Play Solid Experience Huang Lixing Incarnation G-shock Manager And G 迷 夏 Passion

The 2012G-SHOCK ‘Summer Art Wind’ first kicked off in Guangzhou with its strong momentum, and the second station was staged in Chengdu Wangfujing Second Store on July 21-22. On the morning of the event, a enthusiastic G fan came to the scene, and the entire Wangfujing department store was blocked, so as to have a close contact with Huang Lixing. Huang Lixing, as always, is tough, independent, and breaks through the traditional coolness of handsomeness and the spirit of Toughness advocated by G-SHOCK. The cool and handsome appearance and irresistible charm, greet the fans enthusiastically, the most concerned part of the day The 10 “Special Limited Gift Boxes” sold by Huang Lixing personally were enthusiastically snapped up by G-SHOCK fans. On the day, many fashionable hipsters who could not get gift boxes poured into Casio Chengdu Wangfujing Second Store to witness the unique charm of Huang Lixing and limited gift boxes. The atmosphere of the scene pushed to a hot climax. G-SHOCK once again collaborated with IdleBeats, bringing a new trend of art to the summer in Chengdu. Founded in 2009, IdleBeats is the first original screen printing & design studio in China. The founders of this event Nini Sum and Gregor Koerting from Germany specially customized screen prints for G-SHOCK. , And personally taught enthusiastic audiences to make artistic T-shirt creations at the scene. The innovative and individual patterns make G-SHOCK fans in Chengdu feel the perfect combination of G-SHOCK’s TOUGH spirit and art. On the day, even more lucky consumers won the original prints and “Beauty of the Wrist Beauty” promotion travel prize on the spot. The two artists of IdleBeats presented awards to the lucky fans, which made many people envious. G-SHOCK has always encouraged and supported the trend avant-garde art with its absolutely cool Tough spirit. And bringing this kind of creative art to products has always been an indispensable fashion cool product for trend-conscious people! Since its development, G-SHOCK has become an ICON in the trend industry. In this season, various G-SHOCK stores in Chengdu have recommended a number of summer cool items. The GA-150 series has an oversized three-dimensional dial, and the aviation model GW-4000 series with shockproof, vibration resistant and anti-centrifugal 3G technology. , The classic shockproof function is as indestructible as ever, which is the purpose and spirit of G-SHOCK [Absolute Toughness]. The tour of Chengdu Station is successfully completed. The next station will be held in Dalian on July 28. There will still be multiple gifts for the day.