Swatch Group: Its Tech-airport Company-four New Stores In The German Market And The First Step In Ireland

Tech-Airport, a company engaged in airport retail business under the Swatch Group, has recently won a tender at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport in Germany and will start from 2012 In July of this year, four new boutique concept stores of jewelry and watches were launched.
 The successful bidding has enabled the company to successfully provide ‘Passion One Hour’ watch and jewelry retail business outlets, Omega stores, Swatch Swatch stores, etc., which will appear in the core position of the retail market.
 This news fully reflects the confidence of Rhine Airport, because it only follows Terminal C of Düsseldorf Airport, the first sales point opened in Germany. It brings technology, experience and many favorable factors. Tech-Airport has 33 discount chains.
In the meantime, leading watch and jewellery retailers will continue to expand the influence of the concept of ‘One Hour of Passion’, which will be the first to open at Terminal 2 of the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.

 Tech-Airport, a company engaged in airport retail business under the Swatch Group Swatch Group Co., Ltd., and The Swatch Group Ireland Ltd., Swatch Group Ireland Ltd. have jointly opened a total area of ​​86 square meters and its modern technology The 30th store of innovative and environmentally friendly design is fully in line with the contemporary building concept. The boutique makes perfect use of the local environment, including light and location. There are many favorable conditions available. Passengers are invited to freely choose many famous clocks, clothing, jewelry brands, Swatch, FlikFlak, Certina. , CalvinKlein Watches and Jewelry, Hamilton, Tissot, Rado, Longines Longines … plus such a chic selection method.
 In the distance is the dining area, Flik Flak. Behind this kids’ Swiss watch brand is a very magical children’s play area covering 50 square meters. The design inside is completely faithful to their spirit. Flik Flak’s philosophy is always full of fun. Many passengers who like games and other people who are looking for fun are staying at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport Terminal 2.

 ‘Tech-Airport Holding SAS’, an airport retail company established by Biel / Biene (Switzerland) Swatch Group Ltd. in 2004. Currently it has established boutiques at 7 airports in Europe and Asia, namely: Paris Roissy Airport and Paris Orly Airport (France), Nice Côte d’Azur Airport ((France), Nantes Atlantique Airport ((France), Geneva Airport ((Switzerland), Changi Changi Airport ((Singapore) and Düsseldorf Dusseldorf Airport ((Germany). Omega and Swatch Swatch’s ‘Passion for One Hour’ Boutique Concept, has become The first reference for European airport operating brands.
Original source: Swa tchGroup