Why Watch The Entry-level Model With Only 1 Million Funds?

The stories of several readers recently made me fall into deep thought. For example, for an entry-level explosion, buy a few other non-hot models. The rabbit carefully calculated that the total price can buy high-end products, and the gold diamonds can be properly put on. Why insist on the entry products? This is not an isolated phenomenon, in fact it is very common. The one I remember most is holding a 1 million budget and seeing all the entry explosions in his eyes, and in order to get these so-called explosions, he needs to spend more than half of the funds to buy him Unwanted watches. I tried to persuade them to look beyond the market and re-examine the market, but it took a bit of thought to shake the attachment. Probably the same principle, most tuition fees can only grow after paying. I think of a very distant story. About 20 years ago, when I read the Holy Book alone, I got a little money to buy clothes (I remember only 500 yuan), and ran into the store with the money, and gathered a full set of joy. Family. Some time ago, I took out the photos at that time and remembered the past, thinking in my mind: ‘How do you wear this local product!’ However, for a person who buys clothes seriously for the first time, it costs 500 yuan to buy a set The probability is much higher than buying one. Because, lack of clothes, lack of experience, lack of vision, often do not have that courage. Nowadays, some students’ standard equipment is a tide brand similar to Balenciaga. I do n’t know how we felt when buying a watch. It’s the same as when I was in the pit. I was surrounded by popular models and could n’t extricate myself. In fact, this stage will slowly pass, a little rational control, or a little experience will revise the idea. But today’s young people just happen to have a lot of money, and they never seem to realize what ‘restraint’ is, which brings greater cost to impulse. In fact, no one really needs so many entry models, even if they are all explosion models. I remember a reader asked me before, if PP, AP and Rolex each buy one, how to choose, my suggestion is to choose only one of the entry steel models (you can even give up for the time being), taking into account both formal and sports models (PP suggestion Formal watches are preferred), which is a more reasonable choice for normal watch lovers (after all, most of us are not reselling watches, and properness is more important than value preservation). For example, Rolex green face gold DD and Audemars Piguet 26331, both styles and two materials are taken into consideration. Of course, this is only a combination. For most junior consumers, at this time, it is appropriate to consider early adopters. From the perspective of personality niche, explore Explore industry boundaries. Because I think that we need to broaden our horizons as far as possible to look at consumption. It already has a gradient. The more we see, the more we know what we really love and strengthen our self-awareness. A person who has only bought a Rolex has a completely different mentality from a person who has seen the industry and still loves Rolex. It’s like buying black and white is an eternal classic, but without experiencing the design experience of every genre, it is difficult to realize the ultimate simplicity. The reason why I encourage everyone to get rid of entry and conservativeness early and try out individuality is because consumption will definitely upgrade under the premise of economic allowance. We may wish to welcome it earlier. Upgrading doesn’t have to be an increase in money, it can also strengthen your personality. For example, in my eyes, better upgrade options are similar to Athens and Hublot. Of course, more powerful people will be tempted to RM (primary consumers do not recommend independent designer brands for the time being, after-sales is still very important). Freak X in Athens is more beautiful in rose gold, and Hublot has many styles. It is recommended to choose a slightly exaggerated upgrade with a design sense and maybe even reduce the budget to increase the style. For example, Panerai is for those who have many watches. For men, there will always be a piece. Panerai Radiomir 45mm (PAM00995), military green new, we may even go back and buy a piece of 10,000-level Oris, Fiyta (rabbit just bought one), as a daily decoration. Of course, if the budget is enough, you can add more gold and diamonds. (I recently encountered readers who said that he only watched Rolex with diamonds. He turned back and said quietly: Who hasn’t eaten a gold loss?). This is the simplest and rude way, hehe … I know everyone’s mentality for getting started. Some people rely on this threshold if they ca n’t get through the threshold. I do n’t recommend that you buy a watch at a higher price, but for pairing, this takes into consideration As for the technical issues, the rabbit will mention a few points. A reader told me a few days ago that he bought a Jaeger-LeCoultre in order to buy a black water ghost. I have always thought that it is not necessary to spend extra money for Heishuigui, but if I choose to flip the two places, it is not bad. I would even recommend buying the gold Jaeger-LeCoultre directly, and Heishuigui should be in a hurry and feel very comfortable. . Some readers have asked me before if I want to buy the hot steel model of AP, is Code11.59 worth buying? In fact, I think this is the most convenient and efficient way. Code11.59, as AP’s new formal watch, is just a combination of Royal Oak and sports formal. Code11.59 is a watch that needs to look at the real thing. The details are very delicate and there is another way. When choosing the watch for the family, it may be a good idea to consider the matching of men and women. For example, Blancpain’s commander of the air force this year, and Blancpain’s moon beauties are very flattering to girls, and it’s also a good idea to try to buy a home together (thinking about fifty is a bit greedy). There is also a purchase combination that everyone may ignore, that is, individual Rolex dealers also operate other categories of products, such as jewelry. There are some brands that are quite good. This must be more suitable than a black-faced inventory table. Therefore, the rabbit can also be considered to help ‘hot models of obsessive-compulsive disorder’ to go through this difficult first stage, the next is who is the first to upgrade who is happy. Thinking of a very interesting question before, one reader said that if I had 1 million, I would buy 6 Rolex. In fact, this is a hypothetical answer. Except for the individual diehard fans of Rolex, the people who say this answer are most likely primary consumers of high-end brands. For one thing, he was in a period of enthusiasm for Rolex. Second, from the average price point, 6 yuan, it is difficult to buy high-end models, it is likely to repeat similar purchases. But we understand that a person who has been baptized by consumption upgrade will not stay too long at one stage (for example, I already have Panda Di, who is not obsessed with steel models, I must choose a pearl lady, about 500,000. One or two dollars, will even transfer the budget to others). So back to our original topic, why did anyone buy a watch for 1 million and still think about the entry model? In essence, this is because the consumption experience does not match the consumption budget. That’s why I often persuade young readers that even if you have ample budget (such as your parents’ financial support), you also need to learn short-term restraint and break out of the restrictions in a timely manner. You can choose and grow in the process of thinking while buying. The last piece of advice is that the market is very transparent, and it will only become more and more transparent. Never believe that the world will fall out of the pie and just happen to hit you-for example, some people say that there are cheap explosions somewhere, the other party is not bad money, only appropriate price increases , Believe it or not? My answer is always, unless you have fatal friendships or exchange benefits, I don’t believe that a person will easily profit from you (people who are not bad money are often more busy and don’t have time to pay benefits). Resolutely give up the idea of ​​speculation, forbearance to skip that stage, look back and you will find that the growth is beautiful ~ gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to forward!