Recalling The History Of Mechanical Watchmaking Tudor 2015 Fashion Theme Exhibition Recruitment

The long-lasting shield is the permanent logo of Tudor. It perfectly interprets the inheritance and classics with a modern style. This kingly watch brand will take us through a history of mechanical watchmaking. ,are you ready? The just-concluded ‘2015 Tudor Watch Fashion Theme Exhibition’ tour in Beijing has been enthusiastic for the majority of watch fans. The exhibition will be successively presented in Guangzhou and Shanghai, sharing the passion for fine watchmaking with watch connoisseurs, and loves Tudor watch friends We can register for the exhibition according to the method provided at the bottom of the article.
——Tudu Fashion Theme Exhibition Hall——

   When you are in the exhibition area, you can enjoy time and style, longitude and latitude, and enjoy its unique long-distance and mellow unique flavor. With a few moments, Tudor integrates style into history and transforms it into machinery. This year can be said to be a milestone for Tudor. At the beginning of the Basel watch exhibition, God Helm released a completely self-produced basic movement MT5621, which is mounted on its latest watches. The movement is wound in both directions and has a power reserve of 70 hours. It has a practical kinetic energy display that makes this movement impeccable.

‘2015 Tudor Fashion Theme Exhibition’ booth style

There are four areas of the brand history, diving watch, chronograph watch and textured strap

Review of Tudor Classic History
——A historical review of Tudor classic models——
   The most attractive pictures of the brand’s historical area and twelve precious Tudor antique watches in the exhibition area explain the development of Tudor. While you watch the masterpieces of timepieces quietly, you can not only feel the trajectory of time passing, but also personally Experience the classic and superb watchmaking skills of Tudor heritage.

  Here you will go back and forth between antiques and modern watches, as if walking in time, as if traveling through a period of time, slowly and carefully savour that time. The Prince and Princess series, the classic series, the fashion series, the Junyu series and the rose series are telling each visitor a story of their own, a legendary story of Tudor.

——Create unique style fashion blockbusters——

   After stepping out of the ‘soul’ of Tudor’s history, you can also wear your favorite Tudor watch and walk into the fashion photography area prepared by the brand for you. Professional photographers will personally shoot a group of your own unique style of fashion The blockbuster is very tempting, is there? In order to achieve the best shooting results, it is recommended that you wear clothing that shows your personality and match with the shooting.
   Follow the official TUDOR WeChat, click ‘e-mail invitation’ in the navigation bar, you can get a fashion photography appointment letter, after holding the WeChat appointment letter to enter the shooting, we will send you this fashion photography according to the email you left commemorate. At the same time, you can click “Tudor Watch Fashion Book” in the navigation bar of Tiduo WeChat, you can also browse the exciting photos of the event.
——Interactive Quiz Game——
  Enter ‘Q1’ in the official Tudor WeChat to start challenging the Tudor interactive quiz game. As long as you read the introduction in the exhibition area, you can easily find the answer to the interactive quiz game. Answer the three questions correctly and you will have a chance to win the Tudor Gifts.
——Tudor Honorable Gift——

   Participate in any of the above activities, you will have the opportunity to get the ultimate honorable gift: a limited edition customized version of Moleskine Red Notepad, each station exhibit 20, a total of 60. Tudor will announce the list of winners on official WeChat within 10 days after the end of each exhibition and mail the prizes as soon as possible.

“2015 Tudor Fashion Theme Exhibition” launched:
Guangzhou Station:
Time: May 29, 2015-June 7
Venue: Atrium of Tianhe City, Guangzhou
Shanghai Railway Station:
Time: June 12, 2015-June 21
Venue: Atrium of Hanggang Plaza, Shanghai Ganghui
ways of registration:
Scan the WeChat QR code below, follow the official TUDOR WeChat, and click on the ‘e-mail invitation’ on the ‘Explore More’ menu to start your journey of TUDOR fashion; you can also directly search for ‘TUDOR Watch’ in the WeChat public account ‘Follow!