Panerai Reopens Taipei 101 Store

Taiwan, in June 2015, Italian luxury watch brand Panerai re-opened the Taipei 101 flagship store, located on the first floor of the international landmark Taipei 101 Shopping Center, covering a total area of ​​101 square meters. Taiwan’s largest specialty store.

   Patricia Urquiola, a well-known Spanish designer based in Italy, reinterprets Panerai’s classic aesthetics and watchmaking techniques, while retaining the brand’s unique characteristics in design. Patricia Urquiola’s design respects the brand’s heritage without sacrificing fashion and elegance, and cleverly connects the past and the future. Through the design concept and selection of materials, Panerai began to manufacture precision instruments for the Italian Navy diving commandos from the 1930s to the 1950s, demonstrating the deep roots of the marine world and the brand philosophy.

   Patricia Urquiola has carefully selected unique and unique elements for the store, using Italian calacatta luccicoso, bronze, solid wood and special wave-shaped transparent glass to perfectly show the history of Panerai and the ocean Unique origin.
   The large wall clock in the store displays a large-scale sandwich sandwich plate that is the most representative of Panerai watches. This dial is sandwiched between two identical dials coated with a powerful luminous SuperLumiNova® material to ensure that the dial is legible even in the harshest black environments. This design has been preserved to this day and has become an important classic feature of Panerai, fully showing the brand’s history and legendary heritage.

   The new exclusive store also has a separate VIP space for watch lovers to enjoy a distinguished experience in a spacious and comfortable environment. Many elegant Panerai related books are displayed in the elegant space environment, detailing the roots of the brand and Italy, Florence, the sea and design, leading watch lovers to indulge in the world of Panerai. In addition, the shop also set up a watchmaker’s studio in Taiwan for the first time. Panerai-certified professional craftsmen provide on-site maintenance services and various professional assistance for VIPs.
   Following the opening of stores in Florence, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Miami, the new Panerai Taiwan store will bring new watch appreciation spaces and environments for customers and collectors. Following the re-opening of Canton Road stores in Hong Kong designed by Patricia Urquiola, Panerai stores opened 64 stores worldwide, three of which are located in Taiwan.