to mention that the dial shows ‘Sun Time’, which is fair to say that this is probably the most important function on the front dial.
Our space adventure has not ended. Easily flip the Sidrale Scafusia watch to the reverse and you will find a surprise. The back of the watch is as interesting as the front, and perhaps even better.

The first place to grab your eye is the beautifully designed horoscope, as if standing at a specific place on earth, it shows us the stars in the night sky. What’s even more pleasing is that this astrological chart will be calculated and displayed according to customer requirements, which shows that two identical watches may not appear exactly. The information displayed on the astrology chart is extraordinary, including solar time, stellar time, sunrise and sunset, you may wish to visit IWC’s webpage to explore each function.

万 A perpetual calendar that surrounds the astrological chart. It displays the number of days in each year as a two-digit disk, including the leap year display. In addition to its display position (perhaps less legible), its practical value is also limited, and some people think that this is a slightly more complicated way to display the date.
As mentioned earlier, such a high-level timepiece with complicated technology takes time to understand slowly, but also needs to pay more attention to every detail of it. Not only must we understand how to appreciate its mysterious complexity, but we must also carefully study the numerous Display function.
Customize your personal exclusive
As part of a special service, IWC offers you many different options to customize this Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch. Including the choice of case materials, the five colors of the dial, the color and material of the strap, there are more than 200 different design options. According to IWC, they are very pleased and proud to be able to provide such exclusive services.

The case is made of precious metals such as titanium, 18K white gold or 18K red gold, while the strap is made of high-quality crocodile or horse leather.

葡萄牙 This Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch will be presented to its new owner in a top-level gift box, which includes a removable small box wrapped in crocodile leather for safe storage of the watch. There is also an automatic winder specially made by IWC engineers for this watch, which puts the watch in the case. It automatically rolls the watch into the case once a day through the crown. The huge astrological chart inside the gift box lid is unique and consistent with the astrological chart on the watch.

About IWC
IWC Portuguese Sidrale Scafusia watch is a wonderful work of luxury watches, and it is undeniable that it has created a masterpiece for watch collectors and lovers. For many, it brings a breath of fresh air to the IWC watch brand that has been silent for many years (probably they have been developing and developing this timepiece for the past few decades), and it is also reminiscent of this century-old The extraordinary talent and creativity that the brand still retains.

Light And Clear Tasting Girard Perregaux Laureato Triple Bridge Tourbillon Watch

In 1889, Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux) exhibited its first three-gold bridge tourbillon pocket watch at the Paris World Expo and won the gold medal in one fell swoop. This masterpiece has become Girard Perregaux from the beginning Table craft symbol. This year, Girard-Perregaux released a limited edition of ten Laureato three-bridge tourbillons to pay tribute to the legendary work of the year. The Laureato three-bridge tourbillon is equipped with three translucent blue spinel splints and the exquisite structure of the tourbillon movement. You can enjoy the wonderful movement of the one-minute tourbillon composed of 72 parts. The official number of the titanium model is: 99071-27-001-21A

  Girard Perregaux inspired the legendary classics of the year to create a new Laureato Tourbillon that combines tradition and innovation. Although the appearance of the latter is avant-garde, it contains the essence of Girard-Perregaux watches. One of the masterpieces of craftsmanship.

   The Laureato Tourbillon with three bridges has a long historical background, but its appearance and aesthetics exude the design charm of the 1970s, and its bold and timeless style stands out from its peers. The octagonal platinum bezel has alternating satin frosting and polishing, with a strong texture contrast; 42.6 mm titanium case, six screw-set backs with crystal glass pieces, seeing the extraordinary beauty of the movement; the motherboard has a beautiful Machine-engraved patterns, luminous rod-shaped hands dance on the transparent dial, showing a beautiful scene of craftsmanship and style. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

  Although from the dial, the watch does not have significant scale marks, but the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is enough to be the focus of all eyes. The clear graduated time scales around the disc surface allow the wearer to read the time accurately, while also adding a sense of cleanliness to the whole.

   The octagonal platinum bezel has alternate satin frosting and polishing, with a strong texture contrast. Although the titanium material is not as bright as ordinary precious metals, its unique texture also gives it a special feel. The crown is still engraved with GP. Classic logo.

  The watch face has exquisite machine-engraved patterns, and the luminous rod-shaped hands dance on the transparent dial, showing a beautiful scene of timepiece craftsmanship.

   The design of the three transparent splints has a classic beauty, not only highlighting the beauty of the tourbillon, but also performing its duties; including top-down, fixed clockwork drums at 12 o’clock, central gear and tourbillon at 6 o’clock, This automatic tourbillon movement can be seen at a glance.

   A tourbillon that rotates one revolution per minute can offset the error caused by the gravity of the movement. For more than 150 years, Girard Perregaux not only has achieved remarkable achievements in the development of tourbillon technology, but also has carefully designed a unique tourbillon movement shape. To show their creative passion. Taking the new Laureato Tourbillon as an example, the three blue spinel splints are clear and exquisite, revealing the exquisite dynamics of the tourbillon system, and the exciting new ideas are enough to complement Constant Girard-Perregaux’s masterpiece of the year.

  The 72-part tourbillon weighs only 0.3 grams, which is the limit of technology and beauty. All parts have been carefully modified. The upper and lower frames have been manually chamfered and polished. The balance wheel is equipped with gold fine-tuning screws. The escapement plywood and lever plywood are Manual chamfering and polishing.

  The watch is equipped with a 241-part self-winding Girard Perregaux GP9600-0004, which provides a 48-hour power reserve with meticulous size details. For example, the hairspring has a Phillips end curve; the rhodium-plated main board has an organically engraved pattern on the bottom and fish scales on the bottom. , Machine engraving and manual polishing chamfer; hollowed clockwork drum cover with manual carving and spiral pattern decoration, fish scale pattern at the bottom, manual polishing chamfer; transmission wheel plywood has polishing chamfer, machine engraved pattern, polished eyelet and Girard Perregaux The symbol of the watch-the eagle’s mark.

In summary: the three gold bridge tourbillon is a symbol of honor for Girard-Perregaux watches. This watch is priced at about 1.2 million yuan. For classic tourbillon watches, this price seems to be the same. It’s not unreasonable. Personally, I once bowed to this top design of Girard Perregaux, but my heart is always full of expectations for it, hoping that it will surpass the existing self to achieve a better future, although in recent years Girard Perregaux has less There is a refreshing design, but I believe that it will be able to find its former glory through its own efforts.

Girard Perregaux Laureato Tourbillon Watch Details:
zhibai / 21407 /

Boer Warrior Warrior Chaser Super Black King Kong

The new Warman Warrior series Chaser DLC Glow adopts a striking all-black design as the theme to clarify the mysterious concept of night light.

This energetic masterpiece is based on the classic Warrior Series Chaser model, showing the charming contrast between darkness and light. Simple design without losing fashion chic, all-black appearance and unparalleled time-reading performance, in addition to highlighting male charm, it also contains exquisite new version of essence.

This watch has a Swiss-made automatic chronograph stopwatch movement that provides accurate and reliable chronograph functions. In addition to the normal hour, minute, second hand, day of the week and date displays, it also has two types of measurement scales, providing important information to the wearer. A speedometer (Tachymeter) can measure the speed of the wearer over a distance. The distance meter (Telemeter) can easily measure the distance between the watch wearer and a certain sound phenomenon. For example, when the wearer sees the lightning, the distance from the location of the lightning can be calculated by using the time required to hear the thunder and the distance meter on the watch. These two types of measurement scales are important equipment for professional and amateur storm chasers.

A 43mm case made of stainless steel with arched anti-reflective sapphire crystal, treated with Diamond Like Carbon for enhanced scratch resistance and durability. In addition, to pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of Dr. Wurman, a member of the Bollist explorer, the bottom cover of the Warrior Series Chaser Super Black King Kong is engraved with Dr. Hu Wen’s outstanding invention & mdash; & mdash; Patterns of Doppler On Wheels radars. This new technology allows Dr. Hu Wen to approach tornadoes from a close distance, directly observe them from the ground to the bottom of more than a hundred feet, and make real-time inspections of highly destructive tornadoes.

In addition to the theme of mysterious black, Bolt uses its own 3H technology and night time reading design. It embeds its self-luminous miniature gas lamp on the Super Black King Kong, which makes it exceptionally easy to read. Even in a completely dark space, the reading is as clear and bright. The type, color and design of the dial highlight the functions of the watch. The dial is inlaid with 66 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps. The blue gas lamp is set at each minute scale, while the gas lamp at 12 o’clock is orange. The green gas lamp is set on the hands of the chronograph. The yellow gas lamp is set on Hour, minute and second hands create impressive glowing effects.

A New Look And A New Look Omega ‘nato’ Nato Military Watch Strap

In the hot summer, your dress must have been switched to cool mode, why not change your watch to a refreshing ‘dress’? Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap, you can easily create a modern and stylish summer look without buying a separate watch.

Omega “NATO” NATO military strap

What is the Omega ‘NATO’ NATO Military Strap?
The Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap evolved from the leather and canvas straps used by British pilots, pilots and the military during World War II. For safety reasons, the watch does not use a detachable spring lever to fix the strap. Instead, the watch is welded with a fixed lever, which is stronger than the spring lever, so the strap is not easy to fall off in complex cases.

Black coated nylon strap with black fixed strap clip and polished buckle

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch with Black Coated Nylon Strap

Grey trim black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Eight ‘NATO’ NATO Military Straps
Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military straps are available in a variety of styles: 5-striped nylon straps in three different colors with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clips, black with gray, orange and red color trim Nylon strap, brown Novonappa leather strap, and black coated nylon strap with black fixed strap clip and polished buckle.

Omega Constellation Zumba watch with grey trim and black nylon strap

Black and orange 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Visit Omega’s official website
Visit the official website of Omega, you can experience the function of online virtual strap change, appreciate the watch with different ‘NATO’ NATO military strap renewed style. You don’t need a strap change tool, you can try different combinations, get unlimited surprises, and discover your own personalized watch. You can also go to the Omega Store and experience the different feelings of wearing a ‘NATO’ NATO military strap on your wrist.

Omega Constellation Zunba Watch with Black and Orange 5 Stripe Nylon Strap

Black and gray 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Perfect fit and easy matching
The Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap is just like the inspirational prototype strap, which can be easily adjusted in length. Regardless of whether the wearer is a man or a woman, the ‘NATO’ NATO military strap fits perfectly on their wrist.

Wildwatch Lets You Change Clothes Only And Not Watches

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, is it time to buy and buy new clothes? However, after all, watches are not like buying clothes when you buy them, or changing them when you buy them. …

TAG Heuer Smart Watch Series SBF8A8001.10BF0608

Product model: SBF8A8001.10BF0608
Domestic public price: 14700
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 13.75 mm
Case material: titanium, grade 5 titanium case, sandblasted satin finish; black matte ceramic bezel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 80
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: mido / 60194 /

Watch Comments: The watch design is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, with metallic firmness and smooth lines, and the black dial is decorated with wire drawing texture, which is very delicate and beautiful. The classic junior pin and calendar display, the overall design is still very classic, but it is the classics that will never be out of date, so in general occasions or matching clothing will be natural, there will be no strong sense of violation. The watch uses a self-winding movement that is water-resistant to 50 meters. The stainless steel case is durable, flawless on the outside, and intact on the inside. It can be said to be perfect.

Summary: The word ‘wild’ seems to be very general and broad, but the most direct understanding should be that it is easier to match clothes, or deal with more occasions. After all, buying a valuable watch may not be as simple as buying a piece of clothing, so it is still necessary to have a versatile watch. When the season changes, you only have to change clothes without changing the watch.

New Debut Pop Show Shines On The World Stage Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Landing In London Harrods

In July this year, Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary timepiece will enter the public life through three themed window displays of Harrods department store on Brompton Road, London. And a unique indoor ‘flash exhibition sales area’ presented in front of global audiences.

Neon lights reflect bright, deep, transparent, infinite and other characteristics, like Roger Dubuis movement

   A large-scale exhibition and sales event called “Made With Love and Precision” focusing on high-end watches will be held for the first time using Harrods Department Store along all the windows of the famous Brompton Road. Roger Dubuis will show his talents at this event, taking the opportunity to present the rare arts he created in this British capital like a world stage, providing shoppers and watch lovers with a special experience to make them appreciate It is a masterpiece of timepieces that breaks the tradition, is bold and innovative, and has superb skills.

   The ‘Astral Skeleton Skeleton’ timepiece is the best example of Roger Dubuis’s commitment to practice watchmaking ideals and become a star of watches, which precisely reflects the watchmaker’s outstanding ideas and achievements in the creation of skeleton movements. The design of the pop-up exhibition area will be extended based on this striking star-shaped symmetrical movement.

   The layout of the exhibition hall specially conceived for the Harrods department store has allowed Roger Dubuis to show its design talents again, and to exert its extraordinary creativity of drama and experimentation. Its set director has successfully served the audience many times around the world. Bring surprise and joy.

   Harrods is undoubtedly an internationally leading high-end shopping mall, and naturally has become one of the ideal places for Roger Dubuis to show itself in a global perspective.
   Two Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis timepieces will debut at Harrods: Black Velvet watch with diamonds and Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with black spinels.

   The Black Velvet watch with diamonds is the last of the three-part timepiece that Roger Dubuis first released at the 2016 Geneva International Horological Show (SIHH) earlier. Roger Dubuis has named 2016 the ‘Celebrity Year’ of the brand, and this series of women’s watches made of carbon fiber for the first time perfectly fit this 100% female-oriented year.

   The gem-set carbon fiber case combines two materials that are often seen as incompatible, creating a unique and original technology for the brand. This groundbreaking timepiece with white diamonds set on a carbon fiber case, mother-of-pearl dial and white genuine alligator leather strap is limited to 88 pieces, each costing 26,800 pounds.

Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with black spinel
   Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon inlaid with black spinel is not only the original creation of the brand in Harrods, but also a masterpiece of unprecedented timepieces.

   As a classic series of Roger Dubuis, Excalibur watches continuously strive for development and innovation, so it has become the series with the most complicated functions and original technologies in brand timepieces. The 60 rectangular-cut natural black spinels inlaid on the bezel flash like dim stars, creating a subtle interplay with the black titanium case. The production of such a superb watch brings together a number of exquisite craftsmanship, and the inlaying of precious stones on the rubber material of the metal bezel is also the technology first launched by the brand at the 2015 SIHH; Roger Dubuis For this breakthrough technology, two years of research and development time have been invested and created by Pascal Vincent Vaucher, a well-known Geneva gem setting expert.
   Such a timepiece makes the Excalibur King series even more a reflection of the strict quality standards of the Geneva Seal. This model is limited to 8 pieces, each priced at £ 129,900.
   We look forward to welcoming you to the pop-up area of ​​Harrods Department Store to learn more about the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis, a world of timepieces that combines superb technology and innovative shapes.
Black Velvet

Case: 36 mm diameter, carbon fiber,
Bezel and decorative parts set with 66 diamonds (approximately 0.98 carats)
Thickness: 8.77 mm
Dial: Mother-of-pearl dial, black transfer Roman numerals,
Roman numerals in white gold at 6 and 12 o’clock;
Black transfer Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis)
With the words Poin 鏾 n de Genève
Water resistance: 3 bar (30 meters)
Strap: white satin weave strap
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium adjustable buckle
Movement: RD821 automatic winding movement
Yield: 88
Certification: Seal of Geneva (Poin 鏾 n de Genève)
RD821 movement: automatic winding
Features: automatic mechanical movement
Function: hour and minute display, precise adjustment via six directions
Decoration: rhodium-plated, C 魌 es de Genève decoration,
Completely refined in accordance with the Geneva Seal Standard
Parts: 172
Gems: 33
Diameter: 11 law points
Thickness: 3.43 mm
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 48 hours
Excalibur Spider Flying Tourbillon

Case: 45 mm diameter, hollow, titanium alloy,
Black DLC-coated titanium alloy ring and crown;
Rubber bezel set with 60 rectangular-cut black spinels (approximately 2.30 carats)
Thickness: 13.75 mm
Dial: skeleton; black DLC-coated titanium alloy skeleton,
White transfer minute ring, Roger Dubuis
And swiss made,
Titanium alloy screws covered with SLN luminous coating;
Gold skeleton hands, black DLC with SLN luminous coating
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Black rubber
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium / steel adjustable folding buckle
Movement: RD505SQ manual winding movement
Yield: 8
Certification: Seal of Geneva (Poin 鏾 n de Genève)
RD505SQ movement: skeleton flying tourbillon
Features: flying tourbillon at 7:30 (one rotation per minute),
Mechanical movement with manual winding, precisely adjusted in six positions
Function: hour and minute display
Decoration: skeleton movement, black, round grained splint, Celtic cross
Tourbillon frame, fully refined according to the Geneva mark standard
Parts: 179
Gems: 19
Diameter: 16 French cents
Thickness: 4.28 mm
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 60 hours

Rolex 2016 Basel New Product Exhibition Shines “Rolex World • World”

From June 3 to July 31, 2016, Rolex Experience, the world’s only brand experience center located at 27 on the Bund, will be presented in Basel 2016. New watches launched at the World Watch & Jewellery Fair-Rolex Classic Oyster and Cellini watches. Once launched this year, the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch attracted attention in this exhibition. The newly designed black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring perfectly combines Rolex Craftsmanship and the classic aesthetics of this legendary chronograph. The new Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39 (Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39) is set with the rarest diamonds, fully showing Rolex’s extraordinary skills in gem setting. The new Datejust 41, LadyDatejust28 and YachtMaster40 reinterpret classic beauty with precious materials. The new Oyster Perpetual AirKing, Explorer and the new Cellini series give the dial new aesthetics, fully demonstrating Rolex’s innovative capabilities, expertise and extraordinary accomplishments. Upholding the brand tradition, Rolex continues to pursue excellence in performance and cutting-edge craftsmanship. It conducts the latest standard tests for all existing Rolex watches, giving it a green seal that symbolizes ‘precision observatory precision timepieces.’ Great initiative.

   In the nearly two-month exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to take a close look at these outstanding new works, experience Rolex’s rich watchmaking tradition that combines innovative technology, outstanding achievements, elegant style and precision and reliability. The “Rolex World • World” integrates brand history, sponsored event theme exhibitions and classic watch displays. This exhibition gathers Rolex classic heritage style and brings to the public a truly annual appreciation of new products and a full-scale brand experience.
‘2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair Rolex Exhibition’
Exhibition time: June 3 to July 31, 2016, 11:00 to 20:00
Venue: Rolex World, 1F, No.27 Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Appointment and inquiry details: (021) 3330 0091

Ds Double Insurance Certina C013.407.47.081.00 Watch Appreciation

Certina was founded in 1888, is a watch brand from Switzerland, the brand was founded with excellent quality and durability as the core principles of the brand. Therefore, Certina has a very good market in the very practical watch field of sports. While inheriting the superior quality and technology of Swiss fine watchmaking, it also perfectly integrates sports elements.
The Schnauzer DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch is an authentic diving watch with many characteristics required for diving, and it is also very obvious in appearance.
First of all, this watch is made of titanium alloy and has a diameter of 43.2 mm. It is a larger watch. The bezel is a ceramic bezel and the strap is a rubber strap. All of these materials are selected. , All have very star characteristics: light texture, anti-wear, corrosion resistance. This watch does not have a significant load on the wrist, because the overall material used is lighter, and it is lighter than a steel watch.

In addition, the hands and scales are coated with a fluorescent coating, which can emit light in a dim environment, so that time can be easily read, but this requires absorbing sunlight during the day to ‘replenish the energy required for fluorescence’. In particular, it is said that the fluorescence of the Schnauzer watch only needs to be 25cm underwater to shine. This author has never seen it with his own eyes, and he would like to explain it.
Schnauzer DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch as a diving watch, in addition to the calendar display, diving bezel, the most important thing is the DS double insurance function.
The calendar display function is located between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions, and is displayed in a digital window format, which is intuitive and specific. As with other normal calendar functions, you need to manually adjust the calendar multiple times throughout the year.
The diving bezel rotates in one direction and rotates counterclockwise, but this watch is strange. The scale on the bezel is not marked according to the scale of the normal diving bezel. Obviously, it can not achieve the desired effect. In addition, Dive watches are used for divers to work underwater. Without accurate and clear time instructions, they will endanger the life of divers. Obviously this watch does not do enough in this regard.

DS double insurance includes specially treated sapphire crystal glass, waterproof gaskets on the crown, special gaskets on the case bottom cover, waterproof gaskets on the lever, and a case bottom cover that is forcibly fastened. Overall, its DS double insurance is mainly waterproof and cushioning.
Scherner DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch adhering to the brand’s characteristics, the DS double insurance series is applied in it, so that the watch movement is best protected. In addition, the application of titanium, stainless steel, rubber bands, ceramics and other materials makes the watch light and strong. The movement uses ETA’s 2824-2 movement. After the brand joins the Swatch Group, the use of ETA movements is often more convenient.
However, in terms of professionalism, there are no special signs on the diving bezel, no countdown scale, and some are not very satisfactory, but for the price of about 6,000, these performances are already good, and it is also a good choice to explore with it.
 Watch details: certina / 20816 /

Best Choice For A Second Watch For A Boyfriend

For the first watch, men usually conservatively choose big three-handed and small three-handed models with strong formal flavor. The stance that the man is mature, calm, and more comfortable than high-level society is presented in this detail. The second watch is closer to the essence of a man, with the purpose of indulging personal indulgence. The randomness without disguise is the essence of the choice of this second watch.
Speed ​​Pamper
Speed ​​petting has a lot in common with flying dreams. It’s all about making yourself stronger through conquest. Just like when boys were always chasing cars behind the truck, not because the car was beautiful, but they always wanted to prove that they could be strong.

Certina DS Podium Valjoux Champion Automatic Chronograph Robert Kubica Limited Edition
This is a brand born with a strong desire for speed, and its current president has been a professional racer. So for this watch, you just need to say a few focus information that has nothing to do with the function. This watch is produced in a limited edition of 1984. This number is derived from the year that Certina’s co-driver (BMW Sauber F1 Team Speed ​​Ambassador Robert Kubica) was born. It is also a watch for racing cars. There should be no reason why people don’t like the sharp contrast color and the protruding texture of the dial design. In addition, the case back has a profile and signature of Robert Kubica helmet decorated with filigree. Absolutely enough for sports gentlemen who love motorsport.
Citroën created for Robert Kubica, the speed ambassador of the BMW Sauber F1 Team. In 2006, Robert Kubica won his first championship point in life and won third place in Monza. It continued the stability of his race all the way. Citroen saw the driver’s unique personality and created this automatic chronograph to praise him. The limited number 1984 is the young man with unlimited prospect Year of birth of the rider. The speedy dial and the belts used for formal watches also make this watch dynamic.

Blancpain Super Trofeo Chronograph Watch
If you love speed watches, then the news of cooperating with Lamborghini will not disappoint your expectations of speed. The dial of this watch can visually let you find the super-quality picture of the racing instrument panel; the strap can let you find the super toughness of the tires during galloping on the touch; a large proportion of the red numbers on the dial Using it will definitely make you different.
The result of the cooperation between Lamborghini Gallardo and the Super Trofeo flyback chronograph is the red light of the Super Trofeo racing car into a chronograph button on the side of the case.
Blancpain Super Trofeo flyback chronograph. The 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock slightly exaggerated red Arabic numerals are set against the black dial, forming a delicate visual balance, making the sense of movement come out. Its strap uses the same alcantara composite material as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing seat.
Model 560ST-11D30-52B, Cal.F185 self-winding movement, flyback timing function, stainless steel case with matte black PVD coating, black dial, large red Arabic numerals at 9 and 12 o’clock, 6 Point small seconds and date display window, 30-minute and 12-hour counters at 3 and 9 o’clock, black strap, black PVD-plated stainless steel buckle, limited to 300 pieces per year, case diameter 43.5 mm, waterproof depth 100 Meters, with a power reserve of 40 hours.
Flight pet
The flying pet can also be called the man’s high-altitude dream NO.1. This is how many men’s highest dreams in childhood, enjoy the feeling of self-conquest in the sky, enough to make the first flying man illusion that he once had a pair of wings.

Hamilton Helicopters
Hamilton is another star in Hollywood, because you can always see him playing with tough guys on classic Hollywood movies. The reason for taking this watch is because the film ‘Pearl Harbor’ is closely related to the series; the second is because the 44mm large dial is really cool. Fascinating looks are just one of the things that make a watch special. The Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature converter and the maximum take-off weight (M.T.O.W) calculator are essential instruments for helicopters, but in this watch, all 44 mm dials are stored. Although these professional functions are not usually used, their existence is definitely a highlight of your party.

Oris BC4 Flight Correction Chart
Even in the age of advanced technology and GPS flight navigation, pilots still rely on watches. To perform a successful full flight, the pilot must measure the time required to reach each fixed point. This watch features a correction movement that allows the minute display to be read accurately without being affected by the hour and second hands. This is a regret for watches in speed measurement, but if you are good at flying, this information for this watch is enough to let you decide whether to fly with it.
RisOris worked with flight partners-Blue Eagles helicopter experts to create the new BC4 flight series. The new Oris BC4 flight correction watch, its watch case structure and dial design, are inherited from the BC4 family. In particular, the correction movement is used as the heart to make it more light.
The calibration movement has an independent minute hand in the center, so that the minute display can be read accurately without being affected by the hour and second hands. The application of the correction movement to the flight watch is Oris’s ingenuity! Because for the pilot, the meaning of the minute display is indeed more critical. The bezel of this watch, in particular the minute number instead of the clock number, strongly declares that the minute of the flight must be counted. At the same time, the watch has a distinctive instrument panel atmosphere.
垂直 The vertical crown at 2 o’clock can be used to rotate the inner dial to set the minute indicator and countdown timer for the second time zone. The key configuration on the dial is clear, and the hierarchical design comes alive. This watch is more particularly presented in the classic flying bag style. In this one-of-a-kind Oris flight bag, you will have a superb BC4 correction table, a dedicated writing pad and pencil, a flight map, and a flight schedule.