Technology Makes Low-key Luxury

The appearance of fashion is always changing rapidly. After exaggeration and complexity, it will always return to pure and simple. Luxury is no longer just a dazzling pronoun, more history and connotation give it a deeper meaning. TAG Heuer launched the Calibre S chronograph, a series of innovative breakthroughs in technology. It achieves superb quality, unique personality and elegance, and interprets the most low-key luxury.

Technology creates low-key luxury
豪 Bernard Arnold, head of the LVMH group, once described the standard of living in his eyes, and TAG Heuer ranked among them.
It can be seen that its luxurious temperament and outstanding performance are outstanding, and TAG Heuer’s Lincoln series is even more outstanding. In April this year, TAG Heuer launched the Lincoln series Calibre S chronograph, which perfectly presented this technological innovation with elegant luxury. .
Patented movement
BreCalibre S is a high-tech movement developed and patented exclusively by TAG Heuer. It requires more than 230 components and 5 high-performance two-way engines, which can double the torque of traditional stopwatch engines. The revolutionary appearance of CalibreS has become a milestone for the Swiss watchmaking industry. It combines the advantages of existing quartz and mechanical movements and proposes a new movement standard. The advent of this movement will undoubtedly create the era of ‘Pre-Calibre S’ and ‘Post-Calibre S.’ At present, the first generation of quartz chronographs on the market still imitates the display structure of mechanical movements. Unlike them, the Calibre S chronograph uses the same full-size central hand to measure and display the watch and chronograph functions, which integrates the accuracy of quartz rhythm with The superior gear complexity of the mechanical chain is one of the breakthrough results of the combination of quartz and mechanical technology innovation. It is a technological wonder. It is worth mentioning that the Calibre S debuted in the March 2007 snorkeling series and witnessed the historic and close cooperation between TAG Heuer and the ‘China Team’ at the 32nd America’s Cup Regatta.
Innovative dial
The Lincoln Calibre S chronograph has a 42 mm case diameter and is inspired by the instrument panel. It combines outstanding features and smooth lines into the avant-garde design. The time and chronograph functions can be displayed simultaneously in the central hour, minute and second hands. It includes two functions, segmented timing and intermediate timing. The case is curved and wear-resistant sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare treatment to ensure excellent readability. In addition, the Lincoln Calibre S chronograph can also measure and display the time of the two places at the same time. The innovation of this chronograph is that its two sector-shaped chronograph windows can display the perpetual calendar “reverse” calendar in watch mode (no need to adjust the time before 2099), and it can also display in chronograph mode to an accuracy of 1 / 100 seconds of time.
Exquisite details
Other prominent features of the Lincoln Calibre S chronograph include: a solid steel folding strap, a double safety folding buckle with a security button, hand-embedded curved and faceted graduations, and 200 meters of water resistance. And silver dial are available in two colors. The fixed bezel with polished surface treatment and black tachymeter scoring highlight the essence of sports watches.
TAG Heuer Lincoln Calibre S chronograph combines breakthrough mechanical innovation, outstanding performance, and clear reading advantages into the most elegant sports watch design concept, creating the most readable chronograph unprecedented in history, making the Lincoln series pure The elegance is reflected to the extreme, creating a timeless low-key luxury.