Vacheron Constantin And Buhler School Of Design Reinterpret The Beauty Of ‘legendary Decoration’

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, Vacheron Constantin officially announced the establishment of a unique partnership with the Boulle Design Institute in Paris. The news came just right, and it was recalled that the first such agreement in the history of the brand was actually possible. Dating back to the 19th century in cooperation with the Geneva Watch School. The brand name Constantin (literally Vacheron Constantin) is quite similar to constancy (constant), and constancy is also regarded as the brand’s middle name (the middle name contains prominent features), Vacheron Constantin need not worry about being accused of deviation Tradition.

   Brand CEO Juan-Carlos Torres said, ‘Establishing such a partnership is not an option to judge, but a respect for the brand’s history and a commitment to supporting the development of arts and crafts. Vacheron Constantin has a proud tradition in this field. In 1755, founder Jean-Marc Vacheron began to try to transform the design model of the time to make it more beautiful and charming. ‘

   In fact, Vacheron Constantin has already proven its excellence in the field of arts and crafts, and it is difficult to take control of this highland and other brands. However, persisting in learning new things, self-improvement can lead the pace of the times and move forward. Vacheron Constantin also actively welcomes the inspiration of external factors, which is the focus behind the collaboration with the Paris Boulle Design Institute.

   In specific practice, Vacheron Constantin has already assigned dozens of first-year students of applied art and architectural decoration (Diplôme des Métiers d’Art). They will be responsible for the Fabuleux Ornements series of watch dials launched in 2014. Innovate. Art and craftsmanship show women’s elegant beauty, rich ornamental value and eccentric pointer design are the three distinctive features of this series of watches. On the basis of respecting the three inherent characteristics of retention, the focus of innovation work is how to better handle the margins outside the design of eccentric pointers. As with any academic project, students will begin their design work within a strict and standardized framework: the finished dial must not exceed 10,000 euros; the first creative design proposal must be submitted by mid-December.

   The smooth progress of this cooperation requires the cooperation of the Vacheron Constantin Think Tank Research Institute and the brand’s crafts development and management departments. The new project is run by Samira Marquis, director of the Vacheron Constantin Institute. ‘In the process of cooperation with the Buhler School of Design, we will implement the inherent mission of promoting education and inheriting watchmaking,’ she said. ‘Every year, we Will train approximately 30 watchmakers and 10 apprentices in the arts and crafts (chamfering, piercing and gem setting). ‘

   Does this mean that we will soon have the ‘Vacheron Constantin-Büller’ joint signed work? ‘It’s still too early,’ CEO Juan-Carlos Torres said cautiously. ‘The first design proposals will be submitted in a few weeks, and we will decide on the way forward in February 2015 based on the expected goals.’

   At the same time, Vacheron Constantin also commissioned some students to design and manufacture watch display boxes. The four lucky students selected were mainly engaged in BTS product design courses, not arts and crafts. They can submit two to four designs by June 2015. The final winner will be displayed in the window of Vacheron Constantin Paris boutique.