Panerai10th Anniversary Of Riding The Wind And Waves

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the partnership between PANERAI and the classic sailing sport. PANERAI has ten years of unremitting enthusiasm for the ocean, the beauty and the history behind each sailing ship. The challenge became the premier international competition for classic and classic sailing.

 Becoming a sponsor of the Classic Sailing Challenge 10th Anniversary demonstrates PANERAI’s determination to promote and inherit this extraordinary maritime cultural tradition and heritage. The essence of this traditional activity is reflected in every magnificent ‘Sea Lady’. With their magnificent figures, the audience who had the honor to witness the exciting events of the past century has been fascinated. On this occasion of the 10th anniversary, PANERAI will hold special events at each stage of the challenge. The brand will also present a ’10 Years of Passion’ promotional plan to celebrate this proud milestone.

 The 10th PANERAI Classic Sailing Challenge will uphold this passionate celebration spirit and become the most colorful event ever. The schedule for the first time has increased to 11 international stages, most of which are on the Mediterranean Tour, including the Italian, French and Spanish waterways; and the North American Tour in New England. This year’s season has traditionally begun in April, with the 27th Antigua Classic Sailing Challenge taking place on the Caribbean Sea. The participating teams will move to Coates on the Isle of Wight in July to challenge the PANERAI British Classic Week Championship. The entire season will end in Cannes at the end of September.

 Thousands of sailing enthusiasts and more than a hundred classic and classic sailing boats are eagerly looking forward to this year’s PANERAI Classic Sailing Challenge. They are gearing up for the 2013 champions ─ including the Mediterranean Tour champion Cambria (big boat group), Leonore Sailing group) and Il Moro di Venezia (classic sailing group); and North American Tour leader Black Watch. Star yachts participating in the 2014 season include the Bermuda sailboat Eilean, built in 1936 and acquired and restored by PANERAI.

Brand Ambassador participates in the Mediterranean Tour.

 PANERAI supports classical sailing for 10 years

 Eilean, a Bermudan catamaran acquired and restored by PANERAI, will participate in the Mediterranean Tour as the PANERAI brand ambassador.

 Classical sailing sports enthusiasts work together to chase the champion of this magnificent race in the wind and waves