Iwc Schaffhausen Becomes The Newest Official Partner Of The Tribeca Film Festival ‘festival-time’

IWC Schaffhausen continues to support the film industry. The Swiss watchmaker has recently become a partner of the world-famous Tribeca Film Festival® ‘Festival-Time’. The 12th Tribeca Film Festival will be held in spring 2013.
Jon Patricof, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Enterprises is proud to work with the Swiss watchmaker: ‘The Tribeca Film Festival enjoys an international reputation for supporting filmmakers and encouraging newcomers to the film, and we are proud to partner with IWC, Realize its long-term commitment to quality craftsmanship and art. ‘Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, agrees:’ We have been truly invested in the field of film and film production for many years and we are honored Become an official partner of the Tribeca Film Festival ‘Festival-Time’. Interestingly, the film and fine watchmaking industries have a lot in common. Both are based on a long tradition and both have a pioneering spirit. In each of these areas, passion and expertise are critical. In the end, only real craftsmanship can successfully create immortal masterpieces. ‘
American Roots
Since its first in 2002, the Tribeca Film Festival has attracted more than 1,400 films from 80 countries. The festival attracted more than 4 million attendees and brought in more than $ 750 million in revenue for New York City. The Tribeca Film Festival was launched and founded by the famous actors Robert De Niro, American film producer Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the ‘September 11’ event in 2011, dedicated to the Lower Manhattan area of ​​New York Economic recovery and cultural revitalization. Through annual film, music and cultural celebrations, the Tribeca Film Festival unites industry and society through storytelling.
‘Becoming a partner to this important American film festival also brings us back to our roots,’ explains Georges Kern. After all, IWC was founded in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones, an engineer and watchmaker from Boston, USA. Driven by the typical pioneering spirit of the United States, he combines the forward-looking production technology of the United States with the technology of Swiss watchmakers. Over the years, the company has developed into an internationally renowned watch manufacturer.

IWC Dinner for Dubai Film Producers
IWC held an exclusive filmmaker dinner in Dubai on December 10, 2012-from left to right: DIFF Chairman Abdulhamid Juma; IWC Award Chairman Cate Blanchett Cate Blanchett; IWC Chief Executive Officer CEO Georges Kern, and Maysoon Pachachi, IWC Filmmaker Award winner. (PHOTOPRESS / IWC)

Passion for the film industry
IWC Schaffhausen has demonstrated its passion for the film industry with a commitment. The company has hosted exclusive filmmaker dinners at the Cannes International Film Festival several times and awarded Maysoon Pachachi director the $ 100,000 IWC Persian Gulf Producer Award at the Dubai International Film Festival last year. Will make ambitious director Maysoon Pachachi present her movie vision on screen. ‘The partnership between the Tribeca Film Festival and IWC has greatly strengthened our support for world film production,’ said Georges Kern. ‘We are proud to serve during the event, which will take place on April 17-18, next year. ‘Festival-Time’ official partner. ‘
IWC on a silver screen
Over the years, IWC Schaffhausen’s precious watches have appeared in countless Hollywood movies and American TV series. Not only the thrilling business warfare film ‘Wall Street’, the blockbuster movie ‘Ocean’ s 13 ‘or the action comedy’ Red Flame ‘(RED), but also the thriller spy film’ The Legacy of Bourne ‘ Legacy’s protagonists ca n’t do without the IWC watch on their wrists. He has also become a popular American drama “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” and The hero and heroine in ‘The Good Wife’ have a good heart.
IWC has also been personally involved with many international film stars, directors and producers for many years. Brand friends include Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett and Jean Reno. Jean Reynolds, Matthew Fox, and Eric Dane.
Source: IWC
Please click here for a special report on watches and movies in the printed edition of Europa Star World December 2012 / January 2013.

Fresh And Romantic Casio Baby-g Series Flower Leopard Watch

BA-110FL Flower Leopard Series
   The use of new printing technology spreads the romantic ‘leopard print’ totem to the strap and case. The colorful flower leopard print totem is combined with light and shade parts to create a 3D three-dimensional dial, creating a fresh garden for girls . The watch uses the G-SHOCK hot-selling model GA-110. The BA-110 is reduced from a large diameter of 55mm to 46mm suitable for girls. There are three choices: dream green, romantic white and personality gray. Shock structure, waterproof 100 meters, anti-magnetic, 1/100 stopwatch, countdown, world time, daily alarm … and many other functions.




   BABY-G creates an exclusive fresh garden on the girl’s wrist, launches the BA-110FL Flower Leopard flower leopard series, using full printing technology, so that the playful and romantic atmosphere of the flower leopard element spread to every detail of the watch, with The 3D dial is composed of parts in shades of shades, which shows a more three-dimensional layering!

Panerai’s Big And Small Sea Kings Surface In 2019

Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Capricorn’, who specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches, and also has unique insights in jewelry, life, culture and art. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. The world of marine watches is very lively. Various nicknames of diving watches have become classics. Can you understand the ‘Neptune’ of Panerai? I started to call it ‘Neptune’. With my reputation of ‘Wrist’s Wrist’, this watch turned out to be the one I admired for a long time, but the only one that was not too dare to challenge. In fact, Panerai’s SUBMERSIBLE stealth watch The design from 42mm to 47mm should not be a style I can’t control, maybe I was shocked by the thickness of the case and the special design bezel designed for deep diving performance. The Panerai watch series is very simple to say, there are only two case classifications: the Radiomir series and the Luminor series, and they need to be subdivided. In simple terms, they are divided by the crown. The big onion crown That is, the flat and fat crown of the Radiomir series is the Radiomir 1940; the semicircular bridge with the semi-circular tie-bar protector is the Luminor series, and the semi-circular bridge of the Luminor series is also the most The most recognizable model of the public, but also the SUBMERSIBLE stealth series watch shaped by Luminor’s bridge, is that you may also have a deep impression on its special appearance, but you are less familiar with the name. SUBMERSIBLE stealth series is a more special style of all Panerai series. All Panerai watches are like a frame page of a history book. They are traceable. The source of Radiomir’s style is actually derived from the first diving wrist created by Panerai for the Italian Navy in 1936. The 1940 style is derived from the prototype design that was advanced during the development of the Panerai waterproof crown in the 1940s; and Luminor was also a patent developed by Panerai in 1953 to ensure high waterproofness Style design, so where does the appearance of SUBMERSIBLE come from? Panerai’s 2019 new SUBMERSIBLE sneaker series Guillaume Néry Edition (PAM983), a 47 mm diameter titanium case, limited to 15 pieces, priced at about 295,000 RMB. In the Panerai antique watch collection circle, there is a number with special significance. According to literature research, it is possible to make a total of about 100 before and after this antique watch numbered GPF 2/56. In 1956, Panerai provided a batch of diving watches to the Egyptian Navy. The 1950s was the beginning of the boom of diving watches. The appearance and functional design of modern diving watches were almost defined at that time. Only one watch was a hidden gem, which was similar in appearance to contemporary diving watches. It’s different, and its huge volume is called ‘instrument’ and is not an ordinary watch. Since GPF2 / 56 is a diving watch for the Egyptian Navy, later fans called it ‘ Great Egypt ‘. Panerai’s Egizlano Grosso (GPF 2/56) for the Egyptian Navy. GPF 2/56 defines several design elements of Panerai’s later SUBMERSIBLE stealth series: large size, the original Great Egypt was 60 mm in diameter, and the crown guard bridge was 66 mm. The modern SUBMERSIBLE stealth series watch The diameter has always been between 44 and 47 mm; another feature is the point scale design on the rotatable bezel. This 12 o’clock luminous large dot time scale and small dot time scale every five minutes, plus Corresponding numbers are engraved on the big circle hour markers on 15, 30, and 45 minutes. Of course, Panerai has also engraved a watch that is almost in line with the design of Great Egypt, but Great Egypt does affect the style of modern SUBMERSIBLE in many details. Inspired by the historical watch GPF 2/56, the PAM00341 is an inspiration. Panerai’s first modern SUBMERSIBLE should be the PAM024 published in 1998. This water-resistant 300-meter self-winding style is almost the same as the Luminor series at the time, but it is meticulous on the rotatable bezel. The cogging, as well as the dot scale on the bezel, are from the Great Egyptian design of 1956. The black dial and the date window equipped with a magnifying convex mirror, corresponding to the small seconds at the 9 o’clock luminous scale, are closer to the classic design of modern Panerai Luminor series watches. Panerai’s first modern Luminor Submersible automatic diving watch (PAM00024). Although the SUBMERSIBLE stealth series models are more or less new each year, and various special function versions or materials have been introduced, the 2019 SUBMERSIBLE stealth series is the biggest focus of Panerai’s new products. To see if you can choose the one you like, I will also see which one suits me best. Is there a logical code for Panerai watches? No . So it’s a strong memory, I can’t remember anyway, so everyone remembers the code of their favorite one. SUBMERSIBLE stealth series watch stainless steel / ceramic bezel / diameter 42 mm / OP XXXIV automatic winding movement / 72 hours of energy storage / water resistance of 300 meters / pricing of 71,800 yuan do not know why this wave of Neptune watches, just Only if it is coded forward, I think that no matter how the order of Panerai’s new table this year should start with 7. The PAM683 number is not only forward, the movement is also an earlier model OP XXXIV used by Panerai. This watch has two highlights: the black ceramic rotatable bezel, the blue word series name, water-resistant depth, and the small blue second hand. It’s a good size to wear 42 mm. SUBMERSIBLE stealth series watch stainless steel case / ceramic bezel / diameter 42 mm / OP XXXIV automatic movement / 72 hours of energy storage / water resistance of 300 meters / priced at about 71,800 RMB Although the jump number to the beginning of 9, but in fact PAM959 and PAM683 is the same family, but PAM959 is more special. Not only the navy blue ceramic ring, but also the shark gray surface that has never been seen in all the designs of Panerai. The small blue second hand is the finishing touch. It is my watch model of this year. The most interesting one. The self-winding movement is the same as above, and the water resistance is 300 meters. SUBMERSIBLE BMG-TECH ™ Stealth Series Metal Glass Watch BMG-TECH ™ Metal Glass Case / Carbotech Bezel / Titanium Case Back / Diameter 47mm / P. 9010 Automatic Movement / 72 hours Energy Storage / Water Resistance 300 Meters / Panerai watches with special materials are priced at about 112,000 RMB. Panerai watches are very popular: bronze, ceramic, but I do n’t know if this material is the same as the previous PAM692 using BMG-TECH ™ special alloy. Robbery? However, PAM799 is different in that it uses two new materials developed by Panerai in recent years: glass metal BMG-TECH (case) composed of zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium, and nickel, and Carbotech polymer carbon fiber materials. (Bezel), the case back is made of titanium, plus the first blue luminous wave dots and hands, and the face plate is a combination of thick line and wave point, our nickname SLC face plate design. I didn’t say that there was a limit, but I don’t think it will be too many, with a diameter of 47 mm and a self-made P.9010 automatic winding movement. SUBMERSIBLE MARINA MILITARE CARBOTECH ™ Stealth Carbon Fiber Watch Carbotech Carbon Fiber Composite Case and Bezel / Titanium Case Back / Diameter 47mm / P. 9010 Automatic Movement / 72 hours Energy Storage / Water Resistance 300 Meters / Pricing about 151,000 RMB black has become a trend, but (case, face plate) all black models actually test the case design is not characteristic, the readability of the face plate, SUBMERSIBLE’s rough and memorable appearance is characteristic Very few of them are superior. The PAM979 is made of polymer carbon fiber Carbotech case, bezel and black carbon face plate forged at high temperature and pressure. Although it is very light, it is matched with the dots and linear white of the SLC face plate. The time scale is more refined, 47mm I don’t know if someone like me with a 15.5cm wrist can’t carry it, but my face is definitely enough. SUBMERSIBLE MARINA MILITARE CARBOTECH ™ Carbon Fiber Watch Carbotech Carbon Fiber Composite Case and Bezel / Titanium Case Back / 47mm Diameter / P. 9010 Automatic Movement / 72 hours Energy Storage / Water Resistance 300 Meters / Limited 33 / Pricing is about 306,000 RMB. I estimate that this will be the most sought-after model in the SUBMERSIBLE sneaker series this year. Like PAM979, it belongs to the more preferred Marina Militare (the face plate has the wording at 6 o’clock) style, but this green Neptune is a special edition, limited to 33 pieces. It is also a polymer carbon fiber Carbotech black case, bezel and black carbon face plate, but the PAM961 is matched with the dark olive green luminous hour markers and hands used by Panerai for the first time, and the same color rubber strap is not known. Why I think this military watch style is more like land combat, and I don’t understand why the Panerai with the ocean as the focus of design, the green color is so different, but it doesn’t matter if it looks good. This year’s SUBMERSIBLE stealth series has three limited editions (including PAM961). Those who purchase limited edition watches can enjoy the exclusive adventure experience arranged by Panerai, including Italian naval base training, polar adventure experience, and more details will be shared later. In 2019, there are many new models of Panerai. This year will also be the start of Panerai’s market launch with different images. There are more watch reviews, and let me share them slowly next time. ▼ Join Luo 菈 ‘s circle of friends ▼ Search daxiedeluola Luo Wei’s micro-signal, and mark your identity and watch you own / loved. You can chat with Luo Luo directly in watch friends group.

Seiko Seiko Premier Series, 2009 A New Generation Of Fashion Classics

The 2009 SEIKO Premier Series brings the watch improvement to a new level. With two new movement numbers and more than 18 new watches, the Premier series has shown unprecedented strength and reflects its growing international popularity. The classic Premier series has a subtle new emphasis on design, and its appearance is fresh and elegant.
Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase. Direct Drive Moon Phase
There is no doubt that Kinetic’s direct-drive moon phase profit and loss watch is the star of this series. The charm of this beautiful new watch lies in the harmony between the never-ending planetary movement and the inexhaustible Kinetic energy.

Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase. Directly drive the moon phase profit and loss watch: Drive all week, date and power reserve displays through a single crown.
New Perpetual Calendar Stopwatch
Combining a fully functional stopwatch with a perpetual calendar is an irresistible challenge, but it is not a small challenge to complete it in a Premier watch with comfort and elegance. The key to success is a central pointer with dual functions. In daily mode, it displays the date, month, and leap year; in stopwatch mode, it can be used as a second hand. As a result, the dial is simple, clean and easy to read.

New Premier Women’s Collection
The Premier women’s collection has always been very successful. Seven new watches in 2009 perfectly interpreted Premier’s contemporary innovative spirit, and its design spirit embodies a solemn, classic style. Whether with or without diamonds, each Premier ladies watch is water resistant to 10 bar, with a curved sapphire crystal surface and a gemstone crown, which is not only practical but elegant.

44 diamonds and classic improvements

Art Deco Art Deco Inspires Curved Contours

Linde Werdelin Releases Enhanced Edition Oktopus Ii Watch

LindeWerdelin perfects the Oktopus II-Double Date by subtle but important improvements, further enriching the wearer’s visual and tactile experience.
The original Oktopus II-Double Date in this series is a black dial titanium version, upgraded with blue fluorescent hour markers, blue pressure dial, blue Linde Werdelin logo and blue dual calendar wheel to improve readability and enhance Dial visibility, this performance has been named Oktopus II-Double Date Titanium Blue.

‘In order to complete this concept series, we pay great attention to every detail and make better use of the role of each material. These nuances ultimately make the watch more perfect and mark our redefinition of the present and the future in combination with diving instruments ‘This diving watch should be a success for this challenge,’ said Morten Linde.
Oktopus II — The development of Double Date incorporates Linde Werdelin’s self-developed diving instrument Reef, whose creativity and structure were inspired by the sealed pressure chambers used to simulate deep sea tests Oktopus and Reef.

Oktopus II-Double Date Titanium with Ceramic Blue and Oktopus II-Double Date Titanium DLC Coated Titanium with Ceramic Yellow-Both are limited to 88 pieces-both will be available in August. Oktopus II-Double Date Rose Gold with Titanium Edition will be available in September.
Please click here to watch the Oktopus II introduction video.
Original source: LindeWerdelin

Permanent Aesthetics Tasting Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ii Series Watch

Rolex’s Journal Type II was launched in 2009. In its enlarged case, it contains the latest Rolex technology. Its unique calendar window and small window convex lens make it easy to identify. The new Oyster Perpetual Diary II, the revolutionary Rolex Classic Diary II, is now available in all stainless steel and polished outer ring styles. The high-quality 904L stainless steel oyster strap is equipped with a sophisticated Easylink system, which can easily adjust the length of the strap, making it more comfortable to wear in various situations. Today I will bring you a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date II watch. The official model of the watch is 116300-72210.

  Rolex’s most renowned watchmaking brand in the world, whether it is appearance or quality, can be said to be outstanding.

  The Oyster Perpetual Date II watch can be said to have a very high recognition rate. A round case with a diameter of 41 mm, a simple three-pin design, and a sapphire crystal glass with a calendar window enlarged 2.5 times the original size. These remarkable features have been well received since they came out and are still in use today. The Oyster case is an important basis for Rolex’s prestigious reputation and outstanding performance. It is made of Rolex’s unique 904L stainless steel.

  The screw-in double-locked winding crown design is simple and practical. The double-locking device ensures that the screw-in crown is completely waterproof, has a depth of 100 meters, is sharp and angular, and has a good feel. .

  The strap adopts Rolex’s classic oyster strap. It can be said that the oyster strap is the perfect embodiment of function, aesthetics and technology. First introduced in 1930, it consists of three rows of large, flat links that are extremely sturdy. It has always been the most widely used strap in the Oyster series. Made of 904L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and is widely used in high-tech, aviation and chemical industries.

  Viewed from the side without the crown, the polished bezel and side case, this watch is relatively thin, not heavy, and comfortable to wear.

  The buckle is an Oyster discount with a 5mm easy-to-adjust chain extension system. The convenience of this bracelet is that we wear a watch that slightly expands the wrist with temperature, height or physical activity. , So that the appropriate watch is uncomfortable to wear. This easy-to-adjust chain extension system requires only a simple folding to extend the strap by 5mm, making it more comfortable to wear.

  The design of the log-type lugs is relatively short. In order to better match the flexibility of the chain strap, the lugs are more like a part of the bracelet, integrated with the stainless steel on the bracelet, which is very comfortable to wear.

  The silver dial with solar radiation pattern, the hour scale is set with inlaid scales, the instant calendar display window at three o’clock and the small crown logo at twelve o’clock are fused together to look simple and beautiful. With the design of the junior pin, the reading is simple and clear at a glance.

  The bottom case of this watch uses a screw-in caseback and is equipped with a self-winding cal.3136 self-winding movement developed by Rolex. Its stability is unquestionable. The 3136 movement is equipped with Parachrom hairspring and developed by Rolex. High-efficiency Paraflex cushioning device, effective anti-vibration and use in harsh conditions. The construction of this movement is the same as all oyster movements, and its reliability is unparalleled.

  Summary: One of the most classic Rolex models, the Oyster Perpetual Diary II is the first choice for those who dare to combine classics with innovation. The 41 mm case’s prominent design and minimalist lines make the watch a model of modern classic timepieces. If you are planning to start with the first high-end watch in your life, then you can choose a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date II watch, I believe it will never let you down. The price of this watch is 58,900 RMB.

Choose A Gentleman’s Choice Focus Cartier Chronograph

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie is one of the world’s most important watch exhibitions, serving as an annual event for the watchmaking industry and a vane for future fine watchmaking. At this 2015 SIHH, Cartier’s new products are shining, let’s take a look at this feast belonging to timepieces together.
  Watch real shot show:

Overall tone, elegant and noble

  Watch details real shot display:

Slim pointer for easy reading at a glance

30-minute and 12-hour counters at three and nine o’clock respectively

Blue dial with white Roman numerals

Calendar display window at 6 o’clock, very eye-catching

The crown is set with a blue gem

Silver lugs reflect metallic luster

Seen from the side, the lugs are slightly curved

Blue premium belt for comfortable wearing

Back case back with Cartier’s special logo

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Girls Generation Becomes The New Spokesperson For Casio Baby-g

Artist endorsement products are not uncommon, but to give brands a better exposure, in addition to relying on the popularity of the artist, whether the product is consistent with the endorser’s own image is also one of the key points. Trend watch brand Casio Baby-G has officially announced the popular girl group of Korea, Girls’ Generation, as spokespersons for South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia, and has taken a series of promotional photos. With the popularity and sweet image of Girls’ Generation, the Baby-G trend is bound to rise again in the future. The popular girl group of Korea Girls Generation is the spokesperson for Casio Baby-G in South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia, and has taken a series of promotional photos. Casio Baby-G BGA-151
     Baby-G was officially launched in 1994. It is mainly aimed at the women’s watch market. In addition to the original impact-proof and waterproof functions, it has evolved to be equipped with solar power and neon lighting. Fashion design, distinctive personality and rich colors make Baby-G young Women’s essential accessories for fashion.
Casio Baby-G BGA-160
     Baby-G’s brand declaration ‘Tough, Cute, Cool’, Tough emphasizes personality, melts people’s hearts with Cute, and expresses herself with the most Cool spirit, faithfully presenting the personality of young girls today; and this coincides with Girls’ Generation In the new promotional photos, Girls’ Generation’s colorful sports style and different Baby-G models are impressive. The new promotional photos will be broadcast in South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia, which will definitely set off a new wave of Baby-G fashion.
Casio Baby-G BLX-102

If You Have To Be An Uncle, Let Me Be Kimura Takuya

When it comes to Kimura Takuya, I think many people must have heard his name even if they don’t know him. He was named ‘Japan’s Most Popular Artist’, and the current influence of traffic stars is less than half of his. He led the Japanese fashion trend. When he had long hair, men all over Japan had long hair. When he had short hair, every barber shop on the street would be full. He chose to get married and have children when the acting scene was the hottest. Ten years later, his second daughter debuted in the entertainment industry, and his name was mentioned again. What kind of charm does he have, after so many years of fire can still bring so much topicality?

Kimura Takuya
 Kimura Takuya was recently hotly debated about a certain fashion advertisement that he collaborated with Chinese singer Dou Jingtong. This seemingly ‘cross-dimensional’ partner is not inconsistent. He looks like a man in his forties in a subway scene.

 Behind the scenes of advertising shooting

Prior to this, Kimura also collaborated with Dou Jingtong’s mother, Faye Wong

 He debuted early and joined the group SMAP as a teenager. Every time this song is released, the song ranks first, and the life of the song is still long, from 1988 to 2016. When I decided to write about him, I would also make up for the TV series starring him and listen to the songs of his group. ‘The only flower in the world’, this song was said to be ‘the second national anthem of Japan’ by the comment section, it can be said that almost all Japanese sang. It can be seen how powerful they are. This song has a lyrics that I particularly like ‘No matter whether the flowers are large or small, as different individuals, there is no repetition, it doesn’t matter if you don’t be the first, it is unique.’

Kimura Takuya when young (short hair style)

Kimura Takuya in his youth (long hair style)

 In the TV series starring him, my favorite currently is a ‘Long Holiday’ which aired in 1996 with Tomoko Yamaguchi. When I watched this TV show, I was in the middle of a deer. How could anyone be so green and handsome? He and Tomoko Yamaguchi in the play you come and go, from unfamiliar to secret love to brave pursuit of love, in fact, all love stories are bound to fall into the cliche.

TV series ‘Long Holiday’ poster

 But the extremely natural interpretation between the male and female starring made the audience believe that Kimura is the less mature and somewhat inferior conservatory graduate Lai Minxiujun. The TV series achieved a good score of 36.7% at the finale. It even caused the upsurge of young Japanese to learn piano.

In the TV series ‘Long Holiday’, Kimura Takuya’s performance is still slightly green

Co-starring with Matsu Takako in the TV series ‘Love Century’

In the TV series ‘Love Century’, Takuya Kimura wore a Rolex Explorer series 114270-78690 watch

In another photo we saw the trace of this explorer

 He was the first male star in Japanese history to film a female lipstick advertisement. His lipstick advertisement was sold out as soon as it was launched. The Rolex Explorer watch he wore in a TV series became the most popular watch in Japan. One; each of his advertisements, endorsements and even personal belongings will set off a new trend in Japan.

Kimura Takuya wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506-78596 ice blue dial brown chronograph bezel watch

Kimura Takuya participated in the lipstick advertisement

 Later, he starred in many movies and TV series, and also participated in many Japanese variety shows. What makes people startled and surprised is that he is willing to greatly change his traditional handsome style in variety shows. As long as the cross-talk and hilarity can make the audience feel really happy when watching, he has made many attempts. Some people say that he is probably the most repetitive of Japanese male celebrities. This is almost impossible for a ‘high above’ celebrity.

Kimura and Uncle Yu (left: Akashi’s saury wears a Richard Mill watch)

 He does this because of his sense of responsibility to the audience and fans. He said that in fact, we must recognize that there are people better than ourselves, and we must soberly accept and recognize this in order to stimulate our progress. Even though he is 46 years old this year, he continues to try new things.

Kimura wears a Casio Edifice watch

 For example, when Weibo was launched in China, there must be opportunities in the beginning of Weibo. Attend the Shanghai event as the brand spokesperson for Casio, and greeted the Chinese friends who registered on Weibo at the time. On the first day, more than 100,000 viewers followed him. At this time, the voice of opposition came to mind again-‘come to China to make money’, ‘we must open Weibo just to make money, this is the routine’ …

Kimura Takuya participated in the Casio watch advertisement

 What I didn’t expect was that we Kimura Takuya did not hesitate to voice these doubts, and began to concentrate on becoming a ‘Japanese blogger.’ Almost every day, he would share his daily life on Weibo. He would send out facial treatments, went to the gym, my sunglasses are so beautiful, etc.

Kimura Takuya’s latest share (really a diligent Japanese blogger)

 He did not put himself on a sacred and inviolable level. He knew that his profession was an entertainer, but he would also be happy, troubled, and happy, and he would never hide it. Speaking of which, many people have to say again, does he not have a black spot? Perhaps the most controversial issue in his acting career was the announcement that he married two-year-old Japanese singer Shizuka at a concert in 2000.

He announced at the concert that he was getting married.

 This is almost impossible now, when he was an idol in Japan at the time, and his acting career was going uphill. At this juncture, the marriage was announced, and she was still a female singer who was not popular with Japanese girls. The consequences can be imagined. Consider that Andy Lau only announced her partner’s existence after many years of hidden marriage, so he said that his behavior at that time was ‘do not cherish fans, hurt’ fans.

 Later, his two daughters were born one after the other. His second daughter, Kimura Kimi, has also made his debut as a model. Once he debuted, he won the cooperation of luxury brands such as Chanel and Bulgari. Someone once interviewed Kimura. He did n’t support the second daughter’s debut. He said “I do n’t want to, but let her go if she has the will”.

Kimura Kimi appears in Chanel commercials

Kimura Kimi

 How do you comment on him? He has been in his debut for almost thirty years. After passing through the stage of standing and not being confused, he has become more and more transparent. From boy to man, from national boyfriend to a family husband and father, he will Every identity on the body is well done. I see a lot of fans who have chased him since he was young. They comment on him like this—beginning with value and loyalty. He doesn’t have ‘people’, but stands in the hearts of every fan.

Kimura Takuya: ‘Do what you can do’

‘I like that he won’t change because he went to marry a female star who is not popular with Japanese girls, anyway, he will never be mine.’ -Chen Qizhen, ‘I like Kimura Takuya’

 I think even if he has become an uncle, even if he can’t be as handsome as before, he will still be in our minds, the quietness of playing a happy birthday song in front of the piano for you juvenile.

Panerai10th Anniversary Of Riding The Wind And Waves

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the partnership between PANERAI and the classic sailing sport. PANERAI has ten years of unremitting enthusiasm for the ocean, the beauty and the history behind each sailing ship. The challenge became the premier international competition for classic and classic sailing.

 Becoming a sponsor of the Classic Sailing Challenge 10th Anniversary demonstrates PANERAI’s determination to promote and inherit this extraordinary maritime cultural tradition and heritage. The essence of this traditional activity is reflected in every magnificent ‘Sea Lady’. With their magnificent figures, the audience who had the honor to witness the exciting events of the past century has been fascinated. On this occasion of the 10th anniversary, PANERAI will hold special events at each stage of the challenge. The brand will also present a ’10 Years of Passion’ promotional plan to celebrate this proud milestone.

 The 10th PANERAI Classic Sailing Challenge will uphold this passionate celebration spirit and become the most colorful event ever. The schedule for the first time has increased to 11 international stages, most of which are on the Mediterranean Tour, including the Italian, French and Spanish waterways; and the North American Tour in New England. This year’s season has traditionally begun in April, with the 27th Antigua Classic Sailing Challenge taking place on the Caribbean Sea. The participating teams will move to Coates on the Isle of Wight in July to challenge the PANERAI British Classic Week Championship. The entire season will end in Cannes at the end of September.

 Thousands of sailing enthusiasts and more than a hundred classic and classic sailing boats are eagerly looking forward to this year’s PANERAI Classic Sailing Challenge. They are gearing up for the 2013 champions ─ including the Mediterranean Tour champion Cambria (big boat group), Leonore Sailing group) and Il Moro di Venezia (classic sailing group); and North American Tour leader Black Watch. Star yachts participating in the 2014 season include the Bermuda sailboat Eilean, built in 1936 and acquired and restored by PANERAI.

Brand Ambassador participates in the Mediterranean Tour.

 PANERAI supports classical sailing for 10 years

 Eilean, a Bermudan catamaran acquired and restored by PANERAI, will participate in the Mediterranean Tour as the PANERAI brand ambassador.

 Classical sailing sports enthusiasts work together to chase the champion of this magnificent race in the wind and waves